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Pilotfly H1 and H2 3 axis handheld gimbals
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  • GH4 with 7-14mm

    @jrd they didn't state, but from the look of it I dont think they use warp.

  • That's a tad lumpy

  • A7 II + 10-18mm

    MicroDSLR Gimbal.jpg
    1661 x 993 - 133K
  • So the final price is $749, but can't order yet until 16th

  • A7II + Canon 50mm F1.8

  • GX7 with Leica 25mm 1.4

  • Pitofly seems more efficient than the Nebula. I wait see test in the real world, but looks very promising.

  • are you associated?

  • @fatpig: Not, I would like, Im only sharing videos.

  • Currently they are doing pre-order special (10% discount) from 16th-30th March, just ordered one!

  • Pre-ordered as well.

  • I am a bit concern that it only has built in batteries. Although it states that it can do ~2 hours on a GH4 + 12-35mm. Am I being unreasonable?

    I want to use this with a BMPCC + SLR Magic 12mm 1.4.

  • I am really interested in this gimbal, but would really like to see a technical video on balancing and set up before forking out my precious money and ordering one. Is it possible for someone here to put some pressure on the developers to do this for us? Otherwise it could be just another bunch of trouble with poor customer service like the Nebula 4000.

  • "Built-in 1800mAh Lipo battery .Can be an external power supply Low Voltage Directive Bluetooth control and tuning via Android on both Mac and PC (Option)"

    Lipo battery seems concerning....

  • For this kind of gimbal to hold GH4/A7S/BMPCC, two handles may be better to hold and control than single handle?

  • You can attach a 15mm rod and handles via the bottom 1/4 20. Not sure if it will ideal or not but its doable ;)

  • Balancing video

    Balancing look much easier and faster than Nebula 4000, it only took them 3 minute to balance different camera. Good thing you only screw from the side and not inside which there is very tiny space, and only need to unscrew 1 screw for each axis instead of 4 or 6 screws.

  • So if you check on their Facebook it was mentioned that this won't be 32bit, and it'll be for another model instead.

  • Panamedia is right!

    On the manual photo comments page, they definitely say that the 32bit board will be a different model. I think moderator should check this and change the title of this topic, as it is now wrong! This info is not on their website AT ALL!

    ...and I was just about to give them my money after I watched the set-up video I asked for!



  • Sadly, it appears nobody is quite "there" yet. I'm holding off until there are 32-bit versions to be had for around $500.

  • Nice catch about being 8bit at end, told mod for a title change. Too bad for me I can't wait as my job need it, and Nebula 4000 only suited for 1 camera since balancing is a big pain in the butt (want to use NX1 and GH4 on it as well beside LX100).

  • Anyone know if you can charge it with a 12v Anker battery?

  • Who's building this?

    Did you ever plan to build a slightly bigger version of this to support a Canon DSLR? Even if that means a separate battery under the handle or something similar.

    Thank you

  • With NX1 and 12-24mm

    720 x 960 - 73K