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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100 Mbps Fast Action Performance - Series 2
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  • Panasonic GH2 + Flowmotion V2.02 Hack [24L]. 640iso. Color Graded with my own LUT:

  • Sorry for my stupid question but I have read a tons of topic, I have tried a lot of patch, and I have not found a solution. In my Gh-2 there was the slowmotion patch but after some test I can't found the 1080 25p setting (1920 x 1080 filmed at 25p). I have tried all combinations and, for example, in HBR mode the file is full hd filmed in 25ì (I see this with inspector of quick time and in FCPX ...I'm in Europe and I need a fullHD 25p mode. Where is my error? Thanks for helping me.

  • @batterismico Witch editor use? FCPX ? U have to convert HBR files with 5DtoRGB app or others I can’t remember well ( u can found a guide online ), dunno why FCPX convert 25p hdr in 25I If I will found a tutorial I will link here

  • @valpopando thanks for reply. I use to convert file (after) with it' EditReady (it's ok for me because I convert in ProRes -very good for FCPX ) but I did not understand why if I set "cinema mode" the clip I see in FCPX (direct import) or preview in Quick Time with inspector showed it's "1920x1080 24p" so if I set 720p Mode the data showed are "1280x720 50p" and it's impossible for me to see a clip directly from the card in 1920x1080 25p but only 25i when in HBR or any setting in Creative Mode...

  • @valpopando I'm looking for a native file 1920x1080 25p, not for a decoder to change original file. My original question is: how kind of setting I can use on a gh-2 with Flowmotion patch applied to have a fullHd 25p (not 25i) clip?

  • @batterismico - When the GH2 is set to PAL mode, the HBR mode will produce 1080p video at 25 fps. With the FlowMotion patch, HBR mode will record at up to 100Mbps. There's a tricky part however: The GH2 records the HBR 1080p25 video into an interleaved file format that is indistinguishable from a GH2 FHD 1080i50 recording. When you import the HBR file into a video editor, it may misinterpret it as an interleaved 1080i50 recording. In that case, you'll need to configure your editior to manually conform the video to 1080p25. This will not alter the actual video data, it will just correct how the video editor interprets it.

  • @LPowell I' really honoured to have a reply directly from you, Mr. Powell. Then, it's right I preview the clip (filmed, obviously, in HBR) with QuickTime the Inspector shows me a 1920x1080 25i but really the file is in 25p, right? I have 2 way in my workflow: import clips ( all Private Folder) in FCPX, it shows me a 25i clip but I put the clip in a project 1920x1080 25p and the clip works as a 25p or, second chance, I can use EditReady to convert in ProRes 422 LT and final result it's a clip ProRes 422 Lt 25p. My workflow it's correct?

  • @batterismico - In HBR mode, the video is scanned at 25p non-interleaved. However, it is stored in a 50i interleaved file format. I'm not familiar with FCPX and I'm not sure how it would handle the kind of import you describe. In Premiere Pro, you have to import the file into a project, and manually mark it as a 25p video before you drag it into the video timeline.

  • Hey I have got to say that this hack has and continues to be brilliant! I use 5 hacked GH2s for recording bands LIVE and it works a treat even in low light. :-)

    Thanks for doing this @LPowell and everyone else involved! :-)

  • Hi there, any chance to get a working link to Flow Motion please?

  • It's alive!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Any link to the hack? I can't find mine!!!

  • Heya. Looking for the hack as well. The link on the first page doesnt work any more :(

  • Just checked the link on the first page and it works great - if you are logged in.