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Raw video on Canon 5d Mark 3 and other cameras using liveview framebuffer
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  • The 50D's RAW footage seems to be pretty amazing from what I've seen. You can pick up one of those for $400 on eBay. The only Canon DSLR that seems to do better RAW is the 5DIII. The biggest issue with the 50D is the lack of audio. It was never intended to do video so there is no audio jack. The low light is pretty awesome from what I've seen. I just might pick one up for the hell of it.

  • @Brian202020

    It is still $400 :-)

  • Exciting and techy as this is - a drunken poll of 3 major Prod managers tonight, and the top camera tech manager (yes guiness was involved but I've toned down the replies lol) here's my semi pissed reults - I use the language involved - they dont give a fuck about Canon Pana Sony Raw - and more so Raw per se - prod mangers dont have the $$ for RAW workflow and have no margin for amateur dslr fiddling (their words not mine) at all in commercial programmes. the only incursion in real world that Ive seen in the last year is directors loving the BMPCC for recces - and pocket ad hoc shooting. Times are exciting - but values shouldn't be ignored - shoot shit pay twice in post equally in sound and its far more expensive !

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Yeah they seem to be creeping up to a little over $400 for the most part now. That said I did see two different 50D's go for just shy of $400 in the last 2 days on eBay.

  • @soundgh2

    My experience is the same.I cannot even imagine the producers I have worked with thus far ever dedicating the money and time to convert RAW dslr footage. None of the professional post houses I've spoken with are jumping for joy about this. Its already hard enough to get producers to pay for ProRes or DnXHD conversions on feature Docs shot in multiple formats. I get the Wow factor in terms of gradeability but for the rest its a major ressource hog. Someday when the process is streamlined and there's less time and ressource demands I guess there will be mass adoption. Still there's a hell of a lot of great work being shot and transcoded straight to Prores that fullfills most audiences visual appetites and producers bottom lines to keep us satisfied for a while yet.

  • With a fast i7 hackintosh (pc/mac) running on ssds its pretty quick interpretting the RAW dng footage from the canons inside AE. Around a minute per 10secs of dngs to uncompressed AVI or other transcode. Seriously good looking results. Definitely getting a 5DIII this wknd.

  • Was wondering if the ML modification changes anything about the aliasing and moire issues?

  • @donniewagner

    It does with the 5D3. Aparently on the 5D3 the whole sensor is read and down scaled so no line skipping. All the other Canons still have line skipping.

  • @driftwood Glad to see that you do not marry to a single camera. Smart. From what I see the 5D3 is the best option, I got the 5D2 and even the RAW footage looks wonderful, it has severe aliasing. The best of all is the richer color palette and wide of DR to work. The lenses looks extrematly better with the ML RAW with the Canon sensor, at last Leicas really shine!!!!!

  • @nachelsoul To be honest Im pretty gobsmacked at the ML team's findings - they have some good guys up there. I was helping them analyse some h264 stuff over the last 6 months for the 5ds and then May begins and h264 is now on the backburner with their RAW discoveries! Those boys just never stop.

    I'm just finishing off a 60D 14bit RAW demo (similar shots to the GH3 'people' demo I made some time ago) using a fairly quick and dirty AE workflow. Its looking very good. :-)

    RAW just brings almost the third dimension to your footage the dynamic range and grading is a real pleasure - of course its more time consuming to put together... but hey nothing comes easy on the cheap! ;-)

  • I'm a little torn now - there's a lot to like about RAW on the mk2, but the moiré really kills a lot of shots for me. If the mk3 was more like $2k rather than $3k I'd be all over one. As it is, for that kind of money, spending $4k on a BMC 4k is more appealing... Hmm.

    What's resale value like on mk2s? :D

  • I guess BMC 4k vs 5DIII is really the question now. Both beautiful, well I guess it comes down to you wanting more FOV/Sensitivity - or Global Shutter. :) Great to have the choice!

  • Here's my Canon 60D 'People' 14bit 'Live View RAW' video made up of a series of 109 frame vignettes.

  • @driftwood Looking good!

  • 5D MKIII is thee cam to get for this stuff. Second hand 50D is thee REAL bargain though with its faster CF card writer!

    I'm betting VK could do this on the GH3 (maybe GH2 too) but only he knows and the undertaking would take a hellavu lot of time. :-)

  • I wonder if the Mosaic Engineering AA filter for the 60D will fit the 50D. Their T2i AA filter works on the T3i and T4i as well, so maybe.

  • @driftwood I would love VK to have a crack at it , would the sd cards be fast enough to support decent resolutions though? ( raw on gh3 + the very good standard codecs with high frame rate options and smaller file sizes + the improved hack bitrates on all intra etc when it comes ) - I don't see myself needing any other camera if that happens ! ( just a thought would gh3's raw be 12 bit wouldn't it ? So that could help a bit ! )

  • Nice Vidéo!

  • @jakepowell a potential advantage something like this would have in the GH line is the Venus Engine. It might make available the maths that the ML team have found missing in the EOS line and why they (last I read) were looking at dropping precision to 12bits and 10bits to save space since in-camera compression looked like a no-go. Been a couple days though, maybe things have changed (they can quite quickly).

    If in camera compression worked then the GH3/GH2 could happily write raw to SD like the BMPCC. There seems to be just shy of 5MB/sec difference between top SD write speed and where the 50D starts to crap out writing to CF (Julian's test have seemed to show resolution must be configured to just tuck under 50MB/sec or frame errors are introduced within seconds).

  • Is GH3 capable of those speeds? GH2 for sure isn't...

  • @jakepowell
    @BurnetRhoades @fatpig

    Guys, please keep things on topic. GH3 is no way replated to this topic.

  • Things are working ok for me with T3i / 600D

    I can get:

    960 x 544 @ 24fps default resolution, good upscaling to 1920 x 1080 (200%)

    768 x 432 @ 35 fps useful for slow motion, upscales average to 1920 x 1080 (250%)

    1344 x 768 @ 12fps (usefull to get 1280x720@24fsp in post), great upscaling to 1920 x 1080 (150%)

    After lots of tests and talking in ML forum I found the way to get rid of skip frames and magenta frames:

    set Canon menu to 640 x 480 25p PAL video mode

    set sound recording in Canon menu to OFF

    set FPS Override to 24p, 12p or 35p depending on the resolution, see above.

    set Global Draw to OFF

    set Picture Quality in ML menu to SRAW and reboot camera

    use the Sandisk Extreme 45MB/s or Extreme PRO 95MB/s cards, both works good.

    this way you can use Live View monitoring while recording, no problem

    a tip is to shoot the first raw video after turn the camera on and playback it just to make camera accomodate to raw recording, so from the second shoot everything will be ok.

  • With a 50D and a Komputerbay 32gb 1000X, I'm able to record non-stop until the card is full at 1592x896 with 0 dropped frames @ 24p. The image scales to 1920x1080 very well, and the colors are phenomenal. The resolution doesn't compare to the GH2, but the gradability is comparable to RED MX (not sure if it's on Scarlet's level of DR).

    My 5D Mark iii and two extra Komputerbay 64gb 1000X cards arrive on Monday... can't wait!