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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • @BurnetRhoades Jesus F-ing Christ that 1st still is f-ing a-mazing! (one with guy and girl). I also like the screen presence of the one with just the girl. Supercool, thanks for posting. You're on it brother - rock on!

  • "Shot with GH2. Lens 300mm Canon at 5/8. Tripod Fluid head mount. Patch Cluster X Moon T6 1 GOP Intra 'moon' - Top Grading - Best Motion. Absolutely. I think you can see why the Italian team ran away." Thank you, @driftwood,@Vitaly, Gentlemen it certainly a pleasure testing and pushing the limits. This can be downloaded, Clean MTS file , comments are free.

  • @matt_gh2

    Jesus F-ing Christ that 1st still is f-ing a-mazing! (one with guy and girl). I also like the screen presence of the one with just the girl. Supercool, thanks for posting. You're on it brother - rock on!

    Thanks man, that whole scene, the one with the cowboy getting "pervy" is my favorite of the whole day. His facial expression throughout was perfect. I so want to just get on with doing the real deal. All the work that went into just getting this one day seems almost tragic. It took me more than a day to recover, lol, where, not given that chance for downtime, you just hit a groove and push.

  • @BurnetRhoads I agree. If someone told me that was a still from a RED, I wouldn't think twice. How much lighting did you have to pump in there for that?

  • like pioneers from Richard Silva on Vimeo.

    Shot with GH2, Moon T5, SLR magic 12mm, Smooth all -2.

  • @Azsimov That was really well done...except the audio. I really liked where it was headed and what it was but the audio was so bad, I actually couldn't hear people at certain points. If it had clean, audible sound, it would be really good! And of course the SLR 12mm really takes the edge off the GH2! :)

    One note though, I do understand things happen and you can't control them. I just did a shoot where one of my lavs went down and we decided to boom the subjects. Turned out that didn't work well and I was stuck with crazy echo in my audio and no way to take it all out. So I get it :)

  • @BurnetRhoades "shooting daylight with the tungsten preset for supposedly cleaner results on the GH2"

    Can you flesh out the theory there?

  • Latest News moon T7 is radical... coming very soon now!

  • @driftwood Give us a taste! We're hungry!!

  • @driftwood OMG now i am so sad i dont have sandisk 95MB/s :(, give us hope, something to us poor people :\

  • EDIT linked the wrong video first time **

    @Jim_Simon this, the technique of just leaving it in the tungsten preset, is from a Drew Network video where he demonstrates the technique. It doesn't take drastic correction to bring back some warmth and balance the image. likely makes a difference what patch you're using (he's using a Driftwood patch here so this isn't a total thread derail) and I've yet to read a credible (or even non-credible) retort from any other professional that Drew is somehow croaking smack.

  • Latest News moon T7 ridiculous minimum/maximum QP range in 24p (see pic below)! COMING SOON! Plus a greater effort to take out the sharpeness of Pany lenses (flatter look). Also best ever 720p50 just tested with QPs in the highlights of sub 5 - a sky / building picture b frame below. Nikon800 / 5DMKIII h264 eat your heart out!

    1080FSH/HBR 25p Intra for PAL modes doesn't suffer too badly. See 3rd screen grab below.

    This will produce better quantisation factors than ANY setting currently on the GH2 for 24p and 720p50(60 to test). HBR/FSH are basically spoilt by the shared 24p encoder but its still pretty good.

    moon T7 released in a few hours

    moon t7.png
    1336 x 923 - 568K
    720p50 - This B frame uses QP=7 throughout.png
    2066 x 1038 - 1M
    1934 x 1039 - 1M
  • Wonderful news, Nick! Thank you! :]

  • Latest News Cluster X DREWnet T9 in development for urgent release. :-)

  • @driftwood,I think that few secrets left in the GH- 2 , or bottomless pit ........ ,we respect your work, Nick! Thank you! ;)

  • @driftwood , Thank you yet again for such incredible continued work to the Gh2; relentlessly refining settings like a perfectionist craftsman. Also, I'm looking forward to Moon T7 + squeezing yet another drop from this unique little sensor : )

  • @driftwood great news on Moon T7. please tell us more about, Moon T7 Intra GOP1?? i read an article on toshiba announcement on 240mbps SD Xc class 10 cards. if its available can the hack be taken more further???

  • Hi, guys! And with low bow of driftwood to you! ! ! ! You simply wizard or magician))) as I will grow rich I will send the good sum for you)))

  • When Panasonic will contract to Nick and Vitaly?

  • @driftwood you never get tired, thank you for the hard work and totally respect your intelligence and profound knowledge. it just keeps getting better and better.

  • Latest News

    Driftwood 'moon' T7 is OUT.... download from page 1 !

    Who's going to be first to show me footage from moon T7? !!!! :-)

    I need to know if you agree with me that it softens Pany lenses a tad more than before?

    Is the matrix too soft?

    Do you like iA modes now with this new setting?

    Has the superior quantisation ironed out any previous artifacting (720 modes in particular?)

    Better dealing with moire?

    Any other perceived differences?

  • Latest: moon T7 is now available to download PLUS DREWnet & Spizz New versions will be appearing tomorrow

  • i'm about to grade and upload a few clips now

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