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GH2 High Quality GOP3 Settings, Series 2: 'AN' Valkyrie, GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, Duke, natural :-)
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  • @bkmcwd. We all appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into developing your settings. However, you need to decide at what point you want to stop sacrificing bitrates and image quality in favor of stability. I may be wrong but I will provide the feedback anyways. I have tested majority of your Valkyrie settings. I really liked TZ 444 C5 and TZ 444 C1.4d. C5 had very good image quality with bitrates of mid-sixties for HBR and FSH. Then you created C1.4d which still had very good quality and stable at bitrates of mid-fifties (I used it in a Las Vegas trip and had no failures including HBR). But your latest setting released two days ago has bitrates of mid-thirties for HBR and FSH. That is too low for a 3GOP setting. It is like having a GOP of 12/15 with 20MB bitrate. Some of the comparable settings to yours are FM 2.02 3GOP that has bitrates of mid-sixties for HBR and FSH and Cluster v7 Nebula 6GOP that has bitrates of mid-fifties. Again, I may be wrong but feel free to prove me wrong. I always appreciate constructive criticism.

  • @Zaven13

    Many thanks for your kind words mate! :-)

    But your latest setting released two days ago has bitrates of mid-thirties for HBR and FSH. That is too low for a 3GOP setting.

    Yes, you are right. I can understand your feeling well.

    However, I am investigating "the setting which does not freeze nearly perfectly in HBR" in TZ2 editions now. In other series, I am investigating similarly "the setting which does not freeze by any means."

    My settings are liked by people who are experienced in a freeze with other persons' setting. I am thinking as important whether it can be first used as a tool before image quality. Probably, there is no tester which has spent many hours on the torture test rather than me. As it being out of the question that it cannot be used with a low-speed card, I aim at the realization of the setting which does not freeze by any means in high bitrate and Low GOP that nobody has still attained in HBR.

    After completing these first, I am going to look for some practical compromise points. Then, I will refer to the past candidates. And I will design TYPE-ZERO3.

    I explain Valkyries on the assumption that these ideas of mine. Since the matrix of Chris is very peaky, if the bit rate in a practical use zone is raised more, it will freeze easily.

    If you look at the bitrate of these HBRs, you may be unsatisfactory, but the character of this matrix has appeared firmly in contents.

    Even if it is tuned up so that it may not freeze similarly, in GOLGOP3-13 etc., the bitrate goes up rather than Valkyrie in HBR.

    Probably other persons will feel your question. Since I am poor at English, I may not be able to explain well.

    Many thanks for your good question! :-)

  • Thanks!! I tested Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TYPE-ZERO2_BETA2 . It's really stable in FSH HBR.

  • @sksmseks Thanks for trying Valkyrie! :-)

    Since this matrix is fastidious, this may also still be insufficient. If there is any instability, please give me feedback.

  • I am improving GOLGOP3-13 now.

    I received the report of having frozen in HBR25p of former BETA4.

    HBR of following GOLGOP3-13 realizes the bitrate higher, of course than Valkyries.

    I would like to pass PAL testers a test version soon.

    Of course, I will send also to NTSC testers. :-)

  • My first try with "Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2 Candidate 1.5d ". I had to use a SanDisk 32GB / 45MB/s card and had no problem during this type of shoot.

    Thanks for the great patches.

  • @wowstanley

    Many thanks for using Valkyrie and the fun footage! :-)

  • @DeShonDixon One word...skills

  • @DeShonDixon

    Looks so cooool! :-)

    Is this also with Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2_Candidate1.5e?

    Nice work!

  • @bkmcwd Yup! Its my favorite hack right now, I always use it

  • @matt_gh2 hahaaha thank you!

  • @DeShonDixon Black and white shots look amazing in this video...I got to try this hack too...Also feeling the bass on this tune..! What lens were you using...?

  • @DeShonDixon great work ! You're getting better and better boy Love how you did the slowmos, did you used 60p in 720p mode ? Which lens did you used ? Your motion is sharp and clear, Congrats !

    Driftwood Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' - 6 GOP Nebula '444 Soft'

  • Hi Guys,

    I am a novice here, but wanted to ask if you guys can explain the following comparison to me. I installed the latest Driftwood Boom V9 and also bkmcwd Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2_BETA and did a test. Both are incredible, but I did find more noise and pixelation with bkmcwd Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2_BETA than with Boom. Here are the two sample images attached. Take a look at how the corner of the chair has much more noise and is more pixelated too.

    1914 x 1092 - 693K
    1914 x 1092 - 703K
  • @residentjack

    Thanks for trying Valkyrie! :-)

    If you compare Long GOP with Short GOP, the reproducibility of the noise must completely be different. Naturally the Short GOP can reproduce more noises from Long GOP.

    Probably, the noise of 3GOP will be close to Intra. It is the same as reproducing details to reproduce the noise from the sensor correctly.

    About pixelation which you point out, I cannot recognize well. Is this comparison in each I frame?

    BTW, are these in 24p?

  • Hi bkmcwd,

    Thank you for your hard work, quick reply, and taking the time to explain it to a newbie like myself. I used 24p for the test. By pixelation I meant the sharpness on the corner of the chair and the straight line. Sorry if I used the wrong term. Thanks again :) Keep up the Great Work! ;)

  • @SanJohn Thanks man! Yeah I used 60fps with 720p and the only lens I use is a old olympus zuiko 35mm f/2.0

  • @dubu49 The only lens I ever use is an old olympus zuiko 35mm f/2.0 lens

  • @bkmcwd tried the 444 version and have to say I still like the CS version better. Compared 444 to CS and the 444 version seems to exaggerate the color stepping more. What exactly is the advantage of using the 444 as opposed to CS. pardon my ignorance, still trying to take all this in. left is 444 right is CS

    Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 1.03.11 PM.png
    1717 x 965 - 2M
    Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 1.02.58 PM.png
    1716 x 964 - 2M
  • @lagunak47

    Thanks for trying Valkyries and your feedback! :-)

    Although these are not the same composition at all, it is very interesting that a difference can be seen.

  • This is what I shot today. The Gh2 has officially blown my mind

    Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.09.05 PM.png
    1434 x 806 - 1M
  • @lagunak47

    Thanks for comment! :-)

    Is this also with Valkyrie CS? Looks good.

  • Although I began to improve Spizz, improvement of GOLGOP3-13 is also under continuation simultaneously.

    Since it is very difficult to clear the test which continues zooming 3 minutes or more, improvement of GOLGOP3-13 has also taken time.

    However, probably, it is releasable in a few days, since it has almost completed. :-)

  • Now, since I am very busy with the work for my life, the verification work of New GOLGOP3-13 does not progress easily.

    However, I think that a test version can be again passed to testers during this week.

    This must be a setting better than old versions. I am interested also about the possibility of span in this setting. Please cooperate with the test again.

    I am going to improve "Spizz" of Nick after the release of this GOLGOP3-13. :-)

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