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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100 Mbps Fast Action Performance - Series 2
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  • Flowmotion 2.02 (24H). Standard color settings

  • @briangeorge I saw a guy in Zona Tortona, during design week, with a GH2 over a tripod. On thursday if I remember right. It was you?

  • I recently started using GH2. Here is the first video with the firmware GH2 Flow Motion

  • @rikyxxx that was probably me!

  • A piece using Flowmotion 2.02 for half the shots, and a T2i for the rest... Edit/grade with FCPX.

  • Done using two GH2s with Flowmotion v2.

  • As usually, t2i looks much more naturally cinematic.

  • As usual, the T2i looks like uprezzed SD footage.

  • @MichaelT In the salon vid, which cam/lens did you use for the interview of the guy? The angle thats straight to camera.

  • @theconformist

    The CU was the Canon with an EF 35mm/f1.4. The medium was the GH2 with a Voigtlander 25mm/f0.95. Other shots with the same EF & Voigtlander, or a Panny 14-42. Edit and color correction with FCPX.

  • We recently completed four of a series of five spec commercials shot over a couple days, totally guerilla-style, in Austin, Texas. Our main interest is continuing features but commercials could be good for short-term cash flow. That's the theory anyhow.

    ...and I'm still completing the final spot which has CG/Motion-Graphics and VFX. I graded all of them to have a different look. I utilized ColorGHear ( @shian ) for all of the spots and Film Convert on the BBQ and the beer spot.

  • @BurnetRhoades Looks very nice. Also liked use of comedy/jokes. Nice feel overall. Were you using Moon setting by chance?

  • @matt_g2 Thanks! I know I only tend to remember the commercials that make me laugh. I was watching a compilation of classic spots from the 60s+70s the other night and funny used to be more rare. I couldn't help myself but fondly remember Demolition Man as I couldn't help but sing along to masterful jingles from back when agencies still treated these like art. It also helped that our talent, Greg Dorchak, is a total cut-up. We got him to play a serious role in our last film but he's an improv and stand-up guy so all of this was ground zero in his wheel house.

    But, no, this is all Flowmotion. I wasn't sure at the beginning how much footage we were going to actually shoot so I knew I could get good quality with some space savings. I'd have maybe preferred, maybe, to shoot the beer and BBQ spots on Moon but I stayed consistent for all of them, also to evaluate the different graded looks in the context of all starting from the same base look out of the camera.

  • @BurnetRhoades Lol - just realized this is a Flowmotion I shoulda guessed that was setting used. Very cool & interesting to see Flowmotion in commercial application. Yeah those jingles used to rock!

  • @matt_gh2 since all of this was shot at ISO 160 I felt pretty confident I was going to have enough detail. There's a section in one where I was surprised at the lack of tonality in flesh tones if Greg was at all in the shade. I had to treat them special in the grade. I'm shooting some stuff now with Slipstream and will be comparing the two patches under similar circumstances, since they're at similar data rates.

  • Hi, I am new to the hacks for the GH2 although I own one since longer. At the moment I only have a Sandisk 30 Mbit card, so means this: Records reliably with Class 10 30MB/s cards, with 60Mbps file-spanning in 24L, FH, and H modes., that the 24L mode has a better quality than the stock 24H?

    And because I don't really figure out which hack is for what and which is the best, is there maybe a better hack, which I can use with my 30Mbit Card, until I get a Sandisk Extreme?

    Thanks and greets from Germany

  • 24L mode is better than stock. If you have troubles with Flowmotion try "sanity"

  • Flowmotion and 14-140kit still delivering the goods in 720p.

  • Hey guys, today I received a "Staff Pick" for my video shot on my GH2. The hack used was flowmotion- just wanted to give a big thanks to this forum and developers!

  • Hello,

    Just wanna share. Bad weather in the alps. Shot with flomotion, 24p,1920x1080,standard -2-2-2 0, 14-140 pana and some old mf nikon lenses.
    Thanks everyone from personal view you guys are great!

  • A promotional video I shot with gh2 with Flowmotion patch for the new online community of food lovers, Foodzai.

  • :edit: helps if I read before I ask!

  • Hi everyone. Recently purchased a NTSC GH2. Upgraded the firmware to Panasonic's 2011 official 1.1 patch, which allows HBR etc.

    I became immediately frustrated with the GH2's stuttering/flickering/tearing/interlacing on fast moving motion, or even calculated panning motion. From what I've read a lot of that is unavoidable (?) due to AVHCD etc (please clarify?). Not sure if it's the FCP7 canvas playing tricks on me as those issues are minimised/non existant in Quicktime playback (I have the latest iMac everything as of 2013, btw).

    I thought I'd give Flomotion V2.02 a go in a bid to clean up those distractions yet I'm not sure if it's compatible/activated alongside Panasonic's v1.1 patch? Eg: ptools asks to 'Load Firmware', I select 'GH2__V.11', Flomotion appears in the 'F' circle, I select it, save a new patch, load and install into the camera. They're the only 2 patches installed, btw.

    After shooting some tests; yes the footage has great clarity in DOF work, yes the file sizes are larger (currently noodling with 720p, 30fps, 1/60 etc), however the aforementioned image motion flicker is still apparent in places. I use 5DRGB > 25p, Progressive, ProRes422HQ before throwing into FCP7 too - that cleans it up, but does nothing for the lines. I guess what I'm asking is:

    1. Can Flomotion help with this?
    2. If not, what can I do, if anything?

    I've tried all GH2 modes, deactivated clip and sequence 'Field Dominance' in FCP, but still nothing. I've watched many online examples - some GH2 footage shows no signs of it, while others suffer from it. HELP PLEASE!

  • @dumbsaint I think you should learn more about using cameras for filming. First question should be: What kind of format do you use? 30p, 60i or 25p? PAL or NTSC? I couldn't get this information in your post. If you choosed a format - stay in it. Don't change the framerates in your postproduction.

    stuttering/flickering/tearing/interlacing on fast moving motion

    These are completely different issues with different causes. Again, what settings, what format do you use? For example, if you shoot sequences in 60i or 50i you should watch them on an interlaced device like a TV. Computers and their graphic devices usually don't use interlaced frames. Stuttering is in most cases a result of too fast movements while filming with 24p. In this case you have to learn how to handle movements correctly and smooth - it has nothing to do with the camera. Flickering (what exactly do you mean with that?) can have a cause in a wrong shutter time. I live in a PAL country and I normally use shutter time 1/50 for 24p and 25p.

  • Greatest Patch ever. I'd like to share my first step into filming, using FlowMotion 2.02 at 6.400 ISO. You see a nightly rush hour of Ulm, a City in southern Germany.