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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • Music video shot with moon T5.

  • @driftwood Good heavens Nick!

    Moon T5 has been my stock patch since its creation. But with all the hubbub about T7 I had to give it a spin. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Feels and looks like Moon T5 but with a cinema lens subtle softness. Really nice.

    So far with Moon T7 • 24p High Spans • SH 720 60p Spans

  • @maddog15 I agree with you. In my REALLY humble opinion, T7 Is maybe the final of the Moons. To be honest, even with the soft matrix, the old Nikkor and FD lenses work perfectly with it. And as Driftwood says, if you are good in post, you can almost get the "raw feeling" from the footage. Nt as good as raw, but amazing easy to grade it.

    Maybe I'm still in love with Sednas and Intravenus, specially when I don´t have time or mood to deal with too much post grading, but maybe Moon T7 is the most "pro" of all the hacks I never saw.

    And about the cards...If you've got an GH2 for around 800$ (plus lenses)...and you get a hack that can make that camera compite with other ones that cost around 2.995$ (in their times). Spend a little bit more money in a really good SD CARD than let you work with these amazings hacks without trouble, it´s (always for me) absolutely worth it.

    To be honest...I probably won´t ever sell my GH2...thanks to people like Vitaly and Nick.

  • Please Mr. Driftwood, what is the best patch to make my GH2 works like a a cine câmera? (película 35mm: Aaton, Panavision, Arri, etc) You have a lot of great patches but which you recomender for my purposes? Thank you so much! Paulo.

  • @Driftwood, i dont want to distort the thread, but but regarding what you say about RAW, made ​​me think of something that I thought, but I dont dared to tell for seems like an inept, I've seen some short comparatives video from the RAW's Canon and AVCHD from the GH2 and the difference in favor of the Canon is minimal, while not scientific test.

  • @Manu4Vendetta The difference between 8-bit compressed and RAW really depends on what you are shooting. :)

    Last year I did a shoot - all outdoors, 100% natural light, no reflectors, etc. - for a music video. It was mostly shot with a RED Scarlet and a GH2 using an older @Driftwood hack. Now that was REDRAW wavelet, and of course higher resolution and a different camera but here is what I can tell you without equivocation.

    The GH2 looked great when (and only when) I played to the camera's strengths. I mean, I really loved the way it looked.

    But there were several shots that I could ONLY shoot on a camera with a wide dynamic range and a higher bit-depth. Maybe there were intermediate solutions that would have done a good job and it didn't have to go all the way RAW... but there are things you can do with more advanced codec solutions that are VERY difficult to do shooting with any form of 8-bit AVCHD or H.264, because they essentially require controlling the environmental lighting (or carefully planning or limiting your movement to account for it).

    On the shoot I was on, that was not practical. The only cameras I can think of that could have pulled it off all are capable of shooting some version of RAW (even if only "pseudo-RAW" with baked in aspects). So we used one that did and filled in the shots that the GH2 could not do.

    EDIT: Just to clarify, there were several shots that included lots of detail in both the shadows and bright sky, especially the colors in both - and later the other colors of the sunset and the sun itself. That was part of what made it so tricky.

  • I shot a music video with the Moon t5 hack. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

  • @thepalalias Hey Per, I think I remember you posting a link to that before. Can you repost the link if I remember correctly?

  • @vicharris Good memory - I'm flattered. :)

    Unfortunately, it was a private link that I just showed to a few people from the site. Once the music video is released (it got delayed a long time when the album launch got delayed) I'll finally be able to put it up to share with everyone.

    In the meantime, if anyone wants to see it, just message me for a password protected link. :)

  • I tried to get stable 30p on long shots and no luck yet.

    DREWnet T9 variable speed 80% - camera hangs after 1 hour of recording (56 GB). Tripod, iA and iDynamic off, continuous focus off, Shutter speed priority, auto ISO, Panny lens

    Spizz5 HBR30 Random recording stops. 10-40 min

  • Extreme Pro 95/64

  • Short test with Moon T7. 24p. Graded in davinci resolve.

  • @paulo It's not just a matter of which patch use to get a "filmic look". In fact, you CAN get this kind of look with GH2 using any patch, even with the original firmware. The main key is light.

    Yes, the hack plays a very important role on this process, avoiding macroblock artifacts, ugly noise and stuff that I don't have technical knowledge to explain, but it's only a part of the job. And no, you can't get a cinematic feeling on your footage just because you installed a patch. If you search for videos recorded with any hack, you will see that some looks amazing and some looks just like a cheap camcorder. The same hack, and the same camera. Why?

    There are at least 5 important things to get cinematic footages. And in my opinion, and specially when talking about GH2, the most important topic is the light. Not the amount of light, it's not how much do you light the scene, but how you do it. If you get the light to properly work for you, so you will be able to choose a patch and understand in practice the difference between them.

    That said, I recommend you the last Moon T7; Sedna AQ1 (a little instable but very beautiful); and Flowmotion 2.02. Any of these will provide a quality image for your purpose.

  • Just got back from my first paid shoot using Moon Trial 7 (set D for true 24 fps). The SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB we all know and love worked flawlessly, as did the SanDisk Extreme 128 GB 45 MB/s card.

    I can't wait to edit and grade this stuff.

  • Gh2 goes Big. T7 middle earth.

  • hello,,

    has anyone proved definitively that moon t7 runs at true 24 fps?

    if so, how; and, if not... how can we figure it out?

  • @pop24 That looks amazing man. Great job. What lens are you using for the wide angle fisheye?

  • @x_worpig_x i used the walimex fisheye and the 12mm hyperprime, thanks :-)

  • @flaschus: Every player and video editor here proves 24.000fps, even MediaInfo.

  • yes yes you are correct, I should restate my question,,,

    23.976fps footage encoded at 24fps,

    is different than capturing 24 images a second...

    and encoding at 24fps...

    which is it? and, how could we find out...

  • Driftwood's Moon T7 & Lumix 20mm - 1080_25p

    Smooth -2,-1,0,-1

  • @producer: please have a look at my posts the 23rd of July (same topic)... Here is a quote: "The mts file is seen as 24fps, but I cannot get 24fps with sound with 5DTORGB or Clipwrap. I will try with FCPX

    Edit: In FCPX, the original .mts file is seen as 23.98fps, not 24fps... Still searching..."

    I second @flaschus: it seems that there is still a missing information about how to use 24fps hack with 5dtorgb, clipwrap and fcpx as none of these software recognize the clip at 24fps but always as 29.976 fps. Maybe you can help providing informations?

  • @flaschus

    According to Nick, he did set it up to shoot at 24 fps for set D.

  • Quick Moon T7 test. 1080/24p Canon FD 28mm F2.8

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