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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • @tomson8877

    lol that was insane, good stuff

  • Little tests for DrewNet T9

  • @sleepy32 nice.....what did you use to resize it to 2048x1536 ?

  • @dado23 Thanks. I just add a Cinemascope croplines layer on top of the video, and exported as HD anamorphic, if thats what I think you are asking haha.

  • In case you missed it: The Soldier (Short FIlm) - Shot on a Panasonic GH2 with Cluster X Spizz Trial 5. Looking forward to T6.

  • Download the latest version of Spizz T6 here and let me know your thoughts regarding 24p (other modes are being fine tuned). Its pretty special. The final version of Spizz T6 will be released shortly.>>

    The test shots are pretty random and handheld (untouched, but some stabilization in post). Mostly shot in 1080p24 - a few scenes in 720p60 (slow motion). At first glance I´m pretty satisfied but please build your own opinion. If someone knows a better patch with similar datarates please let me know...

    Picture Style: Standard Settings: -1, -1, +-0, -1 Kit Lens 14-140 Music: Cinema Orchestra

  • @Bozzie, that's really nice.

  • Driftwood - I just wanted to say, i did a day's shoot using Moon T7 using HBR mode (Gh2 as B cam to FS700) and i'm blown away how good this stuff looks. Yes there's still all the usual GH2 flaws, noise in dark areas etc, but Moon T7 just makes this camera as good as i can imagine its ever gonna get. Really lovely settings these, It cuts with FS700 footage no problem at all and outshining it in many respects.

    i'm never going back to Flowmotion!

  • I agree with the Moon T7 comments. My initial tests look absolutely fantastic. I'll be doing some more "Kitchen Sink" testing to evaluate noise and block artefacts when I get some free time.

  • I also have to say Moon T7 looks incredible, having spent a few days with it. I am spoiled though, as I only just got my GH2 last week, so T7 is all I've ever known on this camera.

    I did notice one thing- and I am a noob with this hack, so forgive me if this is a stupid question- but a lot of my shots from the beach the other day came out at between 50-70mbits/s... about half came out at 140mbps or so. Is this normal, does the subject matter/complexity of the shot change the bitrate? Could it be my card? Even the 50mbps shots looked great, so not complaining, just wondering if I'm missing something.

    *Sorry, also, using setd of Moon T7, all my shots are still coming out 23.97, not 24p. What am I doing wrong?

  • @briwill

    "does the subject matter/complexity of the shot change the bitrate?" AND "Is this normal."

    Yes and yes.

  • Sorry if this has already been asked but will a sandisk 128gb sdxc 45mb/s card be fine to handle Moon T7?

  • @lmackreath Only from my personal experience - After trying nearly all of the Cluster X2 series patches when driftwood first released them, nothing was perfectly "stable" until I bit the bullet and bought the SanDisk 64GB 95MB/s Extreme Pro Card. Since then... never had a problem. Hate to admit it because I still feel the cost of that little plastic card is absolutely ridiculous, BUT this is the one time where "You get what you pay for" rings true.

    That said I know a lot of folks have used the card you mentioned with some of the hacks. Which ones.. don't know.

  • Thank you. And I'll throw in there that I'm using a Patriot EP Series 64GB Class 10 card, 35/MBs, and it works flawlessly with Moon T7.

  • All the new Cluster X settings appear to be working with a myriad of Extreme cards. :-)

    I say that these settings are absolutely beautiful quality. Now try and prove me wrong.

  • @lmackreath My Extreme 16Gb 45MB/s also works with Cluster X but it does not span. I would like know if a sandisk 128gb sdxc 45mb/s card would span! Does it span?

  • Spanning is one area that seems hit and miss. It would be great if Moon T7 had the 'L' mode @ 24fps which was a reliable long take 'spanner', but i can't really complain. For most purposes these settings are gorgeous.

  • It looks like Moon T7 is too much for a G3 to handle in well-lit high-detailed scenes, as it occasionally freezes during recording (amazing in low light though). Are there any plans to make a less demanding GOP-1 setting, just like FSH in the old Slipstream #3? Thanks!

  • Job shooted mostly with Moon T7.

  • Using Moon T7, setd- can anyone help me figure out why my clips are still coming in at 23.97 and not 24p?

  • @Bozzie Soldier was really well done. Congrats.

  • Wish I had paid attention to spanning issues on moon T7 before applying -I was shooting a wedding proposal where there was a flash mob first then the proposal(8min total) and one of my 2 cams didn't span-- luckily I had the 64gig 95MBs in the hand held(on a flycam nano) but I was shaking REALLY bad because of a back injury that happened that morning and the flycam didnt help much.... so now all I have of the proposal is a jello jiggle mess and the wide shot from a 7D across the street.... that aside the image quality was bomb on Moon graded nice too... dont get me wrong... why I didn't just use a lesser quality or 3gop patch is beyond me.

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