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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • I think there is a thread on official BM forum from a couple of guys that are trying to do this, but they also didn't seem to be making a lot of progress. I'm sure you can search for it, I'm not sure if cross posting is permitted. I think their last post was almost a "too hard" kind of posting.


  • Nope not going to happen. Buy the BMMCC instead :)

  • According to imdb, the Pocket was used in the new "Bourne" film, along with an impressive mix of formats ( that makes me think: poor editors and colourists ;o)

  • If I understand the workflow for this test, he applied the exact same grade settings to each camera. That's not very useful though, as the BMPCC image is softer and less punchy (by design). A better test would be to try to grade each to look identical, including colouring, saturation and sharpness, and then see which one is more pleasing or had more DR etc.

    I mean, that's what people would do in the real world right, try to grade to get the best possible look. Only when you've done that can you see the real limitations of the camera.

    Still, it's interesting to see the difference in the ungraded output.

  • It made no sense at all. You could easily mostl add a bit of saturation to the pocket and achieve the same look.


  • @johnbrawley

    Agree, it must have had color chart and match colors.

  • Yeah, plus a bit more sharpness. I don't know about the GH5, but the GH2 had all that stuff baked in which sucked.

  • @_gl

    Ideally it must be both color matching (as far as possible), usage of same lens and matching MTF (that you mean under sharpness).

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, no I mean post sharpening. The GH5 footage is more software sharpened (maybe baked in?), so the BMPCC needs to be sharpened to compensate to make it a fair test. Otherwise newbies will assume that the BMPCC just can't do a sharp image, when it is actually designed to be sharpened in post.

  • @_gl

    Scientifically it is MTF measured on resulting image edges.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev ah I see what you mean, scientifically precise sharpness matching. Sure, good idea, although I think you can eyeball it and still get a valid result.

  • The guy did this other test:

    In 1080p the Pocket looks fine against the downscaled GH5. If watched on a 4K monitor and file things probably reverse ;o)

  • Ah yeah, 2:14, the dreaded BMD moire (spill from the light shapes).

    (strangely on Firefox I only get a 360p option for the video, not seen that before).

  • Has any one measured how the dynamic range changes at the different ISOs for the BMPCC? (obviously I'm referring to in a flavour of ProRes, not raw)

    As the highest dynamic range should be at base ISO, but I was wondering just how bad the hit is? (as sometimes you might want to make that trade off, rather than juggle other variables)

    I'm also curious to hear other people's thoughts about video mode (Rec709) vs film mode (log)?

  • For those who still use the old BMPCC, I wrote a Survival Guide (which condenses 5 years experience of shooting with it) focusing on practical tips & tricks and the things that one should know when working with the camera:

  • Thanks @cantsin, appreciate the work that went into this. Very useful :)

  • Awesome contribution @cantsin to the body of knowledge for the BMPCC!