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Panasonic G7 topic, 4K castrate monster or GH4 for poor
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  • Yup. I have a chart. But I was hoping to have matching setting in camera to avoid an extra step for corporate videos.

  • Works for G7 too

    Natural produces skin tones that are a bit more lively than Cine-D. They look warmer without over saturating other objects in the frame. And highlights roll off more gracefully in Natural. One thing to be aware of: Natural produces an image that is 2/3 stop brighter than a Cine-D image shot at the same exposure. This is because the mid tomes are lifted and the setting is generally more contrasty. However, if you use zebras, and intentionally underexpose your Natural shot by 1/3 to 2/3 of a stop, you can get a very pleasing image with the same dynamic range as Cine-D. You'll just need to bump up the the exposure a little in post.

    Will I still use Cine-D? Yes. Especially at night or in scenes with a lot of black in the frame. Cine-D with Contrast at 0 produces a great image in these scenarios that sometimes needs no grading at all. If the frame already has a majority of dark shadow areas, Cine-D produces deep blacks but with a rich tonality as it rises into mid tones. No grading needed.

  • @apefos

    Please find other topic for this.

  • I found a seller offering a PAL G7 for a cheap price, but I would like to get a NTSC version. So I did some research about the possibility of changing from PAL to NTSC, and I found something which can work.

    This page teaches how to turn a PAL G7 into a NTSC G7, changing it from 4k 25p to 4k 30p (4k 24p keeps working).

    Will this hack work fine or can it brick the camera? Did anyone try this?

  • @apefos

    Just buy it, and do not ask too stupid questions.

  • why you consider the question about pal/ntsc changing stupid?

    Did you read the link above?

  • @apefos

    Well, it is not always smart to ask question if answer is known. :-) As I said, go and buy it.

  • @apefos I have Japanese G7 (PAL) and service mode switch works.. But it doesn't remove 30 min timelimit (if camera has this limmitation).

  • First impressions about the G7:

    Service mode switch works to turn pal to ntsc and move from 25p to 30p. The camera shows an exclamation simbol when turned of after switch but works flawless.

    Did some shots and saw in 4k television. I did not see any glitches in the codec yet.
    I think this camera does not need a hack at all, need to see more 4k video to be sure. One thing that confirms the codec is good is because the noise is the same in IPB frames, even in frame by frame advance. GH2 shows fine grain in I frames and mud noise in PB frames, this does not happens in G7 4K. The Sandisk 45MBps card works good in 4k, no need new cards.

    Lowered the noise reduction in camera to -5 and the amount of noise is very low compared to the GH2.
    Neatvideo shows low noise amount, and cleans pretty good, without hurt the resolution.
    Only iso difficult to denoise is 6400, from 200 to 3200 is very good denoise.
    The image is just awesome in 4k using the 14-42 lens version 1 from GH2, did not use other lenses yet.
    I did tests in sharpness from -5 to +5 and +1 looks the best for me.
    Standard profile seems to be the best for image quality with good dynamic range.
    Shadow Highlith curves are awesome, S+3/H-3 is the maximum useful amounts before image looks ugly.
    Shutter speed goes up to 16000 and if you do not worry about 180 shutter it can avoid the use of nd filters.
    Maybe nd filters in 4k will make the image soft so it is good to have high shutter speeds.
    Custom 1, 2 and 3 are good to save camera menu settings you like most.
    I can see the exposure preview even in high shutter above 1000, in GH2 preview only works up to shutter 1000.

    Functons buttons are very useful to set some most used functions.
    Level gauge is awesome to set tripod adjusts.
    Focus preview improved working in picture in picture.
    The 2,43x crop factor in 4k is not a problem at all, because the less shallow dof is good in 4k. More things in focus is good in 4k.

    Time lapse and animation photo features are awesome.
    The LCD and Viewfinder resolutions are excelent for the price.
    The brightness and color does not change so much after press rec. Much better than GH2.
    The viewfinder icons does not cover the image at all, refresh rate is very good.
    Two dials are amazing for aperture/shutter, and can be turned to shadow/highlight using the button.
    Low light performance is ok enough and cleans good with neatvideo.
    Luminance level 16-255 is great, shadows is good and record video up to 110 ire and highlights can be recovered in post, no need of vlog.
    Silent operation is good.
    Mic level is good in the screen and have a limiter.
    Cmount lenses can be used in FHD. Did not try yet.
    Peaking can be useful but I prefer the focus pip preview.
    Zebras in 105% is awesome.
    4k 30p can be useful for a 80% slow motion in 24p timeline.
    The colors are beatiful. Color correction in post is easy to do with few changes.
    Image stabilization from the 14-42 lens works very good for video.
    Camera can be operated using the buttons and no need touch screen for video work.
    Lots of White Balance options.
    Use the same GH2 battery (oh! no more just one original battery!!!).
    Mic connection is 3,5 in a better place.
    Just one thing is not so good, it is very plastic construction and fragile, but no problem if used with care.
    It is a lot of a camera for the price.
    I showed the 4k image in 50 inch television for some people and they become astonished. Seems looking through a window instead of a video screen.
    Interest thing, I also showed GH2 upscaled video and people likes it compared to G7, so GH2 is a lot of a camera even in these 4k days.
    It is the end of moire and aliasing, even in power wires in the streets, unbeliveable.
    A 4 core computer overclocked to 4.4GHZ works pretty good for 4k 420 8bit editing and can do realtime dissolve and realtime chroma key.

    For me there is no need of GH5. Can show my work in a IMAX 4k cinema theater and compete with hollywood.
    This is a gear aquisition syndrome orgasm, fall in the ground trembling...

  • The symbol you see when turning camera off after service mode switch from pal to ntsc:

    1648 x 960 - 40K
  • I found a way to use 1/3 iso increments in video mode. Turn the dial to Photo mode M, set the menu iso increment to 1/3 and turn the dial to video mode, then the iso will be in 1/3 increments.

  • Color and IQ are a bit better on the GX85, and it has IS, but the G7 is a decent 4K cam. Have fun!

  • Thanks.

    The GX85 lacks mic input, use different battery compared to GH2, and is more expensive to buy, so G7 is a better option for me. I think I can live without sensor IS, and use kit lens when need stabilization.

  • All true--the battery, mic input and even the lack of extra control wheels on the GX85 are a real annoyance, but, unfortunately or fortunately, the IQ is a smidge better. But it is a tint difference. The IS is for sure worth having on one camera in your set. On sale, the price is about the same, maybe a bit higher but I've seen some amazing sales. If you can, it is worth getting both of the kit lenses, the 14-42 and the 12-32. Sometimes the kits are priced in a way that the lens is super cheap.

  • is a g7 crop factor same as gx85/g85?

  • Cameralabs reviews have good information about crop factors.

  • Does anyone know where to buy replacement parts? The second part of my shutter has failed, causing images to be overexposed and skewed.

  • I didn't notice a big difference in the crop factor, but on the GX85 when you turn on the "max" IS, it zooms in a bit.

  • Yea, same for G80/85 when you turn e-stab on. As it's software stabilisation, it crops a bit to make room for moving to stabilise a bit more.. Just like on the action cams these days.

  • I did almost 20 minutes of 4k 24p images in the streets and in the squares shooting buildings, trees, people, using the 14-42mm version1 lens, at daytime.

    I did not see any glitches in the codec. Image is awesome. I am very happy!

  • 14-42 v2 rocketh

  • Very good deal--I have three of these.