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Raw video on Canon 5d Mark 3 and other cameras using liveview framebuffer
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  • yes, good point. nevertheless it's pretty unbelievable what this camera has become :)

  • Usability is also so-so at best. Unless something's changed recently, you still have to shift field of view manually when using the 100% crop modes. A number of raw settings aren't saved when swapping cards, etc. Daily builds are still breaking some features while improving others. It's going to get better in the coming weeks, to be sure, but selling everything else to move over seems pretty hasty.

  • @artiswar maybe a little off topic... guts

  • These 5d3 raw clips are getting better by the day. Amazing!

  • Honestly, not to me... people still can't stop oversharpening footage and most everything always looks underexposed.

    One or two videos this week have shown some forward promise, to me anyway. =T

  • I feel ya Kholi. I very much dislike over sharpened footage.

  • Promising 50d test in LA

  • I see bushes! Sadly Andrew is evangelising a camera for an industry he has no experience in - yes looks fooken sharp as a knife, yes is a slap to Canon - no it won't feature in great amounts in anything made for broadcast - sadly (as you find daily in TV) spunking overjoyed enthusiasts (I think they call themselves "cutting edge") dont generally feature in the address books of the guys hiring - it's great for Vimeo and Indies and whatever - but the over-enthusiasm has been met with some chuckling in the real world. Looking forward - we're in exciting times for cameras, sensors and post - it's only telly as my old mentor told me constantly, let's all get a grip and dodge the Hibiscus and go point these lovely new boxes at something interesting.

  • soundgh2 The 5DIII footage looks great, but unless one already owns a 5D I don't see much use in purchasing as it's cost-prohibitive. The BMPC, kineraw and dare i say it here digital bolex will be better options as they are designed for video. The Nikon V3 might provide a big surprise as well. I am tempted to buy a 50D however; it looks great in spite of being sub HD res'd.. might match well with S16, and it's relatively cheap.

  • Am I missing something in that last footage posted by Jay T? That looks like shit. For on it looks like Micheal J Fox is holding the camera which makes me want to turn it off right away, the CC is fucking horrible and everything is blown out? They said they graded and CC it? How? When? Where? Good god!

  • @robertGL There is an important advantage to getting the 5D mark 3 for hobbyists with limited budget: the 5D3 will retain its value much longer than cameras specialized for video because the 5D line has a long refresh cycle and there's a demand for it in the still photography world. 1 year from now the 5D3 will still hover around the $2500 mark while the $3000 BMCC will probably be worth $1500 with Resolve 10 bundled.

  • @Jay_T - thanks for posting my video. @vicharris - No tripod!! I know! I'm obviously not a pro shooter and I was in the mood to walk around my neighborhood at a nice time of day, pointing and shooting. I Imported the .dngs into ACR and applied a few of my old Lightroom photo presets to the images. Exported as 4444 and popped it into FCP7 (cut out the really wobbly shots - haha) made a few more tweaks and exported. Done. I'll probably use some kind of stabilization next time and attempt a more unified look to the grade. For what it's worth, I had a lot of fun tinkering around with raw video, and getting a feel for the workflow, finding out what works and what doesn't. It's exciting for me to push the look further than using h.264. Cheers.

  • @roccoforte I thought it looked great - had its own look.. I don't know why people get seemingly emotional and upset over somebody else's home videos as they walk on the beach??? @BlackLegSanji you mention a good points.. but 1500 for the BMCC bundle new? I highly doubt that! Maybe Camera only.. Would be nice though

  • Yeah about the over sharpening - wicked ugly. But seems like people are trying to go out of their way to prevent any 'its soft' back lash that they are just overdoing it. Or they might be following a famous bloggers' ' sharpen it in post' revelation too seriosuly ;-)

  • Your work looks good, roccoforte. You have a real feel for editing, which I've always felt is something you either have or you don't, just like cinematographers either have an eye for composition and story telling or they don't. No amount of technical knowledge can ever change that.

