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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • I think the issue is that the pocket blows away the gh2 in terms of dynamic range. But for which camera resolves more I think that's still up in the air (I thinks it's the gh2 though).

    For the best or both worlds your probably better off getting the bigger bmcc.

  • @mpgxvcd

    I think this would make a horrible consumer camera with its short battery and recording times.

  • @Chaos123x

    Everyone knows the GH2 sharpens the imagine in camera so a lot of that sharpness is false sharpness. Some like it, some don't, but keep in mind if you do like the false sharpened "look" than you can always do the same thing easily to the BMPCC footage in post.

  • Me thinks that if I were launching a super-duper over-the-top video cam, I would flood the web with dozens of full-rez videos files in all sorts of shooting situation.

    This whole thing is cherry-picked, it stinks.

    It's a dud, a lemon.

    Probably get a cell-phone camera to prores 422, don't make it good cam.

    One thing for, the iPhone 6 will shoot better video.

  • my very quick attempt . had too much else to do today to really do anything much.

  • @QuinEtiam Look Jimmykorea...erh I mean Quin --- a 4:2:2 10 bit pro res and hopefully 12bit raw video camera for under a grand is flipping amazing so if you don't see that you are either a total halfwit or moronic fanboy. For those of us who actually shoot cinematic video, and cant afford to own pricey cams like the Alexa or Red this camera is awesome. I respect most opinions but yours is just ill informed moronic bs. Go troll somewhere else.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Truth be told, there are lots of GH2 footage that looks like crap too, or from any camera for that matter. I wouldn't write off any camera for some random footage found on the web. I suspect with right use and postprocessing the bmcc and bmpcc will offer great quality, and I plan to own a bmpcc in addition to my gh3. The Gh3 will be done mostly for wide shots/stabilized shots/slow motion and the bmpcc will be used for studio work(green screen most importantly) and most normal-tele work.

  • @No_SuRReNDeR No point bothering with QuinEtiam - obviously a lost cause..

  • @tosvus yeah good point.

  • @tosvus

    I'd go as far as saying MOST GH2 footage looks like crap, and I have yet to see any GH3 footage that impressed me. That said I do understand the need for occasional slow-motion.

  • Not only can you use the Gh3 for slow-mo you can also do time lapse easily right out of the box.

    Speaking of boxes...

    650 x 650 - 105K
  • Reverie moment yet?

  • Evidence for and evidence against is lacking.


    So I say again, where are the dozens of samples that SHOULD BE available before purchasing.

    They don't exist.

    Hence it is a lemon.

  • @Chaos123x

    That is what I mean. It would be ironic if someone who bought it for all the wrong reasons ended up with it first.

  • @QuinEtiam Interesting "logic" there.. Anyways, I'm confident it will absolutely destroy your Panasonic HCv700 if comparing video quality ;)

  • Wanted to see how far I could get using my own software (haven't looked into more serious grading yet). Nothing fancy, just sharpening, saturation + Curves & some glow. Left portion is the original.

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • My Pany HC-v700k cost($460) shoots better video than any dslr.

    But you have limited creative choices, lenses, dof, shutter speed etc.

    I've scoured the net.... it's official...the BMPCC is a total POS.

  • @mpxsvcd Maybe you should let people know that their reasoning is poor and help them with your greatly superior knowledge of why people should and should not purchase things. I'm sure they'd welcome your help!

  • @QuinEtiam

    "I shoot for Microstock and Vimeo, I can't tell you a codex from a follow-focus. I point/shoot and hope it looks good." <------ YOUR OWN WORDS...

    This camera is for people who CAN tell a codec(x) from a follow-focus. Your opinion is pretty damn invalid.

  • Stay positive by all means...

    A week from the release date and we have yet to see any footage of substance.

    Now... I gotta go shine my boots with some Snake Oil.

  • In defense of mpgxsvcd ---keep in mind different shooters have different needs/workflows. Mpxsvcd shoots allot of action/sports real life stuff. This camera is really not ideal for those types of shoots in my opinion. Its more suited for theatrical/cinematic productions. Or documentary film-since its small would be easy to travel with etc...

  • @QuinEtiam

    You say it’s wonderful but I don’t see any photos of nails you’ve driven. I think it’s just overpriced crap.

    Ken Rockbuster said the Stiletto is really overpriced and he wouldn’t have one. For $14 you can get a Tekton rubber mallet set.

    Please read topic below and full version at link

  • Damn.... I think I just got Nailed.

  • I'm going to try and put this politely because it's not in my nature to offend anyone. But many of the comments, especially some of these recent comments show me a real lack of understanding about video and image quality. It leads me to believe that many people are watching footage on displays that are not giving them a properly calibrated video image. Perhaps they are computer screens with less than stellar color, motion, etc. If you want to judge the IQ of a camera you must: A: Have the original camera files B: Have the proper tools to playback and manipulate the image C: Know how to read scopes D: Observe the images on a properly calibrated monitor

    If I had to guess, several of the posters here are missing some of those items in their analysis toolkit. That leads to very uninformed observations which spreads FUD on the web.

    I suggest that people respect the process and offer analysis that is more useful to the community. You don't have to like a particular camera, just make sure you have reached your conclusions with a logical approach.

    Sorry for the rant, but just mildly frustrated reading some of the comments.

  • No names mentioned but on another forum a 1Dx user said has was not impressed so far with the footage.