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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • Very cool. I use Intravenus v2 Smooth myself. Interesting look when combined with Canon glass.

  • Thanks @matt_gh2, yeah it's a Canon 50mm combined with an Iscorama Blue Star Anamorphic and a Sankor 16C Anamorphic. Thank you to @Driftwood for these patches and @Vitaliy_Kiselev for giving us all the freedom to do what now have the ability to put on this site.

  • Using Apocalypse Now:

  • @autiep03 Liked this a lot, great subject, great shots.

  • here is some intravenus:

  • testing intravenus II. a few times gh2 shut down when rec.

  • @rezyserzycia Are you using Sandisk 64GB 95Mbps card? That's what I used with Intravenus v2 and got no recording errors at all.

  • 16gb 95 mbps card. many many errors with frozen camera.

  • Could be a bad card. The Sandisk 64GB 95Mbps card is now $79 at Amazon - maybe give that a try.

  • @rezyserzycia also what lenses are you using, and do you use idynamic or tele-x ?

  • @kritzresn Thanks for mentioning that. My experience with Intravenous v2 was with fully manual lenses in fully manual mode. I guess the Autofocus lenses and iDynamic modes put more demand on camera processor.

  • @matt_gh2 @kritzresn I used panny 14-42 and helios 58 mm. I know anything about iDynamic. Just check and and it was turn on, iDynamic at standard. Is this a bad thing? And what you think about this footage? It's not as good as can be possible with this hack, yes?

    Im thinking to buy good lens for gh2 or sell gh2 to bou gh3. Only to make short clips for vimeo. In your opinion, whats the best option?


  • @rezyserzycia

    The footage is ok, but very hard to judge because of very heavy compression, but too sharp to my taste but that's the 14-42 shots mainly.

    To put it simply there's a few reasons why a high-end patch might fail, since these are some of the most extreme settings around known to work on a gh2, depending on your settings and also what you shoot you might just go over that stable edge :)

    First off the memory card, the GH2 is know to be able to write data the most stable way with a 64GB 95mbps card which you have, good!

    Next up are tasks heavy for the cpu, these typically consist of the following:

    • idynamic function, you can read up all about it when googling for it, but trust me you don't need it and the GH2 just becomes more stable with high-end patches when it;s off

      • ex-teleconverter, use it only when really necessary, for its purpose it degrades quality + can make shooting unstable.

      • electronic lenses like the 14-42 actually get some post processing from the camera applied, hence they are less stable when the gh2 is under stress already than manual non-electronic lenses like your helios 58mm, probably the crashes you had were under use of the 14-42, in combi with i-dynamic and the next point ill mention it is very likely the cause of what you had, you can't turn this off, i personally don't prefer the sharpness coming from a lot of electronic lenses thats what keeps me away from them already..

      • the scene itself: if you have any of the above applied (idynamic, tele-ex, electronic lens) then combined with what you're shooting it might crash, the more complex the "images" you're throwing on the sensor is the more it has to work hard to process it and the more it can go wrong basically, scenes like a forest in the wind, a field of grass n flowers is so much heaver than a still scene with nothing moving / very light variation in color/lighting. You will also see this in your bitrate, it would be much higher when recording lots of moving detail with big color/light variation.

    The GH2 is a tool you need to somewhat understand to get the most out of :) if you do it's a very rewarding camera.

  • Thank you @kritzresn ! Gonna shut down the iDynamic. I really like the intravenus II hack. still think that its better that gh3. Im I right?

  • Although the GH3 is easier to use i would indeed say GH2 has the edge with image quality.

  • @rezyserzycia

    I'd spend money on new lens and keep GH2. I personally dont like GH3 as much, with some people having trouble with skin tones looking a bit too magenta. If you have money for a GH4 that might be a good upgrade over GH2. For GH2, I like going full manual with settings. Its also worth looking at and trying different "Film Modes" settings (I like "Smooth, many like "Standard) Also the other settings that vary from -2 to 2 are often set at all -2, I do all -2 but with saturation at 0. My lenses are 1972 Lomo lenses (50mm and 28mm). I used this setup to shoot a feature called Night Shooter. It's still being edited but we created a trailer to help us focus the 2nd round of editing. Here it is - hope it gives you an idea of one type of image possible with using GH2 with Intravenous v2. I think you can almost any type of look out of a GH2, but you have to experiment with hack settings, camera settings, and lenses. (Of course lighting and composition are critical).With enough experimentation, you'll achieve just the look your looking for.

  • everyone is expecting cinema smooth matrix.

  • Yes, an improved cinema smooth matrix patch!!

  • And which is the sharpest patch?

  • @matt_gh2 -big thx matt! cool nigh shooter. I see that you like the 80 film look. Im thinking about the lomo, anamorphic lenses but its hard to buy good one on ebay especially when you can not put it on gh2 and test that it works.

    • I had gh3 in my hands only two times from rental and I did this :

    -the difference between gh2 and gh3 are not so big but in price is so Im still thinking about gh2 and glass vs gh3 but thanks for your advice to keep the gh2 !

    -Intravenus II got the look and feeling, I must make something more with this patch.

  • @rezyserzycia Yes-I tend to prefer 80s film look. The Lomos I have weren't too expensive - the 50mm (f 2.2) you can find for $150, and the 28mm (f 2.4) is around $350. I use the $100 OCT-18 adapter from Ciecio on ebay. It's not anamorphic though - I guess those are more expensive. I like that first video you did with the woman walking the street. Image looks great and music is real nice (plus doesnt hurt to have a stunning actress playing main role). Story, performance, composition/lighting are biggest focus for and lens is just something to be sorted out to make sure the canvas imaging texture is basically what you want (I prefer 80s film look, others like a more modern look). (I've been playing around with the hack setting called Canis Skin Tones Soft by driftwood. I've heard it can be problematic with some situations, but I love it. I shot an interesting experimental test with it to establish mood, look, and feel for a prison drama film I'm working on called Zebras In Wyoming. Here it is - a different look than Intravenus v2. This shot with same Lomos.)

  • This is my test with apocalypse now 444 soft matrix, graded with speedgrade andafter effects.

  • the same patch of the previous