  • As for the haters, it's been what three weeks. This looks to be just the beginning of what may be possible with Canon cameras that just last month looked to be on the way out. There's no denying some of the stuff coming off the 5d3 has been stunning. It just seems to handle colors and low light better and look more filmic than what I've seen from BMCC. And you know damn well there's mangy folks who were ready to pull the trigger on the BM4k are eye-balling the 5d3 or even the 5d2. There's next to no chance the BM4k will start shipping end of July. I think they're pushing to get the pocket cam out first.

  • In the latest test, the BMCC looks better at handling noise and it's not so bad in low light, but of course it's got some moire problems sometimes. I'd be rooting hard for Magic Lantern if I had a 5D3, but for cinema the BMCC looks better from the tests. I still put all my bets on BM as they are innovating with big promises and I have a feeling they will keep pushing the development for cinema cameras in the future. I don't get that feeling with Canon, sadly.

  • I don't hate the fucking camera, I actually like it and excited for the new hack. What I do hate is the rediculous fanboy circle jerk, and all the madness that comes from endless measurbating. This or any hack will never make you a better filmmaker. I would prefer a 13pg + thread on the craft of storytelling than the craft of shooting cats and flowers.

  • This or any hack will never make you a better filmmaker. I would prefer a 13pg + thread on the craft of storytelling than the craft of shooting cats and flowers.

    Anything prevents you to make one? :-)

  • @last_SHIFT please do make one , i feel this forum lacks some of those types of creative topics sometimes ...

  • Haha I did, and have many others but most seem to get buried under the kitty litter (pun intended). Ok, I'll make one soon, let's see how many pages it goes - LOL

    For example, the Breaking Bad, or the Christopher Doyle thread - those lasted like 2 pages :-p

  • The camera is not the most important factor, it's the DP. No doubt about it. And the one thing about this game, 90% of the people in it are FOS.

  • @JAY_T the viviandazon creamy beach with - almost too wide a - DR and gorgeous subtle hues, including finger over lens and nice lady (a nice lady is always good for beasts like us)… is ABSOLUTELY (99.976% rounded) STUNNING!!!

    I'll say something childish but I'm super happy for people who now are able to shoot with this quality and at this price, viva ML!!! personally I don't care if are malick (vomit coming, no… ufff) worshippers or family archivists, flower weirdos or horny grandpas, pretentious graduated hollywood aspiring big shots or nice ladies with tiny hands… at least now we can see shit (gold gold gold flickering) with quality and quality within shit. that's it, told ya was childish.

    @roccoforte (are you in porn business?) man… the incredible complementary semi-pastel tones you managed to pulled up from that device...seriously, respect. loved every bit of your "tests"… that 50d rocks in your hands, now don't get silly grand ideas and go make the world a better place :P

    ja ja ajar jaw DOES YOUR PUSY RIOT? neat!

  • It's invigorating to come here and see all the bickering and squabbles ;-). I really don't understand the rabid stubbornness some people display. I have a GH2, GH3 and a MKIII. Seriously, I love the GH2 and 3 but let's face the music - there are things you just cannot do. Just like I am hurting now because I cannot run Resolve and the grading options in ACR are limited somewhat. But I am not going to come in here and keep reiterating that GH3 has an articulating screen and hence that makes it the God's gift to humanity ;-) If I want to shoot in RAW on the MKIII - I either have to lie down on the floor for those low shots, estimate and hope it turns out or use an external monitor. I am shooting another one of my short ministories and I swear I had to toss the night footage from the GH3 and reshoot it in RAW just so I can play with it and grade it to my hearts' content. That's why I feel such respect to guys here like @Driftwood - who are excited about MKIII RAW because it gives them options. Peace.

  • Looks like a1ex over at ml has found some extra buffer space out of the 5Dmkiii and am loving his 'Set ETTR' stuff for the cam. Recording endless 1088 25fps footage (without drops) on the MKIII with a bargain Lexar 128GB 1000x CF card I managed to pickup secondhand on ebay at half price.