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Panasonic G7 topic, 4K castrate monster or GH4 for poor
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  • Sadly, it has been some time since the last hack. As to the practice - yes sir. all year ;)

  • I think that FW crypting is too difficult to hack in new models.

  • I think that FW crypting is too difficult to hack in new models.

    As always, you are free to think anything. :-) It does not make it right.

  • If the bitrate could be hacked to around 200mbps there would be a real good reason to get it.

  • Why? For what? A bit more details and some less artifacts? The image stays the same or something similar

  • G7 is pretty much the best cheap camera out there. You get a nice balance of size, image quality and versatility. IMO it's the new GH2 of the market. Can't beat it at the price.

  • this is funny....the camera's not even released and already it's the best !

  • @kurth, YUP! I'm saying it's the best in terms of overall value for the money. There are other cameras in the same range but IMO this is the one that puts most of what the amateur to semi pro would want and need in one cheap package. This isn't about the needs of the Pro level guys who may need a rugged and more equipped camera. For a guy like me that does a lot of small jobs and local TV shows and commercials in a small town, it's perfect.

  • @Aria - +1. Several lifetimes ago, I worked as a staff director in a medium-market station. We did all kinds of commercials in the studio, selling cars, cattle auctions, furniture, you name it. When a drag race promoter came to town, the agent brought a dragster into the studio for the interview. The wrestlers on Big Time Wrestling stood up and did their own commercials. With Panasonic's G6+ and GHx lines, it is now possible to do the same thing on location, instead of the tired green screen crap we see now.

  • I always wait for the baby to pop out before I say how cute it is !

  • @kurth, Unless there's suddenly an issue with the processor which has already been in use in the GX7 then I don't see why we'd have to wait for the Camera to have an opinion of what the camera is about. We have been living with Panasonic cameras for years and pretty much know what the baseline image quality is. No different than Canon cameras over the years are pretty predictable. These image sensors generally make only incremental improvements. We pretty much know what this sensor is about except now we get a 4K version of it.

  • I guess you haven't kept up with the t6i/t6s newz lately ?

  • @kurth, so now one time Canon makes a bigger jump than usual with their budget DSLR and it cancels out years of other releases? You know what i'm saying in general. This is just getting silly now. Either you can appreciate what the G7 offers at the price or you want to be cynical and make snide remarks.

    The G7 is a substantial improvement over previous G series and a very nice value much like the GH2 used to be. It's hard to find more value for the money.

  • Agreed. The G7 is the NEW GH2. In form, features, value and philosophy. No question about it.

  • @Aria ....entra un oreja y sale el otra ! you don't read the news ! The new rebel has a serious sensor problem....and tell me....exactly how many dslr sensors has canon made in the last 15 years ? And they didn't get it right this time ....whoa...there goes your metaphor out the window.

    You have to wait until real reviewers have the camera in their hands ....or not. My perspective is.....never be an early adopter of anything ...and never rave about something that isn't even on the market. Your mileage obviously varies.

    And what does the g7 offer that we didn't already see outed on the fz1000 and LX100 ? And if you're keeping up with the dpr reviewed gold awarded LX100, there's alot of criticisms.

    ....and btw....the gh2 ...when it was before V did his thing....was a dog ! It's 1080 mode was hardly any better than the gh1 when it was released. So much for that metaphor.

  • @kurth, the correct in Spanish is: 'te entra por un oreja y te sale por la otra'. ;-)

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    800 x 600 - 101K
  • @kurth, no I didn't read anything about the Canon T6i. I assumed that you were trying to say it was better than the previous models. Still has nothing to do with my points about the G7. Unless something is really wrong with the image I fully expect the G7 to be a nice camera in terms of it's features as I mentioned.

    From what's been stated it's using the same sensor as the GX7 with the Image processing of the GH4. I like the combination of features at this price point. I'm not expecting perfection as none of the other cameras before it were perfect either. I don't get your point in regards to the G7. There's always a caveat with these cameras before they hit the store shelves. Barring anything disastrous my statement stands. I think it's gonna be the best overall value for the price. I haven't read anything disastrous about the camera test so far. Hopefully there's nothing egregious that pops up.

  • @Kurth - unhacked version of GH2 was not as good as the hacked version, but "dog" is a two-trick overbid. I'd been waiting for video to look right for years, and when I saw the first footage from my GH2, I knew the wait was over. @ Aria - I'm with Kurth on waiting for a real review. The G7 does look good so far, but there's no need to walk the plank until we get some real data, unless you need 4K for a paying gig right now. If you just want one and have cash to spare, no problem. My experience with this kind of emotional purchase is negative, so I will wait.

  • I just think Pany has been refining this Hybrid path for a good while and they have a pretty good idea of what they're doing by now. There are always some sacrifices due to the price point but this is a pretty good version based on existing tech. Like I said unless there's something disastrously wrong I like the feature set for this camera at this price. To get 4K, DFD and HDMI out in this package is right up my alley.

    My clients don't need 4K. I want 4K for better 1080 now and archive value and flexibility. The LX100 or FZ1000 didn't quite fit my needs and I wanted something cheaper than the GH4.

  • hdmi out has always been a technology with varying degrees of success

  • I currently own a G6 with a couple of great lenses. I am really interesting in the G7, soley for the 4k option. I do a lot of personal filming as well as a few weddings, but all of my stuff will be edited on a 1080p timeline and for the near future watched on 1080p TV's. With that in mind am I better off spending the money on glass rather than the G7 or will the 4k still give me a superior detailed picture at 1080p as well as the extra cropping options in post?