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Pilotfly H1 and H2 3 axis handheld gimbals
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  • Pilotfly H1+ now with 32bit and dual IMU

  • Thanks for the heads-up, @ntsan. Copter-RC says my H1+ package is on its way.

  • Does anyone know whether pilotfly h1+ would work with a bmpcc together with a nikon speedbooster and a tokina 11-20. The weight should be ok.

    bmpcc = 355g Speedbooster = 160g Tokina 11-20 = 560g

    All together = 1075g

    But I'm not sure if the combo would be too front heavy? If the pilotfly is attached to the speedbooster it would push the camera backwards a bit. Do you think it might work?

  • We currently fly a G6 and voigtlander 17. It is very front heavy, but we can get balance by using an arca clamp and quick release.

  • Hello guys,I have a question for gimbal PilotFly H1+ ,Is there trouble twist repeated rotation of the camera position?I stopped on this model gimbal,and this is the main concern for continuous operation.thanks!

  • ... problems with the cable breaks ?

  • Yes there is the possibility to twist the cable for the pitch motor as it is needed for upside down mode, however it has not been a problem for us. The roll and yaw motors are okay because there is a stopper that keeps it from going 360 degrees.

  • adamquesada@,thank you!

  • Is it possible to have the horizontal arm of the Pilotfly reversed? I mean having it on the right (not left) side of the GH camera, so one could use LCD articulated?

  • Physically, the camera arm can be flipped around to the right. I assume you could then use the SimpleBGC software to invert the motor, but I haven't tested that.

  • Yes it is.. Pilotfly recently posted how to instructions on their FB page, and there is an example of a GH4 with screen open. Sorry can't link to it.

    Info and photo from Pilofly via their fb page:

    "How to set the pitch motor in right side. 1. need a balance plate to mount the camera. 2. Simplebgc setting: -> Sensor : Right : From -Y to Y -> Invert Pitch motor setting. 3. Calibrate for Gyro and Acc"

    960 x 722 - 27K
  • Thanks a lot. It has made me up for it ;)

  • Here is some of my very non-professional test footage of the H1+. A couple shots are from paid gigs, but most are just running around with friends. Some of the more bumpy footage is when I was really just walking normally without trying to keep it as stable as possible. No stabilization added in post, but unfortunately, my frame rates have been all over the place depending on the job.

  • Is the pilotfly App by now also availabe for Apple? Before there was only an android version.

  • PILOTFLY H1+ in action - Lumix GH2 14-42mm.In this video is only applied color correction.enjoy!

  • Hi Guys....I'm here in South Florida and I'm exploring to buy a PILOTFLY H1 Handheld 3axis Stabilize Now I have seen many of you arguing about 8 Bits and 32 Bits, I do can Understand there is an improvement in 32 Bits, but I still not understand how. Does it controls better at 32? is quickly? Does the battery last longer? I'm asking you this because what I need from this amazing tool is to have the capability to pan and walk almost in free movement...... I would like to work mainly with Inertia and as you would work with a Steadycam but with more stability. I do Video Tours for real estates and I was originally thinking to the a GoPro with a Feiyu Gimbal for it, but it would cost almost the same and I have no warranty I could bring down the Ultra Wide lens effect of the GoPro, indoors sucks that effect. I'll use the PILOTFLY H1 with a Samsun NX300 and a pancake wide angle lens, light and powerful. So, If I get an 8 Bit, do you think it would be a better investment until PILOTFLY brings the dives into the US (they are already working on it)? I should a invest a bit more and have the real deal? Thank in advance and great Forum. Very educating.

  • Beholder DS1 or the PILOTFLY H1+? which one should I buy? Both would work with a Samsung NX300 with a wide angle pancake lens, the idea is to eliminate the use of a Steadycam Merlin.

  • Just got my Pilotfly H1. Despite careful balancing I have jitters in the video.I am using a GH4 with a 12mm Olympus lens. The jittering occurs when I am walking. If i leave the unit on a tripod, there are no jitters. When the jitters appear, they seem to appear at regular intervals. What causes the jittering? Hardly anyone talks about it and I don't see it much of the footage on YouTube. I discovered that Pilotfly has a fairly active Facebook page and they sent me reduced power PID settings, but there has been no improvement. What are the procedures for fixing the problem?

  • Hello,and recommendations are needed for a wide optics /lens/for GH2 y PilotflyH1+ thank you in advance!

  • Hi. Where I can I get this at a good price and have it delivered in Canada ?

    Thanks to answer

  • I just ordered an h1+, then noticed the max weight has decreased vs the H1. I was planning on using d5300 with tokina 11-20, so I'm right on the edge of the max weight of H1+. Are there any users out there that can help?

  • I'll never understand why people quite often do stabilisation tests of various kinds and do it in slow motion???

    Its like a color test in black in white...

  • @greytail I had issues like yours at first. It took me awhile to get the hang of these gimbals. First it is very critical that the camera is balanced. I also thought I had my camera balanced at first, but it is critical that this be as perfect as possible; camera should stay put wherever the gimbal is pointing to with no power. Then stick to provided PIDs in the Facebook page until you get the hang of this. Don't muck around with PIDs or power until you get it to work well with a known configuration provided in the Facebook page.

  • My first h1+ test

    Pretty surprised by the results but I am still getting to know the device. Roll shifts during aggressive pans, also yaw is hard to controll right now, but the footage is very usuable and using a lot of jump cuts hides the unbalanced horizon.