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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • @driftwood thanks again, installing moon7 now, hope it is not too soft cause I really liked the sharpness of moon5; will see in couple minutes, cheers everyone!

  • I experimented with the matrix so that in the grade post sharpening of upto 17% works very well. :-)

    Here's a quick and dirty grade from a 720p60 14-140 tungsten 'standard' -2,-1,-2,-2 recording.

    720p grade test moon.png
    1918 x 611 - 2M
  • i'm shooting 1/40 24p and the motion does look slightly odd (handheld also, that's where the 1/40 probably caused me issues), i'm going to try a different lens and see, that was with a sigma 30

  • 1/50 for 24p all the way.

    Peeps, please also try out iA modes.

  • Next time I'm in B-town, I would bow to you and treat you at Hobgoblin @driftwood Sir... Amazing work. Can't wait to test it out myself and see what others think of it. This level of Q's in Long gop settings!! OMG Drewnet will change things.. :D

  • @gravitatemediagroup @driftwood here it is night time and I am using panny 20mm 1.7 in my room; shooting iso500 f1.7 25shutter in 24p, 25p, 50i, 720p50 image is excellent, motion wise there is something I can't name now but it might be me no OİS and handheld. I am also gonna change the lens and try 1/50 shutter and add more light in the room. in the morning gonna do tests outdoor. too early to say anything now. but one thing I realize there is less color shift when you press the rec button. and yes bow to you sir this is amazing.

  • @Aashay That's a good idea - especially in this heat!

  • I replaced the sigma 30 for rokinon 35 and it looks MUCH nicer

  • It'll be interesting to see how it looks on non-pany lenses from you guys :-)

  • also tomorrow night is fullmoon if I am not mistaken. I 'll try my FDs and yashica lenses.

  • play your own music for the 1st video, I forgot to unmute the audio lol

    t7 - rokinon t35 - 1/40 - ISO 160


    added a little pop to the colors and a pinch of unsharp mask

  • @GravitateMediaGroup Good test - and the FIRST! It defo looks flatter perfect for grading. Thanks for sharing.

    Full moon tomoz - perfect timing for some moon 'moon T7' shots. Thanks for the reminder @cjdincer

  • and obviously YouTube compression doesn't help (it seems to be quicker for me than vimeo) and this isn't even a MAX quality render, just something for somebody to get an idea.

    currently I am uploading a graded version and putting together a quick low light video

  • @driftwood Moon T7 - a few screen grabs right off the camera from this afternoon down by the water. Shot with a super takumar 28mm lens, f8, with CP filter and .6 stop n.grad filter. Looks really organic to me.

    1800 x 1800 - 781K
  • rokinon t35 - 1/40

  • @driftwood T7 looks very good and very intersting judging from few samples posted. Will test with Lomo lenses (50mm & 28mm) and Olympus 18mm f1.8. Still loving Intravenus 2, but T7 may be something special. Will try to test tomorrow night and post the following day. Thanks for your great work - magical stuff really.

  • @matt_gh2 it's no 14bit raw, but as far as the progression of the gh2 goes, id say it just went another step forward. Based on my preffered settings I'm happy with it, I'm going to experiment with some other modes and shutter speeds in the future.

    off topic but it's funny, I'm trying to show the GH2 as much love as possible at the moment because when the pocket cam gets to me, I may not be able to keep my hands off of it.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup Thanks for posting the videos, particulalry the last one. I'll be doing test shots at night, using lights. Curious on skin tones. Will be at ISO1600 so also curious on noise/grain characteristics. By chance in the last video with Batman figure, do you remember if you were on Smooth or Standard etc, and other settings all -2 etc.? Thanks

  • @driftwood I'm looking forward to trying it out next week. Looks like I should expect higher bitrates on low detail scenes than before - does that mean there's a higher risk of running out of bitrate by the time I hit the lower right corner now? Or is there other optimization in play? I guess I'll find out when I shoot but doesn't hurt to know what to expect. :)

    P.S. Glad to know we're so familiar that my first name has gone lowercase. ;)

  • Oh per! Sorry man I was in a rush - updated ;-)

    I think you'll find this adapted rate control tries much harder than in the past to evenly spread bitrate (why do macs correct bitrate to nitrate!) but it does consume more bitrate than moon T5 (the current people's favourite). If people think its too soft on the edges ( I prefer this look for grading) I do have one more matrix variation to include - which will be appearing in DREWnet T9 later today - on a moon T8. For me I'm loving T7 so far. Particularly pleased with 720 modes. 720p60 at around 52Mbps for 12 GOP and great QP without failing is incredible.

  • @driftwood Naw, it totally made me smile. Thanks for the update, though. :)

  • @GravitateMediaGroup did you shoot at 720p?

  • @driftwood : I've shot a little bit with moon t7 yesterday. Used 24p and 50 shutter. I saw a lot of something like motion blur in tiny movements on objects (use a shoulder rig). Any idea what it could be? Best regards and thanks for your work!!!

  • @driftwood its great, took few shots from my window. the softer it is makes it more cinematic. u made this flatter than t5 which is a super cool thing. please do u r future hack further more flatter and cinematic. sharpness is not at all good for film look and feel. come on people driftwood is changing gh2 into a cine camera, not a personal video camera.

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