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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • Im up for some flak now. At the moment I'm grading my Canon 5DMKIII ML RAW better than what Ive seen so far from the BMPCC stuff. Come on guys show me some class grading. :-)

  • @driftwood

    I'd like to see some nice 5D3 RAW stuff, haven't seen any since Macgregor and Hunter's upload, that was at the start of it all. =T Everything else has been much less than encouraging.

    Also, is BPC shooting RAW at all? I thought it was ProRes only right now?

  • @driftwood Nah, no flak, makes total sense. You're grading raw from full frame sensor vs proress from a s16 sensor :)

  • :-) Pro res from dng /ML looks poor too. Really soft.

  • Just a heads up, I'm thinking about canceling my preorder. I ordered 3 days after it was announced so not sure when I will get it but if anyone is WAY down the line or hasn't even put in an order yet, instead of cancelling, I could keep the order in and just send it to you as soon as I get it. Brand new and unopened. All you'll have to do is cover the extra shipping from CA which shouldn't be too much at all. Just a thought.

  • @driftwood I would concur sir. The ProRes stuff out of the 2.5k is far better than anything I've seen from the pocket cam. It's not like I'm a very experienced camera guy but I though they would be a little more on par.

  • Yeah Im defo gonna pick up a 2.5k

  • @driftwood Kholi and I just shot with three of them and Rokinon glass. Very impressed all around but he's a veteran with these by now.

  • Maybe you guys can go start a "BMPCC sucks" thread... or just switch to PM? Thanks!

  • @Tron Haha, I guess this is getting a little negative. If it's any consolation I think the BMPCC still has a whole lot of potential once the raw function is activated :)

  • plus active mft mount and small form factor is also still awesome in my eyes

  • Or we can start a Tron sucks thread, either one is fine.

  • I think I'm going to cancel my order. The footage looks good, but I'm not blown away. The real reason is the battery life and card requirements. I think I will get a nice lens for my gh2 instead.

  • @Tron

    I appreciate the feedback from @vicharris and @driftwood and value their opinion about the camera's video quality. If anything, this will help anyone else that was thinking about purchasing a BMCC or BMPCC camera. This might sway somebody to purchase the BMCC instead of the BMPCC. Very helpful feedback as far as I am concerned.

  • @driftwood you know it isn't fair to compare 5d raw to the pocket cam ; )

    kind of an odd and off topic question, but if canon/bmd/panasonic offered you a position to help improve their "science/technology" would you accept? Or....can they enhance the cameras themself in the same ways you do but choose not to?

  • I'll get a BMCC tomorrow to compare. I'd expect better grading potential and more resolution for sure.

    And regarding BMPCC "vs" GH2: We are in a forum with many users of GH2, it's in a similar price range, size and weight. So, why not? And for sure it's horses for courses.

  • Some more real word postage I just found on Vimeo

    I really want to love this camera and have had it on pre order since day one..but again I look at the footage and just think "why does look so soft and out of focus!!!!"...

    I keep telling myself that in the right hands with the right lenses and so on the camera will shine...but right now I feel like I might be better off sticking with moon T7 on my GH2 and investiging in the Sigma 18-35 with MFT speedbooster instead of the BMPCC!!

  • As we can see from footage filmed with non-stabilized lenses, it often is needed with proper support for the BMPCC when without sticks. For me the portability and small size is important, so I want to find sollutions that doesn't add unnecessary clunkiness.

    First, for outdoor use, I think a viewfinder would be needed in many cases. This would also add a point of contact, helping to stabilize. I'm thinking of the zacuto z-finder, but not sure if it fits, and it's a bit pricey. Do you have any recommandations?

    Maybe a viewfinder would be enough to start with, but I'm also tempted by something like the zacuto marauder, to add support without all the size problems with a real rig. But ofcourse the price is kind of hard to justify.

    Any thoughts apreciated!

  • @lmackreath Good find. Actually, the first shot looked really soft, but I think it's got to be because the lens was not in focus. The rest of it doesn't look too bad. Maybe it's not as sharp looking as a hacked GH2, but it's got a good "creaminess" to the color and entire image that's not all together unpleasing. Still waiting to see eye poppingly good footage from the Pocket cam though :/

  • I just downloaded the ProRes sample from GearAddix ( and it doesn't look soft at all (considering the background is more in focus than the presenters)

  • My Pocket Camera just shipped, ordered from BPM-Media in Germany. I'll probably recieve it on monday and I'm looking VERY forward.

  • @niGGo what date did you order?

  • Footage looks great. The hand-wringing and sharpness debate is just deja vu with the early GH3 threads from back in the day. I sold my GH2 a week after I actually started working with GH3 files and never had any regrets. This camera should round out a nice lightweight, travel-friendly production kit together with a GH3 or GH2.

  • This statement is worrying from someone on the blackmagic forums who is playing around with their BMPCC:

    "Focus assist is nice, works well with the L39 Schneider 16mm and the above Sigma 17-50, but a bit disappointing that it doesn't work with the Panny - you get AF, or focus assist. Unlike my EF lenses, there is no AF/MF switch on the Panny so you're stuck in auto. Seems to work well but somewhat disappointing"

    So this basicly means any Lumix Pansonic lens that supports autofocus can only use autofocus on the BMPCC and there is no option to swtich to MF unless there is an actual switch on the lens?

  • My 12-35mm switches to manual when I turn the focus ring, just as I'm used to on the GH2.