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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100 Mbps Fast Action Performance - Series 2
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  • @LongJohnSilver

    that site is pure crap as that sort of shootout. They are completely Canon oriented in every article.

    IMHO, a low-light shootout that completely ignores Nikon is like a cell phone comparison that includes everything but Apple.

  • How do you select the 50/60p frame rates?

  • Hi everyone. I have installed the hack and its working like a beauty. Thanks for this work. Makes the GH2 a worthy purchase... I have one question: Now that I did the version up, do I need to leave the file on the SD card with the patch? or can I remove, because now every time I turn camera on and press play it goes to "start version up?" screen.. just wondering whether I can leave it off there because I don't want this screen anymore and I think its on the camera that the hack is done..

  • You can remove it from the card.

  • Hi,

    @rean, the developer of a new video import and 4:4:4 upsampling tool joined the forum and he's looking for some high-bitrate out of camera MTS files for testing his tool. Can you share some MTS file with him?

    Also, I think it's a perfect opportunity to share with him any files which produce "diagonal rain", since his tool might be able to get rid of them for good.

  • @zsero the "diagonal rain" isn't a problem with the footage. Adobe products, and potentially others software, are introducing this artefact into the footage because of errors in their own transcoding routines. If the problem existed in the footage itself then software like 5DtoRGB would preserve or enhance these errors in their own high-quality transcoding, but they don't.

    Fixing the rain after it's introduced by Adobe is not a logical solution to anything, unless the filmmaker simply doesn't have access to their raw MTS files anymore to re-run their edit/render with transcoded versions.

  • @longjohnsilver @lpowell @rambo I'm the guy whom Kevin Good(the shootout guy) borrowed the hacked gh2 from.

    I have to agree the test was a bit flawed since the exposures were clearly different between the 4 cameras. This caused a bit of a bias against the gh2s low light performance.

    In defense of the guy I'm a 100% sure he was not against the gh2 or the Sony. When he picked up the camera he immediately told me "I think we got our winner right here!". And I'm quite sure he was rooting for the nex or gh2 to come out on top since this was also according to him a test to see which camera he would buy to use on his aerial videos.

    I think (and I'm guessing here) they shot these and did not realize they had that big difference in exposures until after shooting because he borrowed this from me late on Friday and by Monday he was contacting me to return it. Tuesday the video was up on YouTube. He had set a tight timetable to get this shootout done which is sometimes good and maybe this time it didn't workout as well.

    I did message him and he said he was getting a lot of flak for the gh2 test and wanted to give the gh2 a fair shake. So hopefully he contacts me again and borrows my gh2 and does a shootout part 2.

    As for the $10 for the hack not sure how nofilmschool got that. On Kevin Good's blog there is clearly no mention of $10. Also mentioned in that blog post is a 14-42mm lens. So nofilmschool made a bad typo. Maybe they meant a donation on nofilmschool for the hack.

  • LOL, the GH2 users are gonna "Occupy No Film School".

  • @ipcmlr

    I think we have to separate the shootout guy from nofilmschool.

    Clearly that guy doesn't know anything about comparing these camera. You can perform such test in a week end only if you are a pro and you know exactly what to do. Reading his replies it's clear to me that he knows pretty much nothing. On this blog post ( James DeRuvo was calling his shootout into question and he replied:

    A lot of people have been saying that’s unfair and the hacked GH2 has so much recoverable-detail in those deep shadows that the dynamic range is actually there. I’ll have to look into that a bit more.

    NoFilmSchool position is another story. I was subcribed to their newsletter until few weeks ago and I quit because they continuously hammer in Canon products (as most of website out there). Their website is crammed with ads and their newsletter tracks your choices... Once they realize that a lot of people were bringing into question that test, they replied that they naively quoted the shootout asking their readers "What do you guys think of the test?". A serious magazine doesn't publish work form other people quoting their results without implicitly endorse them. They even linked that post on their newsletter. Finally they suggested that FM or other settings costs 10$. They even did not care to rephrase that.

    I still remember they wrote several articles trying to reject Zacuto shootout results, so nothing new under the sun. I think that article is the final evidence that "The emperor has no clothes!".

    PS Someone rightly noted that they "forgot" to mention Upstream Color by Shane Carruth shot on a hacked GH2 showing at Sundance. Just imagine if that film was shoot on a Canon. We would have 6x3 meters billboards across the country!


  • @LPowell, thanks very much for the Flowmotion 2.02 hack. I finally got around to hacking my GH2 and buying a big 95mbs card. The improvement is incredible. When well-lit, the footage is incredibly clear and cinematic. Your hack is so good, I'll probably just leave it this way, and not fiddle with the settings ever again.


  • Another gig completed with the awesome LPowell settings and VK hack.

  • A short student film which I filmed and directed with LPowell's Flow Motion! Blown away with the results, very stable performance. Thanks a bunch!

  • In my humble opinion, "End of the Line" was well lit, shot, conceived and the acting was pretty damn good. FM did a great job in both highlights and shadows, too. Very nice all the way around. I'm guessing by the shape of the bokeh that you used Nokton lenses?

  • Thanks for your comments mate. I was blown away at how well FM handled the lighting situations, very pleased with the results. The lenses I used, aside from the kit for the big wide, were actually old Minolta Rokkor lenses. I cannot rave about them enough, sharp and clear, built like tanks and buttery smooth focusing. But the best part is that they are almost giveaway prices. A 50mm 1.4 will cost nothing much more than £40/$70! I bought a 28mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4 and a 135mm 2.8 all for little over £100/$150 from eBay! Check them out if you want a steal.

  • 1080p 24P H and HBR 30p Flowmotion absolutly stunning THX Lee

  • @LPowell. Lee, you have been pretty quiet for a while. I was wondering, is there a new version of FM in the works or you are done with GH2 and waiting for GH3?

  • Don't know if you've seen this already, but this seems like a nice job with Flow Motion and Zeiss glass.

  • Good to see a nice stable patch for 30P.

  • @Zaven13 I'm currently investigating the cause of the elusive diagonal flickers that are sometimes seen in Adobe CS6. I have a sample video that produces flickers in After Effects CS6, but shows no flickering in After Effects CS5.5. If the flicker is exacerbated by certain patch settings, I may be able to find a way to suppress it. If so, I'll release an updated version of Flow Motion v2.

  • @LPowell What could your or any patch possibly be doing that 5DtoRGB wipes clean? Or has someone produced original camera MTS files that have the problem even after using 5DtoRGB?

  • It's not like Adobe needs even more encouragement to be lazy bastards.

  • @LPowell @BurnetRhoades I have some footage that is just Panasonic stock GH2 firmware where I got the diagonal digital rain. If it's helpful to either of you, I can email original MTS file.

  • @BurnetRhoades I've seen other cases where a commercial decoder was unable to correctly render the contents of a perfectly valid H.264 file. Unfortunately, the H.264 specification encompasses such a wide range of encoding techniques that it's a real challenge for a manufacturer to test and verify that their decoder correctly handles all possible permutations of H.264 encoding syntax. PTool gives us the ability to dramatically alter the behavior of the GH2's encoder, and it's quite possible that our hacked MTS files could expose latent decoder flaws that testing with ordinary H.264 files has failed to reveal. In that case, it may be more prudent to tone down problematic patches in order to stay within the safe region of the decoder's functionality.

  • @matt_gh2 Yes, I'd be very interested to examine your unhacked footage that provokes digital rain. PM me and I'll send you my email address.