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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • Let's not forget one fact about the BMCC for $2k you get the full version of Davinci Resolve can't beat that..

    Very true. That's what might put me over the edge in getting the 2.5k model to start out with. Pocket will come soon after... might just have to part ways with my GH2 body for it. :(

  • @bwhitz The full version of Davinci Resolve put me over the edge for the 2.5K version, and they are readily available. Parting with the GH2 is so hard I have mines but I'm clinging on to it, such a nice camera. If you sell your GH2 what would be your slow motion cam for 60p? One of the many reason I haven't sold mines yet.

  • If you sell your GH2 what would be your slow motion cam for 60p?

    My GH3. The slow-motion is great! Probably the best internal-recorded 60fps footage out there right now for under $10k. Color-science looks like a closer match for the BM cams as well... with lower DR though.

  • @bwhitz With the GH3 you all set..

  • I'd say pull the trigger on the 2.5K right now guys. Mine just came in today and I'm already surprised how easy the RAW workflow is. I still have a BMPCC on order too but didn't want to wait around since I have a few shoots coming up where the added DR will help out on the day in terms of setups.

    @itimjim I just checked out that footage you graded on my 27" monitor and I'm amazed at the lack of noise/blocking and banding in it. It really is close to the BMCC grain/noise patterns. If I wasn't convinced I made the right decision before I am now. I'm playing around with the ProRes stuff right now on the BMCC to get a sense of the BMPCC.

  • @vicharris Congrats enjoy your BMCC ;) still trying to decide between the Pocket Camera, or the BMCC. It seems the images of both cams are very similar from your reaction. How would you rate the Pocket Cinema Camera images comparing it to the BMCC (100% - 95% - 90%)

  • @TrackZillas Oh boy, I really have no idea. I just got it today and I'm just trying to learn as much as possible because I have a shoot next week where I hired kholi as my DP since he knows these cameras pretty well by now, and he just knows what he's doing :) If you have the money, I would go with the BMCC MFT right now. For $1999 I got it, the BM handles and a copy of Sony Vegas Pro, which I can't use but it was cool anyways. The ProRes that comes out of this thing is amazing and I used to shoot with the HVX200 which shot ProRes but not HQ.

    Personally, I really think it comes down to 2 things. What are you going to shoot and do you need to be stealthy. If it's just for fun and not a paying gig, the BMPC for sure, but when money and time is on the line, I think the 2.5K RAW can save your ass and time at points. The stuff I'm able to do in Resolve with RAW is just amazing. The day for night stuff just kicks ass. But if you need to be stealthy, well.. this is not stealthy camera. I have ended up shooting alot of talking head crap and interviews lately so I think having both would benefit me personally. I have two GH2s now and going down to one camera might be a pretty big crutch.

    I'm sure they will cut together fine as long as the conditions aren't too harsh but I would be worried about cutting a GH2 with this. I'll try and soon as I get the hang of everything. Have no idea about the GH3 but from what I've seen, most if it's footage is very Video like to me. I'm sure I'll get screamed at and called an idiot but all but one video has not been so great IMO. The only one I saw was shot with all Nokton and Voight glass but what do I know? :)

    Long winded response short, color science is close but res is not but this should be expected. Hopefully I can post some stuff as soon as kholi teaches me how to use this little beast.

  • I'll agree with @vicharris - the feel of the BMCC from top to bottom is excellent, and while I'm still getting a sense of the camera and how to put it into play to full advantage, I expect no one will be disappointed with the pocket. Blackmagic's build quality is quite impressive. All that said, I'm keeping my pocket pre-order in ;)

  • I can understand the pull of the BMCC, the additional resolution and the deal with Resolve is making me question the BMPCC even though I am not in the business of paid shooting, being an artist, and looking for a step up from the GH2 both cameras seem like a great move.. It is the size of the pocket that keeps me focused, there are times even the GH2 seems too big, and the ability to take something with these specs in your "pocket" is going to keep a smile on my face long into the future if the footage holds up well :)
    Now if there appears a BMCC with an active mount in the future.. It is going to be difficult to say no for me, even if I already have a pocket cam!

