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  • I'm finding Moon T5 to be a bit too sharp. Anyone else finding this? My profile is Smooth -2,-2,-2,-2 Mostly using Nikon Ais primes and zooms and Tokina zooms.

  • T5 ... Grading Test ... it's Sian's 2-strip, with some curves underneath on a shot by shot basis.

    Cinema Standard, all -2 Minolta MD 24mm 2.8 and 50mm 1.4

  • @rc444

    In my testing, I did find some quality improvements between Apocalypse Now DREWnet (my former patch) and Moon Trial 5 (my current).

  • @smsjr

    yeah, I find it a bit too sharp as well. Try using T3 which is equally good yet a bit softer.

  • @smsjr @brudney I hope upcoming Moon v7 is will be even sharper, showing as much details as it is possible.

  • well I certainly do hope it won't be, but hey each to their own :)

  • Moon T5 is still a bit too soft. I hope T7 will be sharper.

  • Moon 5 is too soft!!!!!! Holy crap! I'm looking at peoples pores and peach fuzz on the side of their faces in my footage!! :) What are you people doing to get soft footage with these settings?

  • Soft?!.. You gotta be kidding. I've actually applied a 1 or 2% gaussian blur to track mattes (if not the whole area) in parts if my edits to soften the look and feel. (No... I don't by any means think moon T5 is too sharp. It's absolutely perfect in my humble opinion.) I cant even imagine a sharper T5. To quote another PV member, "I feel like I've taken crazy pills here!" But yes, to each his own.

  • Soft image? Well guys, why don't you switch to Canon instead :))

  • @brudney @haarec @botha I may roll back to Moon Trial 3 or another hack. Although the detail is great on certain shots, on others such as wider shots with trees and even a crocodile I was filming in a closeup, there seemed to be some ringing of edges. I had to soften those shots. Keep in mind I am looking at these shots via HD-SDI to a higher end broadcast monitor that has been professionally calibrated. Computer monitors or TVs may be showing different results. On some shots T5 seems really great though.

  • @driftwood and anybody else who might answer this question:

    what's the lowest possible card for moon t5 if spanning is not essential? are there any cheap alternatives to sandisk that might work as well? if not, could i go with the extreme 45mb/s? thanks in advance!


  • @htf go with sandisk 64G/95MB/s. I have found that this provides the most flexibility when experimenting with hacks. It's the one area I always advise to not cheap out on and that goes for any camera. With RED a 64GB SSD will run you $725 but it does work reliably. So this Sandisk card at $100 seems like a bargain for reliability it offers. The Sandisk 16GB/30MB/s cards were solid as well although certain hacks had issues with those too.

  • Just another quick note about sharpness for future versions of firmware. I will always prefer the camera captures "real detail", in other words it captures the image as naturally and to the best of it's ability as possible without electronic sharpening artifacts. This allows the enduser to then apply sharpening in post if needed and can be controlled with precise post tools. Also, lens choice affects sharpness as well and I'd rather make the choice optically to deal with sharpness than false sharpness generated electronically. In the RED world sometimes the images don't jump out as being ultra sharp which surprises people because they look at the resolution numbers and expect a certain sharpness but what's going on is the OLPF is handling moire artifacts that can result from the demosaic process which leads to a slight softening/smoothing of the image. This can then be adjusted to taste in post, although many prefer the look without additional sharpening. Anyway, this is my long way of saying that I would prefer to see the camera capture the "best" images it can, not necessarily the sharpest if it's artificial.

  • @htf in addition to reliability, I prefer 64G/95MBs due to fast file transfer time. On most of my PCs and Macs transferring 64GB from 95MBs card takes only about 10 minutes, where as 30MBs takes more than 30 minutes.

  • @htf the lowest (maybe cheapest) and reliable possible SD card for Moon T5 is Sandisk Extreme 45MBs. I have used a pair of these card for many projects. They are spanning very well.

  • Has anyone had problems with writing speed with Moon T5? I have two cards a Sansdisk Extreme 45MB/s and a Patriot EP SDXC card. I am able to run it in 24L without issue, but not 24H. Actually, when it works in 24H it works well. Even plays back in cam. Getting it to run consistently is a problem. It will sometimes just stop mid recording on 24H citing write speed.

    Background: No problems with Flowmotion 2.02 in either 24p mode.

    Is there a way to lower the bit rate ceiling?

  • @McKinise The Sansdisk Extreme 45MB/s cards have a reputation for indiscriminate "quirky" behavior in my experience. Plenty written about it in various posts/blogs also. Ever since I bit the bullet and switched to 64GB 95Mb/s card...not a single problem. Camera playbacks works every time. Only caveat is once out of say 50 times, I may have to switch camera off then on for playback to work. (TIP I learned here on PV: always record a random short clip after a long take or shot. Wish I remembered the technical reason for this BUT I know this trick works in preventing the error message when trying to play back T5 footage in camera)

    BTW: Moon T5 is my "stock" camera setting now. Love it. No need to try/test other patches at this point for me. T5 does everything I need and more personally as well as professionally.

    Good luck :)

  • another shot cluster x gh2 ,ob. Samyang 85mm f/1.4 Nikkor 50mm f1.2

  • shot the with moon t5 in march ...... this hack can really b pushed in post !!! bravo driftwood bravo !!!!

  • @tuananhsym what capacity did you use? 32? 64?

    To all the others: thanks for your replies! Think I'm gonna go for the 45mb ones first, if they don't work properly with moon t5 I'll use Flowmotion instead. Just can't afford 95mb/s atm.

  • Hey, I decided to hack yesterday my GH2 to install Moon t5 on a 32go Sandisk Extreme SDHC 45mb/s. I noticed I can't make my camera body switch from PAL to NTSC (or the camera will crash if I hit record). I haven't yet notice any other problem with the 50 shots I've taken but I'd glade to report some if encountered.

  • Hello everyone, I am really enjoying moon t5, getting some very cool images on 24H, but can make 720 work, even on my extreme pro cards. I keep getting stop for writing speed of the card. I need to shoot some stuff for a theater play that needs to look like TV, which patch you think will be the most suitable for that? I am planing to use T5 for other parts of the videos for this play...thank you in advance.

  • Just shot some stuff in 720p60 and didn't have a problem. Though I only use the 64gb/95mbs cards.

  • @xavieramelio Just did a test: 720p 60 SH, 64GB 95Mb/s Card, Moon T5

    I don't get the "writing speed" error but my files do stop recording right at 15 Minutes. 15:00:95 on one and 15:01:00 on the other. So no spanning. Both files are also right at 3GBs

    I wonder how detailed your scenes were when you get the writing speed error. Low light, less detail scenes write at a lower bit rate. At least that's my experience.

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