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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @Tron

    These are high contrast shots, with noise in under-exposed areas. What else would you expect?

  • re. the GH2 resolving more, it's bound to. The Pocket sensor is 1080p native, but due to the Bayer photosite layout, you don't get the full 1080p resolution. You want approx. 1.3x larger capture resolution to make up for it, that's why the original BMD cam is 2.5k.

    The GH2 in the meantime oversamples its 1080p from a much larger res (over 4k), so it has more detail to play with. On the other hand it oversharpens (partly to hide the lens corrections), especially bad once you hack and your image is clearer already, and you can't completely turn it off.

    It's all tradeoffs.

  • My second attempt, this time with Nick Shaw's LUT plugin for FCP X and some neat video to get rid of the noise. I also added some sharpening.

  • @smsjr I have to say I am amazed that you can tell that other ppl's monitors are not calibrated.

  • I have to say I am amazed that you can tell that other ppl's monitors are not calibrated.

    He can run big business out of it. Instant remote calibration of any imaging device, from monitor to iron. :-)

  • @jrd I was just expressing an opinion relative to others' comments about NR workflow requirements. I'll withhold final judgement until I can grade the images myself and assess the properties of the grain. So far the noise in JB's ungraded files doesn't look all that different from my GH3 files with contrast set to -5. Probably not a big deal at all.

  • The Pocket sensor is 1080p native, but due to the Bayer photosite layout, you don't get the full 1080p resolution.

    IIRC, this is only for a full 4:4:4 RGB image. A 1080p bayer sensor would still give you a full 1080p B&W luma image, right? The color channels would be lower resolution... but the whole image should "resolve" 1080p worth of detail... as most of the finer detail is part of the luma channel.

    re. the GH2 resolving more, it's bound to.

    I don't know about that. The Pocket Cam looks to be on par or better with the GH cams... more fine detail. The GH2/3 are "sharper" due to more processing... it's not always the same as detail.

  • @bwhitz, a Bayer sensor shares the photosites between red, green, blue, with the green getting twice as many samples. Luma is mainly composed of green (as that's what our eyes are most sensitive too), and there are only 1/2 green samples - so you are not getting a full resolution luma image either. It's all interpolated in the debayering step. The interpolation is complex, but the upshot is that you really want 1.3x oversampling to get the full theoretical resolution.

    re. GH2 sharpening, if you read my last post properly you know we're on the same page (I shoot with GH2s). Nevertheless the GH2 has access to far more pixels. But it looses some resolution due to lens correction (on native lenses). Hard to compare them as you can't turn the GH2 sharpening off - but if you have to do lens correction on the Pocket in post, you'll loose more res.

  • @_gl

    Well, I don't know how to explain it then. I just downloaded JB's new uploads and the wide shots of the house and lake clearly show much finer detail than the GH2/3... and I own both... as well as have worked my fair share of Red projects/footage (plus some BMCC stuff).

    Also, viewing files on 24" 1920x1200 Apple cinema displays...

  • @bwhitz From your observation do you think the BMPCC Resolution match it's bigger bother BMCC? since you have worked with it. What about RED footage how does it stack-up?

  • @TrackZillas

    To my eye... the detail looks as good as the BMCC in prores... just a bit (and it is only a BIT) more noise on the fine detail. Which honestly, is kind of a nice aesthetic... just like with film. Plus, it's only a bit more noisy in the shadow areas... the mid tones and highlights are fine.

    Same basic comparison with Red footage. It looks basically as detailed as Red at 1080p... just a bit more noise on the fine details. Red (and other 4k cams) has that unique aesthetic of being able to render a 2k image, with full detail, virtually noise free. Some people like it (I do for some things) and some don't. I think fans of "film-like" detail... i.e. fine-detail blending with grain... will LOVE the Pocket cinema cam for this reason. It's a very organic image. I'll grade some of these wide shots and post some stills soon!

  • @bwhitz I don't necessarily disagree, due to GH lens correction, sharpening and the compromises made in its downsampling (which is not as high quality as you'd get in say Photoshop) it's a complex soup.

    Also don't forget that the GH2 does heavy in-camera NR which again softens things a bit and removes grain. But grain also gives images a false sense of detail (adding grain to a soft image can do wonders to its perceived sharpness).

    And don't forget lens quality/aperture etc. We'd need to compare the same scene, lens and exposure to be sure right?

  • @bwhitz Great.. "Detail looks as good as the BMCC in ProRes" that's all I wanted to know because I love the BMCC images in ProRes. The noise is not a problem for me, I'm one of those film-like & grain shooters works for me. I'll check back for some of your still, thanks for info.

  • Ooh shoot John Just posted some more footage they looks amazing Wow!!! the amount of detail is breathtaking.. I think there are 3 more clips on the way.

  • Here's two wide shots with some good detail...

    Not really any "grading" just bringing the contrast and saturation back.

    1917 x 1060 - 889K
    1920 x 1062 - 599K
  • I think there's plenty of detail with modern glass on the camera, maybe a chart will tell how close it is to BV1, so far it actually looks like even ProRes from BV1's a decent amount more detailed. But, there seems to be less moire in all of these shots.

  • @bwhitz Very nice coloring bwhitz.. you are right it's extremely detailed but still has that organic feel to it.

  • @kholi it looks pretty close to BV1's, or you can say on par with BV1? you've done tones of work on the BMCC so you sure know what the BV1 ProRes look like @ it's best.

  • Very nice coloring bwhitz.. you are right it's extremely detailed but still has that organic feel to it.

    Thanks! It sure does! Even better when moving! Now I'm torn between the Pocket and Regular cam... I really like the internal batteries and smaller form-factor... but I would like the cleaner 2k finish on the Cinema Cam for some projects as well. Tough choices!

  • Not mine, but more from JB's uploads from today.

    Impressive, all be it simple footage.

  • @bwhitz I am torn also trying to make-up my mind between the two. Let's not forget one fact about the BMCC for $2k you get the full version of Davinci Resolve can't beat that.. Decisions, Decisions...

  • @itimjim Great job with the colors.. Did you sharpen by any chance?

  • Ahhh ya - that's quite nice now - quite nice.

  • Hey @trackzillas When I said not mine, I mean really not mine...footage or Vimeo link :). Just sharing what I'd found.

  • @itimjim lol.. gotcha I took it as it's not my footage but John's..