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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100 Mbps Fast Action Performance - Series 2
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  • @nomad I'm not. the data rate is listed as megabytes. Can someone help me out here?

  • multiply those numbers by 8. I believe that's what Nomad was saying.

  • @coors yeah that's what I thought but the data rate seems to be lower than my t2i... I guess that's just how it is. thanks

  • @notjackson

    When I transfer the footage with Log and Transfer in Final Cut 7, it says the bit rate of the clips is around 13-16 MB/s for a 24H clip. Is this what I should be aiming for?

    You don't need to aim for any particular bitrate - the GH2 will automatically use only as much bitrate as needed to record at the quality level that Flow Motion v2 is designed to deliver. As others have pointed out, 13-15 MegaBYTES/sec = 104-120 MegaBITS/sec, which is the highest bitrate FM2 can deliver in 1080p 24H video mode.

  • another funny test with Flowmotion Hack

  • Flowmotion V1, I'll testing new patch this weekend ;-)

  • Hi,

    I have just bought my GH2 and discovered this hack. Very nice results, i can see on the videos. I would like to ask a few basic technical question, since i am a beginner with my camera and with this hack as well.

    After i succesfully installed it, will the camera menu reset restore my original firmware? or i can reset the camera in the menu settings without affecting the hack?

    I would like to use it for full HD and 720p 60fps (for slow motion). What camera settings should be set in Movie mode for achieving the best results? Should the High bitrate option be turned on, to achieve the bigger bitrates?

    How can i achieve the 80% slow-mo what the hack offers?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • Is there a shorter GOP setting for Flowmotion in 720p PAL mode? I am shooting kids sport and for the most part Flowmotion 2.02 is very good. However on very fast motion there is a muddy look to the fast moving parts of the image which is not surprising considering that each frame is very different. So my question is, is there a stable 3 GOP setting or lower, or was this jettisoned because of stability issues.

    Thanks in advance


  • Tested SanDisk 32gig Ultra 24L - spans and records around 55-60mbps. Really, really awesome patch!

  • tested on 24H with Instantaneous Death Screen, but fails, it writes with more than 126Mbits after that i get speed problem card, and my card can go max 130Mbits without crashing.....on 24L everything is fine

    Can FM2.02 for 24H mode be somehow limited to not to go over 100Mbits?

  • @dado023 100mbps is only 12.5MB/s. What kind of card are you using? 24H spans for me on SanDisk 30MBs and 45MBs. Maybe speed test your card and see what is the avg write speed.

  • @omnidecay

    i have TRANSCEND 64GB class10, test results: READ: 163.8 Mbps WRITE: 126.9 Mbps

    It is not fast as SanDisk, but it is still one of the fast cards out there.

  • Yeah I mean its close at write: 15.8MB/s but it should be working. After a flash did you format the card? If format doesn't work the only thing I can think of is flowmotion going about the 15.8MB/s mark on the high end. I dont know which transcend card you have but the one you want is:

    I use the 32gb version of the card above and its always worked great for me. I usually get around 304mbps on writes.

  • @rsquires

    Is there a shorter GOP setting for Flowmotion in 720p PAL mode?

    Good question. During the development of Flow Motion v2, I tested a variety of 720p patches using both 3-frame and 6-frame GOP's. One of the inherent complications in optimizing 720p modes is that they share several bitrate settings with the 1080p HBR/FSH modes. In order to achieve reliable operation with a 3-frame 720p GOP, I had to tweak it in a manner that produced sub-optimal results in 1080p HBR modes. Using a 6-frame 720p GOP allowed me to optimize both 1080p and 720p modes to operate reliably at 100Mbps peak bitrates.

  • @omnidecay

    that card is UHS. Does GH2 utilize UHS write speed?, because i couldn't find it anywhere in spec GH2 support UHS mode.

  • 720p / SH Lumix 7-14 and not compatible with Flowmotion v2.2 :(

  • @dado023 The GH2 does not utilize UHS.

  • @LPowell Thanks for the reply. That makes sense as this patch is incredibly reliable. It also is as smooth as butter in FCPX in AVCHD mode which hasn't been the case with other patches which I have had to transcode to Pro Res. It's also very economical card wise.

    I would still like a shorter GOP for 720p, so what are my options? Am I able to cannibalise this as I really just want to stick with 720p.

  • Hello A Tout le Monde.. i have the rain problem with Adobe ... When a new Flow Motion v2.03?? Thanks LPowell Sorry bad english;)

  • @kurt10 transcode with 5DtoRGB. The rain is in the libraries licensed by Adobe, it's not a patch issue. Non-patched GH2 footage does it just as bad in CS6 under similar shooting conditions as when it shows up in patched footage.

    In my experience, 5DtoRGB transcoded footage, filtered and read as ProRes looks better in and rendered out of CS6 than if you rely on CS6 reading the MTS files in any case so, rain or shine, it's not a bad habit to get into.

  • Nikkor 24mm f/2 + Century Optics + Flowmotion + ColorGHear

  • @BurnetRhoades I've migrated to CS6 and had my first experience of the rain in FlowMotion footage. I guess I'll be transcoding to ProRes from now on. Aside from the alleged improved gradability, I've read it's supposed to scrub better than AVCHD too. Transcoding my current project is going to take up 800 gig of data so lots of storage is a priority if you'll be working on a few projects continuously.

  • @rorykane Yes, this will eat up more storage so I'd suggest, if you're feeling a pinch, you integrate this step after you've more or less locked your edit. This effectively treats the raw MTS as your "offline", transcode only the clips you actually use, then conform the result as your "online".

    If you use one of the various tools out there to re-wrap the MTS into ".mov" files this can be accomplished as simply as moving the folder containing the "offline" files into a sub-folder which will hide them from Premiere. You then re-connect using a folder containing all of the ProRes ".mov" versions (assuming the same name is used) and after finding the first file all remaining will fall in line.

  • New music video test ! FM rules

  • Used FlowMo v2.02 for this documentary