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GH2 High Quality GOP3 Settings, Series 2: 'AN' Valkyrie, GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, Duke, natural :-)
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  • @Mirrorkisser Thanks for your kind words! :-)

    I would like the know what the main difference between cbrandins 444 and cinema smooth matrix is?

    If I say honestly, it is very difficult for me to explain this correctly. Of course, I understand the formal difference among these matrices. However, it may be meaningless even if I explain it to you.

    These matrices are very alike mutually.
    In Cinema Smooth matrix, Chroma will be encoded with the same values as Luma. In 444 matrix, although it is the same as CS about Luma, Chroma is flat mostly.

    The best way listens to explanation of @cbrandin in detail.

    And for 24p, which of the valkyrie settings is best for 24p? 1.5d or 1.5e or another one?

    Regarding 24p, almost all Valkyrie TZ2s are completely the same except the difference in the matrix.

    It is about HBR that I am still worrying and am improving, and it has not changed about 24p after 1.5b. Also in CS matrix, it is the same.

  • I almost completed the following Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TZ2.

    I will send to you, testers, by PM later. Please try HBR and 720p. :-)

  • a little film make with the golgop3 max2.

  • The difference between the cinema smooth and the 444 matrices is how the chroma channels are encoded. Cinema smooth is coded in the normal way, where detail is greater in the luma channel than in the chroma channels (the so called 4:2:0 color model where there is 4 times as much luma data as there is for each chroma channel). The 444 matrix uses a higher amount of detail in the chroma channels to emulate what would happen if a 4:4:4 color model were being used. It's not really 4:4:4, but it actually gets reasonably close to making the luma and chroma channels exhibit similar amounts of detail.

  • @surfculture Good looking footage! :-)

    @cbrandin Many thanks for explanation! :-)

    Since these matrices need much bandwidth, it is very difficult to adjust HBR and 720p, as you said.

  • @tetakpatak Thanks for your questions! :-)

    there are so many updates that it is difficult to find the actual version.

    Please always see the 1st page of my thread. There is the newest information.

    which patch for 24p FHD (AVSHD) of yours is stable, top-quality, your favourite one?

    All my newest settings are satisfactory in stability in all modes with 95MB/s SDXC. The evaluation about IQ is dependent on individual liking. What is necessary will be just to choose by your liking from newest GOLGOP3-13-MAX2, Valkyrie 444 TZ2, and Valkyrie CS TZ2.

  • many thanks @cbrandin and @bkmcwd (i still love that name, because i never forget it due to the outstanding associations :) )for your explanations and your tiredless work.

    Its wonderful that you keep giving us improved settings bkmcwd and help to improve this wonderful camera!

  • is such high bit rates necessary? i am currently using the 444 1.5e hack but I've tuned the bit rate down to 65mbps for 24h and the quality is top notch. do i need the higher rates for anything? am i losing quality? because if i am, i don't see it. please, someone explain it to me a bit, i am not well versed in this technical stuff.

  • @Mirrorkisser You are always welcome! :-)

    @phazedreality818 Thanks for using Valkyrie! :-)

    I've tuned the bit rate down to 65mbps for 24h and the quality is top notch.

    Did this change the bitrate only in 'Patches for end users? The bitrate which actually appears is decided by both of 'AVCHD Compression' in 'Patches for users' and 'Bitrate settings' in 'Patches for testers'. I think that most actual bitrates will not have changed supposing it has changed the bitrate only in 'Patches for users'.

    Please confirm whether Average Video Bitrate is over TS Max Bitrate in StreamParser result.

    Supposing Average Video Bitrate is over TS Max Bitrate, the actual bitrate has not become as you set it up. Although it may be able to use fortunately in the state, in many cases, a frame rate may become half or a problem may arise. In this forum, when I have tried it one year or more ago, I have been warned to correct it from @cbrandin again and again.

    Supposing you are changing not only 'Patches for users' but 'Patches for testers', 65M is "physically impossible" with 3GOP with this matrix in 24H.

  • i only changed setting in patches for end users. so i guess things didnt change at all?

  • @phazedreality818

    i only changed setting in patches for end users. so i guess things didnt change at all?

    About the substantial bit rate, I think that it has hardly changed. Since the optimal value is decided through the test of huge quantity about the set point of the bitrate, though changed, you should make an only slight change. :-)

  • ok ok. thank you kind sir, for taking the time to explain some of this to me.

  • @phazedreality818 You are welcome! :-)

    Since I also considered that it was the same as you one year or more ago, I understand your feeling well. Moreover, since possibly there were other users who try the same thing, it was a good question. Also in other persons' setting, this situation is the same.

  • i have another question. when i put my 64gb card in, it says something like 124minutes until card is full, but when i tested the spanning, its much longer than 124 minutes. it was actually more like 3 hours and 15 minutes. is there any reason for the disparity?

  • Although I am not detailed about it, I am imagining that the camera has probably calculated remaining time on the assumption that the maximum bit rate. I think that a gap will arise since the maximum bitrate is hardly reached in an actual shot.

  • i see i see. thank you again brother

  • @phazedreality818 hacked GHx cameras don't show exactly how much time is left. The bitrate can also vary a lot between static or action scenes, did you notice how rapidly the speed of the seconds (time left) can change while recording is on?

  • @bkmcwd Good Sire, which is the most stable setting (amongst your patches) with playback in camera option for 24p and 720p 60fps narrative work? Would you recommend cinema smooth or 444 matrices for such work?

  • @Aashay Hi, :-)

    which is the most stable setting (amongst your patches) with playback in camera option for 24p and 720p 60fps narrative work?

    I recommend you GOLGOP3-13-A or GOLGOP3-13-A2(BETA4). And GOP3ZILLA-3 is added to these.

    Would you recommend cinema smooth or 444 matrices for such work?

    Supposing you consider that the playback in a camera is important, I will not recommend Valkyries to you. In 24p, it could not often playback in a camera. However, the high version which I am testing now is very stable in all the scenes.

  • Here in Siberia is very cold, about - 40 degrees Celsius. Video made by two cameras - panasonic, gh2 - Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO 2 Candidate1.5e and conventional camcorders - sd600.

  • @Shon Thanks for nice footage. Cold is transmitted even to me...

    Since new Valkyrie Cinema Smooth is also released soon, please also use it. :-)

  • @shon: nice footage. everything i have seen about siberia so far looks really lovely. Just the cold and the moscitos in summer would kill me!

  • @bkmcwd Awesome progress on Valkyrie, I took a look today at some of the new settings and they are really fuckin excellent. Some of the videos are superbly making use of the cbrandin matrices to their full potential. A very merry Christmas to you bk.

  • @driftwood Many thanks for your kind words, mate! As for me, being evaluated highly from you is always gladdest. :-)

    It is very difficult to stabilize the matrix of Chris as you also know. Although I would like to also further improve Valkyrie which adopted your Flat4 matrix, time cannot be taken easily. Since time will be taken still more until VK hacks GH3, I am going to do my best thoroughly.

    I also hope your Christmas is full of joy, Nick.

  • @shon Siberia footage looks great. I really like the first 45 seconds. Thanks for posting

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