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Panasonic G7 topic, 4K castrate monster or GH4 for poor
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    • 2160p30 (in NTSC), 2160p25 (in PAL), 2160p24, 100Mbit
    • 1080p24/1080p60 at up to 28Mbit only (sic!)
    • Focus Peaking
    • P/A/S/M mode for Video Recording
    • Time Lapse Shot / Stop Motion Animation
    • Sensor and LSI same as in GH4
    • Simpler firmware with less features
    • 2.36 OLED EVF
    • Tiltable LCD screen instead of AMOLED
    • UHS-II SDXC Memory Card Compliance
    • 3.5mm Microphone Socket (no headphone one!)
    • 30min recording limit
    • Weight - 410g
    • Dimensions - 125 x 86 x 77 mm
    • $699 body, $799 kit
    • Black -
    • Silver -

    G7 kits are available in PV deals (as usual, cheaper and with free delivery to many countries)

    NTSC bodies are unlimited (including 4K and all).

    It is both NTSC and PAL bodies, PAL do not have 30min limits in AVCHD only.

    800 x 611 - 63K
    800 x 496 - 41K
    800 x 552 - 58K
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  • Great news. Never liked GH3/4 bulky body and price tag. I don't need v-log and other pro bells and whistles, all I need is just G6 with 4K. Assumed that they're not going to implement time limit like they did for lx100 - this means instant no-buy for me.

    Please, Pana, if you ever read this.

    1. Make AE/AF lock work while recording video. It's really odd for a company that promotes their cameras as video friendly and does implement quite advanced video features to still lack very BASIC VIDEO FUNCTIONALITY that any other brand has. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus - all have this. Time to make up, Panasonic!

    2. MF+AF mode to work either way independently, not by half-pressing shutter button. The way it works now is inconvenient for shooting video because one risks pushing the shutter button to hard and stopping recording accidentally. Make it Oly-style: either half press or manual ring pulling works any time.

    3. Allow shutter speed up to 1/25 (PAL-region) in video P mode. What's the benefit of having better sensor and still being limited to 1/50 which is 1 stop behind its true capabilities in low light? Or allow user to select "slow shutter" option via menu like your camcorders do.

  • @Vitaliy

    ...what's your source ? I did a cursory google and there was nothing new. Why wouldn't they have 4k/24p ?

  • Also, 4k @ 100Mbit is like 1080p at 25Mbit, right? Seems pretty low?

  • @joethepro

    It is, but Panasonic did a surprisingly good job with that same spec on the GH4. Of course, 200Mbit would be a lot better, but they need something to sell you for the GH5...

  • If the rumored specs include unofficial Panasonic commitment to support Vitaliy's PTOOLS, then it is a news! :)

  • @joethepro As of today all Panasonic cameras that support 4K have 100mbit codec.

    Personally, I'd rather welcome a more efficient codec, something like H.265 @ 50 Mbit. Or even just a low-fi version of H.264. 100Mbit is such a resource gobbler! It requires expensive fast cards, takes lots of space ~75min eats up a 64Gb card - not even enough for a typical concert, it cannot be used without proxy in multicam projects. 4K is about extra resolution, but proxy kills it, you can't see the details while editing. Too many problems already.

  • Oh my bad, I thought the GH4 1080 was 100Mbit and 4k was 200 Mbit. Weird...

  • Problem with H265 is there is no native support from major NLE.. a big pain in the butt to transcode every footage especially if you have tight schedule. Btw my $110 256GB sd card can record 5 and half hour of 4K footage so not really complaining :p

  • Nice. And weird at the same time. Sales of the G6 were poor, why do Panasonic produce another semi-professional camera for poor?

  • the more the merrier

  • I've been whinging constantly for a G7 on the forums so if this pans (no pun intended) out I will be ecstatic. The G6 is a great cam but shooting the older sensor at high ISO is not much fun. Getting the latest sensor would be a breath of fresh air. If Panny could add DFD, that would be the icing on the cake. And probably cause some trouble for the new EM5II, which looks pretty terrific on many counts, including video. If we get DFD, then the G7 should sell like hotcakes. IBIS would be nice too, but I can live without it. Thanks for the great news!

  • You got your wish kletkeman

  • But would you rather have a G7 or a Samsung NX500?

  • 43rumors has ft5 rumor the g7 is imminent . It says no revolutionary features which doesn't exactly blendin with V's spec list.

  • Panasonic sometimes make sane decisions, but sometimes they want to act safe :)

  • I thought "sane"...was safe ?

  • I thought "sane"...was safe ?

    Most of the time safety leads to quite insane decisions :-)

  • 43rumors has ft5 rumor the g7 is imminent . It says no revolutionary features which doesn't exactly blendin with V's spec list.

    This sounds exactly like VK's rumoured specs.

    No new tech, smaller body body, less bells and whistles....... Half price? = sold

  • I'd say 100mbit 1080 would be beyond "no new tech" . Whos' done that before on an entry level camera ? ...but we can dream !

  • @kurth

    To your shock - high bitrate video is very easy to do, as same LSI is used among all models usually. It is more time consuming to do opposite :-)

    Same goes for so "advanced" things as log modes (Sony log2, v-log and such). If not marketing and affiliated experts it will be tough thing to present them with such fanfare.

  • There wasn't a whisper about this from any of my discussions in the Panny booth at NAB, just saying ... and I did ask about a number of things and heard other whispers. Can't comment on the rest (not a lot, couple interesting things though) but I will say there wasn't anything even talked of about this. But then, they weren't talking about camera releases other than those already announced. Best guess? Not "imminent" ... but how many months away moves past imminent into time enough to roll out something new? Don't know.


  • FT5: G7 will have 4K

    PS: Same sensor GX7. Can by upgrade get 4K with the GX7?

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    Well, first message has it for quite a time.

    • 4K video. 4K Photo
    • 4K 30p / 24p
    • Contrast AF employing the DFD technology
    • 16MP Digital Live MOS sensor
    • New Venus engine
    • 360-degree panorama function
    • Shutter speed 1/16000
    • 2.36 million dot organic EL EVF
    • 1.04 million dot free-angle monitor

    Only strange thing here is EVF that seems too good, but may be they become much cheaper.

  • For run and gun style videographer, DFD technology is very interesting.