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  • "to find bugs" Bug is no/manual in video.

  • +1 gene. That is the only bug I know of ;) A

    As for the lack of a mic input, the GH2 has a mic imput I that is a pain in the but, and scares me to use. For professional audio you are better off recording directly into/from the external mic anyways as the quality will be higher from what I understand. It is easy enough to syn audio even with basic edit programs.

  • I had some time yesterday and played around with a G5 at a local shop. This was the first time I actually picked one up, and I was amazed at how light this little beast is. I haven't looked at the stats, but it seeemed lighter than the GF cameras to me ! Also it felt really really nice in the hand. I have big hands too, and although I would have liked it if my pinky finger fit on the grip, the ergonomics are really good and it was more comfortable than my GH2. The size was also smaller than I had realized. I WANT IT !

  • I have the NTSC version Panasonic G5. Friends, I found on my Cameras problem (bug):

    If I set the mode [Flkr Decrease] – 50 , Panasonic G5 writes doubled 25 frames per second, but not 50! This is seen in the video editor, if flipping the video frame by frame.

    It should not be !!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the shit with these duplicate frames, if [Flkr Decrease] – 50

  • MP4 or AVCHD ? 50p output is only in [PSH] and [SH]

  • I'm video recording in AVCHD ([PSH] 60p) - is the highest quality available.

    Yesterday I recorded a video in a room, the room was installed fluorescent lamps so in 60p mode, it could be seen flashing video, then I turned on the [Flkr Decrease] - 50 and then blinking stops.

    But why no honest 50p???

  • [Flicker Decrease] affects the shutter speed, not the framerate.

  • Dzhus but why in the mode [Flkr Decrease] - 50 is a duplication of video frames???

  • In [Flkr Decrease] - 50 is lost every second video frame !!! Try it yourself record video [Flkr Decrease]-50, and then look at the video editor that comes with the video frames

  • Vitaly kiselev are planning a base modification Panasonic G5 firmware (PAL-NTSС switch, higher bitrate video, >30min video) ? It is minimal, but useful modifications ! :)

  • @AltairZ

    Check previous page of this topic.

  • Vitaliy Kiselev - all the best ! to you for your efforts !!!

  • Friends, please check out one important thing:

    When you turn the VIDEO - FPH mode you get to actually write in Progressive(30p) or Interlaced(30i). According to the instruction must be progressive mode(30p), but my video editor shows that interlace(30i). What the hell ???

  • AltairZ, in NTSC ver when you turn on flicker red. to 1/50, you get actual 30p. just doubled. try 1\100 or wait for the hack. Personally I decided to sell ntsc ver.

  • stacid, please check when you record VIDEO -AVCHD FPH mode what is the format of the video file you have Progressive(30p) or Interlaced(30i). Should be Progressive(30p)..., but I have Interlaced(30i) ! This is a bug!

    I look metaInfo in Media Player Classic - HC (

  • AltairZ, at maximum video quality settings and flicker red. 1/50 mediainfo shows: "Format : AVC, Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec, Format profile : High@L4.2, Frame rate : 59.940 fps, Scan type : Progressive." But as I said above, actually it is doubled 30p. It is visible watching it frame by frame. I don't see any interlace artifacts.

  • stacid, I refer to a different video mode, not AVCHD PSH (60p), but AVCHD FPH (30p).

    In the AVCHD PSH (60p), I also do not have problems - scan type : Progressive - ок. But in the AVCHD FPH (30p), I have problems! - scan type : Interlaced (must be Progressive).

    P.S. Available recording modes in Panasonic G5: [AVCHD] [PSH]-1920k1080 60p; [FSH]-1920k1080 60i; [FPH]-1920k1080 30p; [SH]-1280k720 60p;

  • AltairZ, ok. I can't check this cause I've sold the cam already. I think you need to report Panasonic support about that.

  • Vitaliy_Kiselev,

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you for your work. I also wanted to say I am a new G5 owner and wanted to keep this thread going. I would like to respectfully request a hack for the G5. Thanks again.


  • Agree..he is doing a fantastic job..but it seems that we want every new camera to be hacked by Vitaliy.. I just bought this G5 and it looks pretty good. To bad no manualmode in video..but if you use old manual lenses and set aperture on the lens and use flkr decrease to set the shutter ..your almost there

  • Been testing this camera..and it´s great..if Vitaliy" ever sometime would hack this camera I will absolute donate ..It has better IQ than Nex7 in has 1080 50p and a GH2 sensor..the evf is better than nex ..and the lcd aliasing overheating..

  • Hi Thanks to all on your impressive work. Is there a hack for the G5?

  • Hi! Just another G5 user, hoping for just the basic manual video hack some day ...

  • Hope won't die.

  • How to remove hot pixels in video? "Pixel refresh" doesn't help.