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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @jrd

    It's the Kipon EF to MFT adapter. Not the best solution to be honest because I have to use my EF 2.5K to set the aperture (I broke my Canon DSLR on accident) and then use that adapter to control exposure, but having the iris behind the lens is not ideal.

    It'll do until I get a Redrock live lens.

    I haven't been using any lens support, and the lens has some additional weight. It's mostly because I'm holding the lens all the time, anyway, and haven't been on a tripod.

    If I were on a tripod, I'd likely use a stronger EF to MFT mount, and probably try to support the lens as it is kind of heavy.

  • Some shots the blacks are a little too crushed on the new version, but overall it does look better. As far as the camera goes...I definitely could sit through a whole movie with this image. Has a film like look to it no doubt.

  • Looks like the M31 LUT to me, not bad.

  • Nice camera, but have they talked about the possibility of adding p50/60/48 anymore? The only reason I didn't order. This is a $500 package without p50 or 4k. It is better than buying then hacking a GH, but the new GH and others might be better than buying this. Maybe I should contact the and discuss the problems. Last time they incorporated some of my ideas, but lost the contact derails. There are a few cooling/ recording solutions that could raise the framrate of both cameras.

  • Blunty's review is crap. The guy is an a-hole and recently abused me for no reason. I reported him to DigiDirect and I think they gave him the sack.

  • Maybe I should contact the and discuss the problems.

    join their forum and have some fun ;-)

  • @LeeM at least half of reviews are just drivel.

  • Looks like the M31 LUT to me, not bad.

    That, or maybe just too much love for Hollywood teal. It's getting harder and harder to find movies these days which don't go for the teal grade.

  • @KrisCanonizado @eatstoomuchjam I used AVAlive about five years ago for a semi-pro JVC cam purchase. They gave me the best price around and were reliable at the time. Hopefully they haven't changed since then.

  • @Aerok_Hussain Yeah This is the fact that is swaying me to cancel my preorder but then again... a good stabilizer...locked down shots etc... its no biggie. Then again If I am run and gun... IDK My head is swimming with with the chaos of what do I do?!! Id love the MFT Bmcc, jello and all if it was just an active mount. But on the other hand...the Cine Rokinion lenses for EF/EFS 24mm t 1.5 and 14mm t3.1, have me thinking that I could do Canon as a photo platform(so I am able to still use all my lenses both ways) and sell my Micro fours gear and get a BMCC MFT with an Eos adapter and these Rokinon lenses and some used 60d or something for photography... - Whether to keep my pocket on pre-order or not is making my brain explode!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If anyone is looking for one Tekserve in NY has some in stock right now. Just ordered one. B&H has just lost all business from me in the future from this non stop holiday stuff that's been going on for the past few weeks. I've tried to cancel my preorder with them many times and have not received any sort of communication and my order is still active. Not sure why they are dropping the ball this bad and for so long.

  • Yeah it does kind of BOGGLE my come they cant they hire a few non Jews(nothing against jewish People mind you) to run the damn store while they are all gone?... I have to wait til the 29th to cancel my pocket order or come up with some idea to get myself up to a better platform than GH2. Keep in mind I actually pre-paid too so its not as simple as it should be.

  • Sweet! I just placed an order from Tekserve since their online reviews sound a lot more solid than the last place's - I splurged and went for overnight so that I can play around over the weekend. Thanks for the heads-up, @vicharris! Assuming this shows up, I can't wait to cancel my order from B&H (I hate that they generally won't even say where I am in line - their preorder process sucks).

  • Just picked up the last one from Tekserve, in store pickup, nice. Now i just wish my 32gb cards worked.

  • @grierdill

    Nice. How were they at the store? They seem like pretty cool people to deal with and very fast on customer service.

  • @vicharris I am in the same boat with B&H, I order in early April and still haven't gotten a response about time of delivery and info about cancel order. :(

  • I was going to pass on the BMPCC but since they have fixed the blooming issue it seems to be a very good value and may be worth it to add to my quiver.

    I have a question about the sharpness of both the BMCC and BMPCC which one is sharper? This is really important to me because I am spoiled with the GH2's image quality (sharpness) so I want something as close as possible in terms of sharpness. Really I can go either way in regard to the cameras but am leaning towards the BMCC.

    In regard to glass I was thinking about purchasing the Tokina AT-X 16-28 2.8 to use with the BMPCC/BMCC. I have other Nikon glass for everything except the really wide stuff. These are some of the accessories that I already have to use with the BMCC/BMPCC. I have a shoulder rig, matte box, follow focus, external battery, ssd hard drives, and various types of external microphones. Is there anything that I missed that would make shooting with these cameras any easier.

    I also had a question about lowlight performance. How does the BMPCC/BMCC compare to the GH2 in terms of lowlight performance. Is there a major difference or is it minimal at best?

    For editing I have an Intel Mac Pro and a fairly new 15" Retina MacBook Pro, 2.6 Ghz, 16gb ram Nvidia GT650m will these computers be able to edit raw with DaVinci Resolve? I don't plan on shooting raw due to the workflow and file sizes but it would be nice to know what I need if I choose to shoot raw.

  • A little research and you can find all your answers really easy. All of your questions have been covered to great extent on this board :)

  • @vicharris

    Be softer, pair of links will be more useful.

  • That is soft. I could have gone off on another rant about how nobody uses the search function or seems to know about google :)

  • @vicharris

    Seems as though I shouldn't ask any questions at all then since everything is answered with a simple search. So I guess I will need to join another forum or search for another forum to ask the same exact questions? This is the exact reason that I am asking these questions so that I can possibly save some time and learn off of others who already have experience with these cameras. Forgive me if I am wrong but isn't one of benefits of joining forums to help others?

  • @Azo

    Correct. Just be patient and soft also. As people who read same question 10th time have also hard time to be patient.