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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100 Mbps Fast Action Performance - Series 2
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  • flowmotion 2.02...all perfect thanks wedding works

  • I had an issue while recording a long shot. After around 1 hour and 50 min the camera got locked and unresponsive with a message saying that the recording stoped due to a speed limitation of the card. I had to disconnect the power. On the card I found 11 spans of 4GB plus a file of 0KB. I suppose the problem occurred at the starting of the 12th span. My card is the sandisk extreme 64GB 95MB/s. The camera was powered by an external current source (original Panasonic AC + homemade coupler), and I was recording at 720p50. Did anyone experience such a problem? Nothing to say on quality. Excellent.

  • Hi there,

    I'am new to the gh2 and the hacking. I got flowmotion 2.02 on there but i'am really struggeling to get my camera shoot 1080p25. The 1080i is just horror. 720p50 looks good and so does 1080p24. I'am not really familiar with the camera and not even sure 1080p25 is possible and recomended? Please let me know if u have some more info. Thanks in advance!


  • HBR + you need to have a European pal version of the camera, otherwise you get 30p

  • @Fuwu No problem about Pal or NTSC if his GH2 is Flowmotion Hacked he can switch Pal (25p) to NTSC (30p) whenever he want. And go with HBR , You will get a nice 1080p 25

  • Last night (and the night before that) I was using Flowmotion 2.02 to try to capture the Perseids. I got the camera into MF in order to use a slow shutter speed.

    I was shooting in 24L at 1/5s SS. What I got the first time (at 1/5s) was a 37:33 file. No message on camera, just waiting to wake up from sleep. No problem in spanning since the file was just a bit over 3Gb, I was using a fast Samsung 64GB (class 10, benchmarked at 18MB/s write speed) and plenty of battery left. The bitrate, as you might have guessed from the SS, was very frugal. I don't have any numbers here but probably well below 10Mbps...

    The next night (yesterday) I tried it again, this time using a faster 1/10s SS (the showers didn't span for more than a single frame in the first try). Same result as before: recording stops at 37:33. Bitrate was probably a bit higher but surely nothing that could challenge either camera or card.

    At this moment, I decided to give Sanity X a go on 24L and I got ~2h of footage at 6.5Mbps. No message, plenty of battery left and card space too. So, there are some limits when recording with slow SSs and at first sight they seem to be patch related. Anyone else noticed this?

  • Please How can I set my camera to 25p. thank you

  • thank you LPOWELL my nonprofit project for introduce our sundanese culture i shot with gh2 hack flow motion and lumix 14 and slr magic 35 1,7

  • Please... help me... i have gh2 with flow motion 2.02.... when i record in hbr mode. Editing software EDIUS show me that recorded video is with upper field not progresiive.... why??? When I'm in slow motion footage the video jams

  • @Matinnz11,I hope to help

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  • ... 25p is recognized as 50i.First modified in progressive and then put it in the timeline as the project must be progressively.Example : project -1920 x 1080 25p

  • The project i have set to 1920 x 1080 25p

    819 x 566 - 91K
    1920 x 1019 - 271K
  • Always show me upper field and I can not do slow motion....

  • @Martinnz11,in window properties must change ;; progressive; there are many useful things :

  • Hey guys I jsut got flowmotion v2.02 for my GH2 and it says on stream Parser that it is only at bitrate of 36,056,471, I have a 95mb/s card and I'm shooting on 24p cinema on 24h! How do I get a higher bitrate like 95mb/s or even 100mb/s?

  • With all the hacks that are present, I decided to stick with Flowmotion V2.02 for my GH2! Here is my first video using such hack! Filmed in Crystal Springs Regional Trail!

    Camera: Panasonic GH2 Lenses: 14-42mm f/3.5 & 20mm f/1.7 Slider: Glide Gear (23 inches) - From Amazon

  • Perfect settings. Thank You!

    Use LUT

  • So after so many tests, it'll be Flow Motion & Sanity X for me!

  • Hello everybody

    It is not very clear to me if the 1080p50 mode is avalable and how to invoque it


  • Asalem,

    there is no 1080p50, rather 1080i50.

  • dado023 posted on January 2014: Q-The introduction to Flow Motion 2 on page one of the thread mentions access to PAL settings, where do we find this in the menu structure? A-press button MENU/SET, go to SETUP, then VIDEO OUT(page 3), select NTSC or PAL, enjoy

    Thank you for clarifying this. I wish there was a tutorial for the GH2 firmware version 1.1 with flowmotion 2.02 that showed where selections are in the menu for flavors like: 1080p 25fps. Now that I know I can output in PAL which is 25fps, how do I set-up the menu to, for sure get, that desired 1080p 25fps or do I assume that is what it will output it as even if I'm in manual movie mode and have AVCHD 1080i selected? And to get slo-mo at 1080p I go where and select what to be sure. Most everyone on this massive thread seems so sure of where all this stuff is that they don't spell it out clearly for the uninitiated. Thanks so very much for taking any time to respond. Gratefully Bill

  • @bsnyder Panasonic have the manuals on their support pages. You can download them. All the menu selections and codecs/btrates etc. are detailed in the manual.

  • Where can I download this?? I only find the one with the changelog! Edit: Understood what to do, sorry!