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GH2 High Quality GOP3 Settings, Series 2: 'AN' Valkyrie, GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, Duke, natural :-)
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  • Thanks to everyone who rated this video :) @bkmcwd before Christmas, you have time to do an update :) ?

  • @Shon

    before Christmas, you have time to do an update :) ?

    In CS matrix, although I am already completing two test settings, I am just going to improve them more. These are not bad. However, I feel dissatisfaction slightly. Although I may be able to release it immediately depending on the advance situation of my test, I am not sure when comes. :-)

  • @bkmcwd, I think you should take the time to finish all your tests before releasing a version which is not completely stable. We all know you do a very good job with your settings and we keep on waiting with bated breath. Thanks for your work and merry chistmas.

  • @spreeni OK, many thanks for your kind words and merry christmas. :-)

  • I made some prototypes of the next Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TZ2. I have just been going to choose the settings which I regard as better now from them. The following setting is likely to be releasable at last. Needless to say, in this, priority is most given to reliability. Since the matrix of Chris is very peaky, it is difficult to make it stabilized, but I stabilized this in HBR. Please try, if it is released. It is comming soon. :-)

  • thanks! I have waiting for test Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TZ2!

  • @xingmac Thank YOU! :-)

    @all I need some PAL testers for Valkyrie CS TZ2. Please send PM to me. Many thanks for your cooperation!

  • Many thanks for PAL testers!

    A lot of feedback from you is very helpful for me. I am going to release after verifying more. And since Valkyrie of 444 matrices is also being completed simultaneously, please also test this later. I want you to test in a situation which is frozen in other settings. Of course, I would like to also hear the comment about image quality. :-)


    By the way, is GOLGOP3-13_A2_beta4 now the final A2-version?

    I am going to tweak also with GOLGOP3-13s again, after improving Valkyries. Since it is very difficult to stabilize the matrix of Chris, in the process in which it is made quiet, I do new discovery every day. Therefore, when other new settings are completed, I would like to come to utilize the new know-how also for another setting. After testing by adopting new know-how in GOLGOP3-13s, I judge whether what I do with the following G. :-)

  • @bkmcwd Pal with fewer problems, I have personally seen the bitrate could rise to 97 megabits (720p - 50 fps) and video did not stop.

  • @Shon Yes, I know too. :-)

    However, since all the parameters are partially as common as the NTSC side, it is difficult to maintain balance.

  • I will release newest Valkyrie CS TZ2 and 444 TZ2 after coming New year. I am still waiting feedbacks from testers now. :-)

    I wish all your Happy New Year .


  • @All Happy New Year to All! :-)

    Regarding Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TZ2, probably I will be able to release it in a few days.

    I also have already two variations for next Valkyrie 444 TZ2. I need some testers for PAL or NTSC. I will be helped if those who can try them immediately send PM to me. Many thanks!

  • @giulix Thanks for your work so much fun! :-)

  • NEW!

    bkmcwd Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TYPE-ZERO2_BETA2 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Pure Original Cinema Smooth Matrix' and 'Modified Cinema Smooth Matrix' - setj.ini - Released 02/01/2013

    This is the version which adjusted safer from TYPE-ZERO2_BETA in HBR and 720p.

    IMO, this BETA2 is most stable and most reliable in Valkyrie series now.

    I think that the freezing issue at the moment of the focus was solved nearly perfectly also in Panny lens use.

    Please try it! And I am very glad if I can get feedbacks from you.

    *If this is also still unstable, I will further adjust.

    Special thanks to @har_k, @ojiko, @jul, @abraham1307, @kankala, @zsound, and Especially @spreeni! :-)

    Of course, many thanks to @cbrandin and KING @driftwood!

    • Superb-looking Cinema Smooth matrix from cbrandin is adopted in 24p mode

    • Modified Cinema Smooth matrix from my BETA Team in Japan is adopted in HBR/1080i and 720p modes

    • Upto 140M for Top Quality 1080p24 at Q18

    • Upto 140M for Top Quality 1080p30 at Q18 in 24L mode with 80% Slow-Motion Mode (No Sound)

    • Upto 75M for Top Quality HBR/FSH modes

    • Upto 75M for Top Quality 720/50p modes

    • Upto 60M for Top Quality 720/60p modes

    • Extremely reliable top performance in AVCHD 24H and 24L

    • 80% Slow-Motion is available in 24L only

    • 720/60p may be available in 'SH' without 'iA' mode

    • Fully working iA and iDynamic modes if you require them (Take care only in 720/60p)

    • Beautiful 3 GOP bringing short GOP style detail & movement-rendition in 24p and 1080i

    • Bush of Death / Death chart tested.

    • Wonderful Pasadena Pulse Audio Patch V2 B2, by Per Lichtman

    • Top quality 2K mjpeg Mode in HD by Nick Driftwood

    • In camera playback is sometimes not available in 24p. In other mode, Sometimes available after reboot the camera.

    *I especially recommend you use with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC card.

    bkmcwd Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TYPE-ZERO2_BETA2 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Pure Original Cinema Smooth Matrix' and 'Modified Cinema Smooth Matrix'.zip
    1298 x 635 - 544K
  • @DeShonDixon Good looking footage. :-)

    BTW, is this with my setting?

  • @bkmcwd yup it was the Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2_Candidate1.5e 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Pure Original 444 Matrix' and 'Modified 444 Matrix' hack

  • @All

    I also completed next Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2 mostly. I already sent it to several testers. If there are those who try, please send PM to me.
    I am glad, if you try when you have time. Please try only in HBR, FSH and SH. Many thanks always! :-)

  • Now, the results of the tests in New Valkyrie 444 TZ2 have been returning from testers. :-) I also tested in the field. IMHO, I am satisfied with having obtained the result appropriate for 444 matrix. After waiting for the further feedback from testers, I will release this. This as well as the CS matrix version is freeze-less nearly perfectly. Please try, if released. :-)

    1294 x 2527 - 821K
  • @bkmcwd, what kind of steady cam did you use for the example above? It looks very good

  • @abraham1307 Thanks! :-)

    I'm using a DIY steadicam that is displayed in the thumbnail on my profile.

  • @bkmcwd, It performs really good for a DIY.

  • @abraham1307 :-)

    @Testers Many thanks for feedbacks! Based on the feedback from @spreeni who is the strongest tester in PAL lands, I just further tweaked Valkyrie 444 TZ2 now. I wait for the report from spreeni again, and if it is OK, I release it. If it fails, I will tweak it again. :-)

  • Since OK about the PAL side was got from @spreeni about the following Valkyrie 444 TZ2, I am adjusting the NTSC side according to the PAL side now. I will release it after this work. Many thanks for the long hour torture test, spreeni! :-)

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