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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • Hi all,

    10 months ago a friend and I decided to become an aerial cinematography team, shooting from sUAV mini-helicopters. When it came to choosing a camera, the GH2 was the indisputable choice, and it's entirely because of the incredible work of Vitaliy Kiselev, Nick Driftwood and all of the hack wizards and posters contributing to these threads. Oh, and Panasonic.

    Below is our first reel, shot entirely on the GH2 in Hong Kong and China between January-April 2013. We started out with the Driftwood Cluster v6 Nebular setting, and went with the Cluster X Moon T5 for the remainder. What's in the final reel is about 80% Moon T5, which is why I'm posting it here.

    We're so grateful for the work that Vitaliy and Nick have done, it's contributed immeasurably to what we've been able to achieve. Thanks also to everyone posting their videos and feedback with every iteration, you've made this place an invaluable resource for people like us.

    And now here's that damned reel:

    Best, Andrew

  • Excellent showreel for Cluster X :-) Well done to Andrew and Oliver @DeployAerial. If I lived close to you guys I would certainly hire you.

  • @haarec 1080

    @danielortegajan I think we are seeing the same kind of "motion blur" it's a odd kinda blur that ALMOST makes a clip appear in slightly slow motion.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup : yes, I think it's the same. Had this also sometimes with moon T5 but not so noticeable. Maybe I can upload my testfile this evening somewhere.

  • @DeployAerial that was REALLY nice, the rock climbing stuff was crazy looking. Where are you guys located?

  • @DeployAerial great shots!!I It would be helpful to know where your are located without having the effort to google +852 ;-) It's a pity that it's not +33, +41, +43, +44 or +49 ;-)

  • Thanks so much for the kind words @tymeorama @driftwood @GravitateMediaGroup @peaceonearth

    @peaceonearth and @GravitateMediaGroup , sorry for the omission, we're based in Hong Kong but we're certainly not limited to Hong Kong, or even Asia. We definitely hope that this work might give us the opportunity to travel and shoot in other countries.

  • Latest News Driftwood Cluster X DREWnet T9 12/15/6 GOP is now up on page 1. @onionbrain

  • @DeployAerial. Excellent videography and aerial shots.

  • moon T7 motion blur DOES IT/DOESN'T IT?

    Two of you mentioned motion blurring artifacts in moon T7 release candidate. This has yet to be confirmed as a major problem - Can those who worried take a look at this quickly adjusted moon T7b with GOP Related x2 time edits (just a few switches off) and tell me if its improved/no change? Just wanna clear it up. Thanks

    moon T7b - x2 time adjustment -
  • @driftwood. Here are my first observations with Moon T7 NTSC, Sandisk 64GB, 95MBs, Panny 14-140. Quality for all modes is great. - 24P H and L modes use the same bitrate averaging 140mbs as if 80mbs for L mode is ignored. 24p spans OK - HBR and FSH averaging around 70mbs both stopped after 5-6 minutes of recording pointing to TV and recording before reaching the 4GB limit. - 720p SH averaging 50mbs stopped after 8 minutes before reaching the 4GB limit. It also had a write error when zooming all the way to 140mm (in iA mode). For a first release of the hack, it is pretty stable and has great quality. I will post after more detail testing.

  • @flaschus has just notified me regarding GOP Related 72060p he'd changed;-

    '1, 5, 0, 0, 64, 0'


    '1, 7, 0, 0, 64, 0'

    for a similar issue to yours @Zaven13.

    Overall, this version of moon (T7) squeezes everything it can out of all modes. If recordings stop on non 24p modes before a span file can be created so be it. This setting is not for pussies! ;-)

    Here's moon T7c updated 720p60 stable (we hope! @Zaven13) thank you @flaschus.

    Once everyones happy Ill repost on page 1. And don't forget, 24p may cause stuttered playback on windows media player/ etc... but once rewrapped to prores422 minimum your'e rocking.

    moon T7c - with 7 on 720p60
  • @driftwood. Understood. Go dickies, no pussies.

    @flaschus. Did your GOP related change make a difference?

  • @driftwood

    does T7c have the same upgrades as T7b?

  • @GravitateMediaGroup 7c also has the 720p GOP Related set to '1, 7, 0, 0, 64, 0' for you. Personally I didn't have an error when it was set as is moon T7 but you guys are the real testers / and on differing lenses. Good stuff :-)

    PS I want full moon shots tonight from you all! LOL @Zaven13 "..Go Dickies!"

  • the next time I shoot I'll set to 1/50.

    if any of the changes made in 7b/c affect the quality in any way then don't adjust for my sake. I'll let ya know how 1/50 looks with 7c

  • We're coming up for a new thread shortly once we reach 1000 replies so moon T7 on the series 3 new thread will be finalised version.

    BTW: 12/15 GOP fans don't forget to checkout DREWnet T9 (now up on page 1) with huge B frames on motion - totally insane quantisation at only 80Mbps for 24p. And Spizz T6 is nearing completion.

    Spizz 3 DESTROYS Flow Motion 202 with Average range of QP values of sub 'QP 5' at 24p even at 100Mbps (but it will go consume more bitrate upto 147Mbps for extra detail if it needs it!)

  • @driftwood : Moon T7b unfortunately does not improve this kind of motion blur. Now there is also a kind of stuttering in it!? Maybe you know what that means? Uploading the mts file on my dropbox now. I'll post the link here in a few minutes. Cheers, Daniel

  • @danielortegajan Have you transcoded yet? Or are you just watching stuttering on your media player? Cus thats expected - those decoders cant handle it - transcode to prores.

  • @driftwood yes also transcoded to prores 422hq, its the same. But please have a look on yourself. Settings are: smooth all -2, iso 400, 24p and 1/50s shutterspeed. Lens is a panaleica 25mm and saved on a sandisk extreme 32GB 45MB/S. Here is the file:

  • I'm heading out to shoot some stuff now. in 1080p and 720p for slowmo. Just a quick test in my office looks incredibly encouraging!

  • @danielortegajan Thanks - Ill take a look. Might have to lower the bitrate slightly to 'accomodate' lenses such as these.

    Ive had a look - this isnt too unusual for the GH2 at 24p hi bitrate with faster than your average pans on square objects. If youve got other example upload. However, I promise you Ill take a look at replicating this test and to see if we can improve the situation.

    Here's Spizz GOP 3 on a Death Chart resolving a minimum QP of 1 and a maximum QP of 5 on this i frame with a PSNR of 54. Pretty darn amazing.

    spizz Death Chart.png
    1650 x 957 - 128K
  • zaven13...

    no errors yet,,,

    using retro and iA mode for most 720p60 shots.

  • Here's a pre-release trial of Spizz T6 for the early testers to confirm everything is right/working/not working. Enjoy and let me know if this is the best GOP3 setting youve ever seen? 1080i FSH is currently failing in iA mode and will be sorted.

    Spizz 3 GOP in the dark at 1600 ISO below

    Spizz T6 pre-release trial
    spizz gop 3 1600 ISO used 140+Mbps.png
    1922 x 1080 - 3M
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