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Pilotfly H1 and H2 3 axis handheld gimbals
  • Pilotfly prototype gimbal #2, with 32bit alexmo+ dual IMU, really interested on how it perform, consider it using GH2 and 25mm 1.4 for testing, does that mean we don't have to stick with wide angle lens?

    960 x 540 - 138K
    960 x 540 - 20K
    960 x 540 - 27K
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  • Great News!! Soon more and more accessible 3-axis electronic gimbal will arrive in the market. I hope it will let the price more affordable to low budget indie movie maker or hobbies!

  • I think it is pretty much the final design

    2048 x 1482 - 48K
    1152 x 2048 - 187K
  • @ntsan Got any more info on this Pilotfly? What will be the name of the product, expected date available or price?

  • Looks interesting! More info please on pricing and availability.

  • Test footage

  • The manufacturer says it will officially be selling in March.

    They mention mock-ups using 32-bits and dual IMUs, but later say something about 8-bit and 32-bit, so I am not clear on this. They say it will handle the weight of a GH4 or a7S, but not necessarily with a big lens.

  • Pricing has not been set. I would guess $600-$700.

  • Footage looks great

  • Fotage look awesome. Hope works good too Last year I bought several unit, each buy each cry Hofuly the system mature already..

  • GH4+ 12-35mm test footage on PVT pre production sample

    They said the pitch motor will be changed for the production model

  • Nebula 4000 is inventory patent in U.S. and PCT patent in globe also with China patent. All the similar copy for business is illegal.

  • The Pilotfly is clearly not a copy of the Nebula 4000 Lite. All it has in common is a similar size and a single handle underneath. The design is unique.

    If you want to entice me to buy a Nebula 4000 Lite instead of the Pilotfly, update your product with a 32-bit controller board and dual IMUs.

  • Inventory patent is structure of single handy gimbal. It not mention the outlook.

    Nebula 4000 use 8bit boards perfect is better than most 32bit products. Because the board is only a little part of effects. 32bit is only rise the effects is low quality or DIY gimbal. Nebula4000 doesn't need it.

  • I'm sure someone will test them side by side and we will see which is better. If they are equal performance wise, then the price, payload and build quality will be the deciding factors not some mention of an inventory patent.

    That said if your product is superior you have nothing to worry about - except putting people off by posting about your patent again and again.

  • Patent is law.

  • Great - then you have nothing to worry about except putting people off by posting about your patent again and again.

  • @chdntech: Please post the patent number!

    BTW, one handed operation gimbals for small cameras, like the GoPro, are around for quite a while.

    If you are so great with the 8bit controller, you will be even better with the 32bit one. And please do not tell us that 8bit is better than 32bit - that will not make you many friends here.

  • @chdntech mybe is patent pending, but i doubt it is patent ... It takes long time to get patent ...

    Just make it better and cheaper, people will buy products not patents ... :-)

    Also this thread is about Pilotfly not Nebula 4000 (Nebula has own thread).

    I like both, but will buy one with better performance.

  • I guess cdntech is violating MOVI's patent then? lol Beside Pilotfly have 3 axis gimbal handheld (for GoPro) way before Nebula does their handheld gimbal. This is just their bigger version of it.

  • @ntsan Thank you for sharing, this is amazing how smooth it is ...

  • A7 II + 28-70mm test footage

  • Sorry if I missed it, but is there a release date for this product? And any testing with the BMPCC?

    And can it be assumed that all posted footage is "raw" -- no post-stabilization applied?