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Panasonic G7 topic, 4K castrate monster or GH4 for poor
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  • The output HDMI can record when are recording or is castrate as the great GX7?

    With around 95% probability HDMI out won't work during recording.

  • Crop Factor info? Specifically 4K crop?

  • Does the 30 minute limit apply to 1080p modes as well? If so then that really is a deal breaker.

  • Im not convinced that the position of those 2 rotary dials on the grip side are going to be very comfortable/accessible. Are there other cameras that have similar ergonomics for the dials? Are they easy to use?

    The rear dial is indeed strange. Remembers the back dial of the Olympus EM-10 (which is amazingly good) but in a different position, and with a button on the center. Only with one in the hand could say if it is good.

    The front dial: very similar of the E-M1.

  • Vitaliy_Kiselev : 'With around 95% probability HDMI out won't work during recording.'

    Thanks. A blunder of Panasonic.

  • Specs say that only AVCHD limits are region dependent (present in EU only).

    MP4, MOV are global and now have 4GB limit also.

  • No slow motion beyond 60p, bummer. It seems the GH4 still has the edge there. GH5 will probably have 120p which should have been in the GH4 since day one.

    The silver body looks great, love the darker grey vs lighter that they had been using before.

  • Was hoping for 1080p higher bitrate, GH4 is out of the question since it is $1000 more body only.

    Since, the 1080p bitrate is low, would it be more beneficial to shoot only in 4k and later downscale to 1080p for better overall reproduction of less noise, better colors, and sharper?

  • Even though the G7 is crippled, it might work for me. I don't do any long recording, don't need HDMI out. I just need good image quality, so I'm interested in the quality and type of image it produces. Will try with my favorite lenses, which reminds me, are some lenses incapable of getting full benefit of 4K due to their resolving power? I have some old 1972 Lomo lenses, so don't know how they would work with 4K camera. Great with GH2.

  • @wickitom I would assume that would be the case. Shoot in 2160p and down-convert to 1080p if you need to.

  • Yeah, 4k downconvert to 1080p is better.

    The image quality might be the same of the LX100 - same sensor, same processor, same pipeline, even the same video modes.

  • I don't see any recording time limit other than in 4K picture mode, did I miss something??

  • @MarcioK, I don't believe the G7 has the same Sensor as the LX100. I believe they've said that it's the same sensor as the GX7 but with the Image Processing of the GH4.

    The thing that shocked me was no NFC. Guess they felt it would help keep the cost down not to include it, but that seems a bit odd.

  • I think it got better low light than GH4 judging from the promo video.

  • So is this camera the new GH2?

    • Maximum time to record motion pictures continuously with [MP4] in [4K] is 29 minutes 59 seconds.
    • You can continuously record a motion picture with its size set to [4K] in [MP4] or [4K PHOTO] without a pause even if the motion picture exceeds 4GB. However, the recorded content has to be played back as multiple files.
    • Maximum time to record motion pictures continuously with [MP4] in [FHD] [HD] [VGA] is 29 minutes 59 seconds or up to 4 GB.
    • Maximum time to record motion pictures continuously with [AVCHD] is 29 minutes 59 seconds in Europe.

    From official specs.

  • Well, they found another way for it not to compete with the GH4... artificially limit the recording time for the U.S. model too.

    @Doctor... no, it's a stripped down GH4 in a less sturdy, smaller plastic body.

  • This camera is crying to be hacked so it can have its time limits removed and bitrates increased.

  • Is it possible to use an intervalometer to stop and start recording for unattended long record times? I mean would the G7 recognize the Shutter actuation as a Video start as opposed to taking a still?

  • "Good" news, G7's HD has no limit. But the 4K does have a 30 minute limit. Not PAL/NTSC switchable. But live HDMI does work.

    Confirming/detailing some of what we saw in the specs above. (these tweets are from an official Panasonic brand ambassador)

  • He did not said anything different, look above at my post, it is official information.

    EU cameras have restriction in ALL modes. Other cameras do not have restriction only in AVCHD modes.

  • It would be great to know if live view HDMI works while filming (or if it´s just active in standby - For shooting stills for example). Also interesting: The "constant preview" function (which was missing with the G6) - This feature is especially important if you´re shooting with vintage / manual glass (as with it you really see what you get - Live on the screen and in the EVF).

  • I hope that when Panasonic starts selling G7/14-140mm kits to masses people figures the bad OIS of that lens and Panasonic may have to do an FW update fix.