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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • @danielortegajan your file plays smooth. mts in mPlayerX as well as transcoded ProRes in QT

  • @peaceonearth : its not the playback, its the strange stuttering blur in movements.

  • @driftwood : uploading a new testfile on wetransfer, it'll send you the link in about 10 min to your email. Already transcoded to prores422hq, now with moon t7c 24p and same settings. I noticed that my display shows the recording picture munch slower while shooting!? Could it be a problem with my sd card? Thank you!

  • Having issue using Moon T5 (it may not be the patch at all though). I've read on a couple other threads about the noise and banding issue. I have a very intermittent issue with noise and banding. it show up occasionally, typically in darker areas of the image. But it is not consistent. I try to set exposure for the highlights so my histograms tends to be very shadow heavy. I have plenty of slightly underexposed footage that looks great, no problems. Long story short I've got two questions- 1) is this a) "the" normal banding issue people talk about or b) an f'd camera that needs replaced? 2) if the answer is a) , then where is the best source of info for workarounds to avoid triggering the banding while shooting.

    footage- lower right hand corner has massive banding and noise issue

  • @donniewagner Shutter speed / ISO ./ lens?

  • Shutter speed 50, ISO 200, old nikon 24mm 2.8 @ f5.6 i believe. WB on "cloudy". I was switching between normal and ETC mode to get different FOV, this was shot in ETC I believe.

  • ETC mode is problematic to this. Personally, I'm not a fan of it and never use it. Its got its uses but for me to frame tighter with what lens you've got.

  • @driftwood Thanks for the fast response.

  • Last month, before getting a pair of cards fast enough to shoot with Moon Trial 3 (or any All-I patch), I shot a short for an actor friend that's appeared in practically everything my brother and I have made that required professional actors.

    I'd been happy shooting a series of spec commercials in Flow Motion but wasn't sure I wanted to do something narrative in that patch while needing to stay in that ballpark for bandwidth. I gave Slipstream a go. I shot everything on either my Nikkor f/2 24mm or Olympus F.Zuiko f/1.8 50mm and am grading with @shian ColorGHear.

    I was very pleased with the detail and almost Moon Trial like cleanness in the imagery from Slipstream. It was a very trying shoot as I had no AC, no lights or even someone who could half-way competently hold a reflector. The whole thing is 99% available light with only a few scenes making use of a small LED I couldn't use for the entire shoot because it sucks the batteries like mad.

    SamSpadeOUT (
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    SamSpadeOUT (
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    SamSpadeOUT (
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    SamSpadeOUT (
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    SamSpadeOUT (
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    SamSpadeOUT (
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Looks good @BurnetRhoades Its pleasing to know that Slipstream has its uses. More Slipstreams will appear on the other thread soon.

  • @driftwood

    Thanks. Slipstream didn't seem part of the new topic or mentioned therein so I was thinking you were maybe retiring it, or future development. I'd have loved to have shot this in a flavor of Moon (3 is my favorite but I'm going to shoot something in T7 soon to give it a whirl) or try out Intravenus II but Slipstream performed well for me. Many thanks.

  • @pop24 just wondering which Cluster X version you used when shooting that "Trailer by Paul" video at the end of page 37? Looks excellent.

  • GH3 + GH2 / Slipstream #3

  • @rorykane

    Nice man, I really like the vintage finish to the blacks and color.

  • @rorykane

    What frame rate and setting are you shooting at?

  • Just a fast handheld test with Slipstream #3:

  • Has anyone experienced "Not Responding" message in After Effect right after opening SlepStream #3 video files?

    I think I saw similar topic, but couldn't find it again. There was described with a weird "waterwaving" line at the lower part of the videos.

    I tried processing the MTS files via Win ReWrap, then the same results - immediate crach of AE.

    Any help, please?

  • Do you get the same in Adobe PP?

  • No, I don't use PP. Only Sony Vegas and Adobe AE for LUTs.

    Once when I use any of the HD video converters (just for a try), the files are accepted, but this is not the right way since the bitrate and quality decrease drastically.

  • @producer

    I'm total AE newbie but I don't have any problems with opening my short test MTS files (24L mode, Slipstream #3) under AE CS6 Win. Hope this helps.

  • I've been shooting extensively with MoonT7 on paid gigs and plan to share some work soon. I like it, a lot. Only thing is I'm not spanning with my Sandisk 95/sec cards. Not a huge thing, just the first time that has happened to me. Seems a touch greener/yellower than T5, but I suppose I could be hallucinating since GH2 tints slightly that way, anyhow.

  • Having same issues.. But off and on. Also random in-cam playback. (Even using the usual turn off, turn on, shoot short clip etc. tricks) Reluctantly switching back to Moon T5 as I had no complaints with it before T7.

    No complaints now either. If you wanna've gotta pay. Can't image using the stock firmware HBR setting for...well....anything actually.

  • I would like to share my last video with GH2 and Drifwood´s Moon T5 setting:

    Thanks to @Driftwood for his excellent work with that setting. Lately I moved to ML RAW, but this video has changed my thoughs about RAW vs GH2...... I should check Moon T7, looks amazing.

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