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Raw video on Canon 5d Mark 3 and other cameras using liveview framebuffer
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  • @Aria Yep your right the 50D definitely has it's issues, but for anyone who wants to shoot RAW on a Cheap budget it's the camera for them.

  • @TrackZillas I know, I showed shots I did using 5D MKIII + ML intercut with RED DRAGON to a producer who had doubts, he was speechless and unable to tell which shot were shot on 5D... I just love the quality brought on this camera. Yet I have to confess that the process is really a pain in the ass, it's really time consuming to convert .raw to DNG then DNG to ProRes for Editing... I wish I had camera that records Prores HQ like Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. It would be so convenient. On the other hand nice Lumix GH4 and other still records source footage in final diffusion codec (.mp4, AVHD) it's so stupid.

  • @ghostlayer Are you serious you can't tell the difference WOW!!! that right there tells you how capable of a camera the 5D Mark III with the RAW Hack is. Would it be possible to send me a frame capture from the two cameras so I can do my own scientific test.. Yeah you right the process is really a pain but it's worth it, Love being able to shoot 48fps, 50fps, 60fps RAW & to tell you the truth it looks a lot more filmic than the regular 1080p mode. I had a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera for me it was difficult to get real punchy colors, only in RAW mode you can push it, but still doesn't get as punchy as the 5D III.

  • @TrackZillas Heres some stills (20% of the shots are 5D Raw) I think there's even a H264 shot !

  • @TrackZillas Here's the full music video 5D was used only on a few B cam shots I even add some 2 shots from my smartphone in music video Sony Z2)

  • @ghostlayer Wow Great job on the video amazing footage can't really tell the difference, love the color grade as well. Thanks for the screen shots..

  • anyone using the 7d raw? my gh2 was stollen :(.... borrowing a 7d from my brother while waiting for the a6100.. almost bought a g7 but wanted something better on the stills side.

  • @ttancredi For 7D Raw you should go to: select 7D and download. You should also be running on Firmware 2.0.3 . All you have to do is format your CF card in camera than place the content from download on the CF card put it back it the camera, run Firmware update feature from camera than magic lantern will be installed. As far as enable RAW, or MLV there are plenty of videos on youtube for that they are all pretty much the same throughout all the cameras. Warning make sure you have a fully charge battery

  • for the big screen how does the 5dm3 hold up?

  • i have a red scarlet ..should I sell it??

  • In January 2014, I shot a feature length documentary using the 5DM3 with Magic Lantern Raw and screened it at three film festivals on a Blu Ray DVD.

    I was excited while editing and color correcting because the image and color looked rich to me on my station, but on the big screen, the resolution seemed to be lacking and there was some digital noise that is hard to explain. Color was a little washed out, but this may have been due to the Blu Ray format.

    Scenes filmed with ISO 400 or under held up much better, but I didn't like any of the shots I had over that ISO. Other people at the screening didn't seem to mind the image, but I decided I wouldn't use this camera for any future work that might be screened at theaters (unless the shots are mixed in with other footage from a better camera system).

    I may have expected better because I have also screened Blu Ray DVDs on the big screen with work shot on the Arri Alexa (shooting 1920x1080 Prores 4:4:4) and 35mm. The great difference between this camera and the Alexa made me realize why it is still worth it to rent the Alexa for productions destined for festival or theatrical play.

    Also, anything I've seen on the Red Scarlet projected on a big screen has looked much better than 5DM3 raw. On computer screens, the Canon image is very lovely, and I do not plan to sell the camera. It's a great pocket knife of a camera - great for many, many uses.

  • @lic4

    Next time just use video URL (as I changed your post already).

  • @lic4 Film looks great - story seems interesting too. Please let us know where/when the whole film can be watched. Congratulations on this film.

  • Thanks - we'll probably just release it for free after the festival run is over. In case anyone is interested, this is a glimpse at present day Rwanda through a portrait of a man. It's a 79 minute documentary filmed over a week on the Canon 5D Mark III using ML Magic Lantern Raw for every shot and a single lens, the Canon 35mm F2 EF USM with image stabilisation. Password: alice

  • Canon 50d

  • Did anyone manage to get a start stop beep sound using ML on 50d ? The option is simply not available on the latest builds.

  • @zcream I've never had beeps on any of the builds that I tested

  • The guide is for 2.3 and it mentions a beep choice in the movie menu, but my menu (nightly build current) does not show this option. I can clap hands, but its way more efficient to get the beep in the beginning.

  • Am considering butchering a 50D in order to fit s16 lenses. I have only one that fits with an unmodified mirrorbox. Barring that, any recommendations as to a kind of tape to hold the mirror up without leaving residue?

  • Canon 5D MkIII 4k video, by Magic Lantern! I just found this over on Andrew Reid's site. Initially thought it might be an April fool's joke - but apparently not. The images from the camera look amazing (my non-technical evaluation!).

    The Canon 5D Mark III will now record 4K, raw thanks to A1ex and his team at ML. The resolutions available are: 1920×960 @ 50p (both 1:1 crop and full-frame – 3×3 pixel binning) 1920×800 @ 60p (same as above) 1920×1080 @ 45p and 48p (3×3 binning) 1920×1920 @ 24p (1:1 square crop) 3072×1920 @ 24p (1:1 crop) 3840×1600 @ 24p (1:1 crop) 4096×2560 @ 12.5p (1:1 crop) 4096×1440 @ 25p (1:1 crop)

    Limitations currently exist, of course (no sound is recorded and B/W display) but recording time seems very useful (no limits quoted, if they exist.)