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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • @xavieramelio, use the 720p60 H mode with your current card and you should be OK.

  • This is all Moon T5 with my Kowa anamorphic and Konica 40mm lens. I'll probably use it in the music visual for a song that I am writing.

  • @vicharris, @maddog15, @Zaven13, Thank you for the info, maybe was a problem of detail, I was out door with lots of sun and shooting at some houses with brick walls. I will keep on trying.

  • I just shoot a wedding video using Cluster X Series: 12/15 GOP - 'DREWnet' Trial 8 and it went perfect. Nice patch for long recordings thanks @driftwood !!!

  • @htf I am using 16BG Sandisk Extreme card. For me, 16GB is enough, I use many of 16GB rather than high capacity cards. I don't want to bet too much data on one card.

  • I am shooting a micro doc on a vintage car race (using Moon T5). Footage looks great, learning a lot in the process. Nikon 24 F2.8 glass mostly. Card sandisk is 32gb 95mb/s. Having learned a good bit from @shian on exposure, I feel I am starting to understand the need to light. Special thanks to @Vitaliy_Kiselev and @driftwood . Will share the finished piece next week.

    iPhone photo-

    640 x 480 - 120K
  • @vicharris OOPS:) always had the impression that people just posted in the current Drift wood thread... I've reposteded to the senda thread


  • @treeclown Wrong topic. :) It should go in the Sedna thread, not the ClusterX, just so people don't get confused.

  • I've been looking for the most current hack that would be ideal for a wedding. Seems that the nod is going towards Drewnet. Any other ones that I should consider? I'm shooting with Sandisk class 10 64gig cards.

  • anybody else having trouble using the new PluralEyes3 (for windows) syncing audio with a hacked GH2? i've got a drewnet t8 hack and pluraleyes gives me a media error and won't do any syncing

  • PluralEyes is a tricky beast. It does what it wants and have had ok success lately with Moon5 for whatever that matters to you. Still have to hunt and peck for a few scenes.

  • it is a tricky beast, but i never head a problem with pluraleyes 2 with hacked gh2 footage, guess i'll go roll back

  • MOON T3, Smooth all -2.


  • Hi guys. I'm using a sandisk 64GB 95Mb/s with Moon T5. I'm getting card speed error when shooting 720p60SH. I don't see any other person raising this issue. What could I be doing wrong here? Thanks.

  • @rayycy

    I use the same and haven't had issues other than 720 60p stops recording at 15 minutes... so no spanning but who cares. That said....

    A fresh reload of Moon T5 on your camera is where I'd start first.

    If all else fails you might consider a full over rite reformat of the card. I've done this in the past when a card started to get "finicky." See what others suggest first as some feel you should never have to fully reformat the card.

    NOTE: only use the official SD formater application on your PC for this. (The 64GB 95Mb/s card must be properly formatted as ExFAT.) This is specific to this particular SDXC card and different from all the other cards "beneath" the 95Mb/s card. The formater app is free to download.

    Good luck.

  • The Hungarian television will this film, promoting the music scene. Moon t5, Canon FD 50mm f1.4

  • @atibob Nice. I particularly like the scene of the two children, looking through the glass. Looks good.

  • @atibob Yeah very nice. Also nice to see a full TV spot start to finish. As aposed to random T5 tests....Like the ones I do. :)

  • @rayycy. I had your problem with both 720p60 SH and 1080i60 using Sandisk 64GB 95mbs. What I chose to do is use Moon T5 and change the quantizer to 16 instead of 14, change the high and low bitrates for 1080i/720p from FSH/SH=93 to 88 and FH/H=48 to 58. I also adjusted the bitrate limits to match the new numbers. Those changes eliminated the card write errors for me. Spanning is still an issue with FSH/SH but not with FH/H. Hope this helps.

  • Here's a screen grab from a product launch video I shot today. Moon5 is still trucking along for this modern looking stuff. Clients love it. Of course 2 hours of set up and lighting always helps :)

    988 x 554 - 375K
  • @zaven13. Can you clarify your post of 29th. Have similar problem to ‘raycy’. Located quantizer under ‘testers’ but it is already set to 16. Cannot find reference to FSH/SH=93 or FH/H=48 either. Using Cluster X series 1 GOP intra ‘moon’ trial 5. **** Many thanks callan.

  • @callan. My apologies. There was an error in my post. When @driftwood introduced, Moon T3 and T4, I heard the comments that T3 is too soft and T4 is too sharp. So what I did was to use T4 matrix and change the initial quantizer from 14 to 16 a long with bitrates I mentioned above. Moon T5 was released by @driftwood with similar changes & lower bitrates for stability. If you check Moon T4, you will find the numbers I posted earlier. Below are the original T4 and my version.

    Cluster X moon Trial

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