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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @jramos That is a very weird error. Do you have the original MTS so I can try loading it in a couple programs to make sure it's not a software glitch?

    Anyway, my favorite Driftwood Intra settings for daytime shooting are IntraVenus V2, Moon 5 and Sedna (though IntraVenus V1 will give you the highest bitrate on low detail subjects). Canis Majoris Night works well for night subjects at high ISO.

  • I'm using Apocalypse_Now_-_Cluster_v7 sharp2 and i get broken images. What could be causing the problem?

    I'm shooting stock footage and I love the Apocalypse_Now_-_Cluster_v7 sharp2 when it works. Can anyone recommend the best hack for shooting stock footage?

    I'm shooting the Cherry Blossom in DC and I need a the best hack that works!

    I have used Flow motion v2.0.2 and Sanity 5.1 but I still like Apocalypse_Now_-_Cluster_v7.

    Thanks for the help!

    1917 x 1079 - 3M
  • Here is an experiment with Intravenus IV 2 - 720p. This patch is the perfect gateway to explore more usage of the 60fps capabilities of the GH2. Spanning is flawless. Thank you very much for the great patch.

  • Here is a music video.... really just a concert with some story added in... I shot ALL on the LOWRIDER patch :)-

    • I did let FC7 log and transfer out of I was working working the footage as prores 4:2:2hq...typically I transcode everything I shoot with 5dtorgb but I didnt intend to flesh this out the way I did... graded in FCP7 with ColorGhear Pro.

  • Here's a clip using the latest Apocalypse now. It was really dim in the church so I had to crank up to ISO to 1000 -1250 using 20mm pancake 1.7 wide open. I can't believe how good it turned out using whatever light there was. Colors are rich and noise is not ugly blocky. I feel confident taking this camera/lens anywhere where lighting is lousy. I tried several other patches, and I like this one the best so far with this lens. Thanks Driftwood!

  • I want to analize edited files that are not recognized by stream pharser. Is there another program, or coud stream pharser do it in the future?

  • @Shon, I have used grain / color correct before but my problem was with exporting but @bwhitz help me with it already.

  • @Shon

    You have not added grain to the clip? Do color correction? In some frames visible fibers, like bristles or hairs on the film.

    If you're talking about the vid I posted then yea, there is actually some film-grain I added.

  • @HillTop1 You have not added grain to the clip? Do color correction? In some frames visible fibers, like bristles or hairs on the film.

  • @HillTop1

    the quality don't looking as how it is on FCP7, it's degraded a lil.

    Oh yea, never use "quicktime conversion". Always export "current settings" and then transcode with another app like mpegStreamClip or Compressor...

  • @rajamalik, I think he has all that info in the post above mine :)

  • @bwhitz looks good, may i know what profile u used?? std or smooth?? nokton lens or nikon???

  • @bwhitz, great video men! Great work. You mentioned you use FCP7 for editing, I am having a problem with it maybe you could help. After color correct and everything is done and I export my project using quick time conversion, the quality don't looking as how it is on FCP7, it's degraded a lil. Are you having sure a problem? If not any suggestions on how I can fix it? Thanks.

  • @matt_gh2 @bumsklumpen @x_worpig_x

    Thanks for watching! Glad you liked it!

    And yea, as far as setting go...

    Profile: Standard (-2,-2, 0,-2).

    Lenses: Sigma 30mm 1.4 (on the Glidecam HD-100 Shots), Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 (for the Jib shots), and Canon L-series 50mm 1.2 and 24mm 1.4 (on the slider and close-ups).

    For the color correction, I used the standard FCP7 3-way corrector. Exposed and lit the sets for about a stop over what I wanted the final image to look like, then dropped the mids quite a bit in post. I've always like the look the dropping the mids gives the footage... much more cinematic/film looking gradation.

  • @bwhitz Great cover man! The video was exellent!

  • @bwhitz really nice video, congrats!

  • @bwhitz Awesome video! I just found Intravenus 2 a month ago and fell in love. Mind sharing what lenses and settings (standard, smooth etc -2s etc)? This Intravenus 2 is crazy...footage comes out of camera perfectly. Great video really - visuals great, story great, and performance great. Thanks for posting.

  • Here's a music video for a friend's cover I just did. Shot with Intravenus II 'cinema smooth'. I think it's the best patch I've ever used. I was shooting at ISO 1600 in 60fps 720p mode for some scenes and there was BARLEY any perceivable noise. So awesome!

  • Thanks @WhiteRabbit. The name of the song is "end of the line" by Daft Punk (remixed album). A superior theme and soundtrack. I have seem that the soft version makes the Panny lenses look alike older glass, less "plastic" sharpness. I found it very usefull 'cause the 20mm and 14mm are great glass, classics I would say, and I like to mix them with legacy glass. Thanks to Driftwood to make it possible.

  • @nachelsoul, looks good. I was testing AN sharp 444 prior, as I am a legacy glass addict. Hard for me tell any substantial difference between the patches, as I have not tried any form of relatively controlled test to compare. They are all so great to me. Cool edit and music. What is the name of that song?

  • AN 444 soft is incredible with Panny glasses. Thanks Driftwood to make this happen.

    Also work well with Canon FD´s as you can see in the video.

  • @Meierhans Sounds like good choices. I like Sedna but felt grain at times was a bit too pronounced. I would def try IV1 as many rave on it, and this all comes down to how it hits your eye and personal taste.

  • Thank you for your very detailed reply @matt_gh2. Really helpful! I havent had the time to test trough all these settings, but its kinda seems that after using Sedna AQ1 for quite a while I will now settle down to Moon 5 for business stuff and give IV2 a try for anything that goes into the direction of art.

    I second your praises to the masters of GH2. ;-)

  • @Meierhans I tried Moon trial 4 and it was too sharp for me. I understand trial 5 and 3 aren't as sharp. But I have looked at many of the samples of Moon trial 3 and 5. IMO, best use of Moon trial 5 was the rap video done by @DeShonDixon. I think that highlights one way Moon trial 5 can really shine. @kellar42 did a nice test shot of trial 3 that had some images that looked like great professional landscape establishing shots you might see in a hollywood film. To compare them and IV1...Moon (trial 3 and 5) has a unique imaging characteristic to it, and in the right hands can produce gold. IMO the best use of IV1 has been from @shian who's put up a few videos that really show how IV1 can be special when in the right hands.

    For me, IV2 (on Smooth -2,-2, 0,-2....Standard is too harsh for my taste with IV2) is like handing a kid a 35mm camera. Everything he shoots will just have the texture/look of film. Now all he needs to do is learn filmmaking and all that involves. It's almost as if the "film-look" issue is now solved for me. What shocked me was I brought IV2 footage into editor and started doing some things I often do to get film-look (luma curve adjustments etc.) and it made the footage worse...and I realized the footage was great/correct straight out of camera. Some of that I attribute to my DP - I think she just nailed the shooting that afternoon...but the base image texture/type/nature of IV2 on Smooth just happens to hit my eye as "35mm film".

    It's all what you're going after. If you want an energetic/dynamic and modern look that can be really special I think you can get that with Moon 3, Moon 5, and IV1. If you want more classical 35mm film look, I think it can be acheieved with IV2. (I also like footage I've seen with Quantum v9b, which I also consider a modern look).

    Gotta love this damn GH2 - it's a gift. Bigtime thanks always go to cinematic geniuses known as @Vitaliy_Kiselev @Driftwood and @cbrandin