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Pilotfly H1 and H2 3 axis handheld gimbals
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  • @Gethinc its a typo. the H1 and H1+ have the same payload capacity. Someone from Pilotfly confirmed this on Facebook. Whatever is listed for the H1 is the same for H1+.

  • @kris I used the Panny 14mm 2.5 with stock settings for the video posted above. Still trying to get the Nikkor with Speedbooster getting to work.

  • How do you get that steps are not notice when walking?

  • Wear shoes with a dampened sole. Try to bend the knees while walking or put the frontfoot down first, not the heel to make the step softer.

    Take a glass that is filled to the rim and walk without spilling. Then you have a soft walk good for a gimbal too.

  • @chopnshoot cool thanks, that gives me a little more breathing room :)

  • First test using the Pilotfly H1+ with scripting. So this device actually turns into a 3 axis motion control rig! Awesome as hell. Like. yeah! Mounted to a bike with a cheapo super clamp (dont do this). Footage is stabilized, the road was just to bumpy. So yeah. The possibilities are endless.

  • NEW Pilotfly Bluetooth Remote Control - RM-01 Features: - Power on with auto pairing to FunnyGO2 and Pilotfly H1 or H1+ - Built-in battery - 2 hours operation time. - LED Mode indication - 4-way joystick - Changing profiles/modes & Home button to move back to home position. - Easy control of all axes Pitch, Roll, Yaw - Compact size, easy to carry and independant to any operation system

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  • @kris Looks interesting. Any idea when it will become available on copter-rc?

  • @fahrenheit ,For copter do not know.First quarter 2016 for gimbal Pilotfly

  • Pilotfly + scripting = motion control for timelapse? Is move, pause, move possible with long exposures? The possibility of a dual purpose for this gimbal as a timelapse motion controller makes it quite tempting! Any experience of this?

  • Pilotfly H2

    pilotfly H2.jpg
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  • Quick test Pilotfly H2

  • I just got the brand new Pilotfly H2 delivered! It looks super well built and was very easy to balance. I am however having a slight problem. I'm getting a slight vibration on all motors when flying. It's a fairly light setup: Sony a7s with the tiny 35mm f/2.8. Could the gimbal be sending too much power to the motors for such a light setup, causing the vibrations?

  • @krummi find the axis making the vibration, more than likely it is your pitch, then modify the 'LPF' value of pitch (30 45 90 120 150 160 180 200). More than likely at the moment it is set to 90. So for the lighter lens try 150. It is done in the Filters tab.

    As per pilotfly, >> increase for lighter lens, decrease for heavier lens.

    It is recommended to backup your profiles first. Test the change on profile 1, once you confirm it works better, you can apply the same LPF to the other profiles. Pilotfly is working on the full guide which will include this info, as for now the quick guide does not mention it.

  • Putting more weight on H2

  • anyone play more with the scripting?

    Interested in both the smother planed movements and the possibility of time lapse use.

    though i admit the latter seems unlikely to work well as any jitter at all will mess with long exposure stuff.