  • @vicharris Thanks for your insight on the BMCC where did you order yours from? You got the Handle and sony vegas WOW!!! send me a link.

  • @DrDave Fair enough in regards to calibration. I have no idea what people are viewing on, but if I had to guess many are looking on displays that are inaccurate for analysis. I'm currently working on a large budget movie right now where the first dailie's screening room we built in our first location had a Christie projector that was decent after calibration but then was replaced with a cinema quality one in our next location and the difference in it's ability to show the full range of the images was not subtle.

  • I've been eagerly awaiting the release of this product, but I was unwilling to pre-order due to some past issues with pre-orders. Over the past few days I have spent some time working on the Prores footage that has finally been made available. My first attempts were not too pretty, but I was starting to get the hang of the levels curves that this type of high dynamic range and very flat footage requires.

    Since yesterday, Black Magic have increased their Australian BMPCC price by 15.3%, now making the Australian RRP $1239 :(. With this sudden and massive price hike, I don't think that I can justify considering this camera as a future purchase. I have a GH3 and will now have some extra money for lenses and accessories :).

  • Seems really gradeable!

    I would love this, then again I'm going to wait for a couple of years to either get mine for $300 or get the new BMPCC, which shoots 4K for $995 ;P

    1756 x 988 - 1M
  • @Mordae Know you were joking, but Aptina has previewed a Super 16 4K 14 stops DR sensor that would give us exactly the BMPCC camera you describe. One reason that Super 16 may be a wave of the future,

  • @Trackzillas - I think @vicharris likely oredered from Adorama, who has a few packages with the camera. One is free BMCC handles and vegas bundled for free with either the EF or MFT unit.

  • Here's my attempt at grading the footage:

    I'm really impressed with how much you can pull from these files, and they're not even shot in RAW. The ability to pull so much color (especially the cloud shot) was amazing.

  • @Trackzillas Yep Adorama. They have a buttload of em in but I'm not sure if you're in the states. I've always had good experience with them. Even purchased used lenses from them before.

  • Having used both gh2 and bmd on the same productions, I can say this: for exterior daylight shots it may be pretty hard to match the cams, unless you are ok with matching the bmd to the gh2. For most interior shots and shots with controlled lighting, matching the cams is a piece of cake.. The texture is not that different, the bmd perhaps a tad more detailed. In other words, if you have the intention to match the cams (light accordingly, take care with WB / consistency in exposure), there´s no problem. With that said, you cannot do it without proper grading but that´s the same with any other cam that doesn´t have the same sensor.

  • @vicharris Thanks for replying.. Serious I'm about to make the jump than, yeah I'm in the states.. I live in CT so that's about 30 mins away from Manhattan. Gonna give them a call right now.. got a couple extra things to sell, today will be a busy day, but beautiful day :)..

  • @DancingCamera Thanks @ the website right now..

  • I think a big issue for the pocket cam is stabilization. Hopefully people will develop some really clever ultra-lightweight stabilization rigs. IMHO, extra gear kinda prevents it from being a true pocket cam.

    That being said, I rarely go handheld with the BMCC either, and only if I'm rocking something <= 25mm.

  • If you need stabilisation in a small form factor, stick the Panny 14-42 II on it.

  • I saw an unboxing of this camera on instagram. I believe it's somewhere in Asia. Arggggggggg

  • Small stabilization for the pocket cine cam? Check the Edelkrone pocket rig or any of the copies. Truly pocketable!

  • @RRRR Their rigs actually look interesting. More so their Modula series. Have you dealt with this company before? If so, how is the build quality, customer service, delivery times, etc? Seems they are based out of Turkey. If anyone else has used their rigs would be interested in hearing feedback.