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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • @Driftwood. Excellent Job on EVERYTHING that you do. Would it be possible to have a version of Moon T7 with the sharpness matrix of Moon T5 for TV work or instances where a sharper image would be appreciated. This would be great.

  • @driftwood Correct. 720p60 Only.

    24H works flawlessly for me so far. (Playback, spanning, overall stability) Even when I've recorded a 720p60 file and a 24H file on the same card the 24H file will playback in camera where the 720p60 file still gives the error message. Moon T7 set "e"

    Hope this helps and thank you.

  • @soundwizard99

    Why wouldn't you just use Moon T5 for your "sharper" stuff? It's been as reliable as stock firmware for me on 720 60p and 1080 24H modes. Is there something else about T7 that T5 doesn't do for you?

  • @nobbystylus. for 80% slow motion recording use 24L setting and it should work.

  • @driftwood sorry for that it was moon7 set e I was referring

  • @Azo

    Sorry about the delay in responding. Been shooting all week.

    I have not had any issues using the SanDisk Extreme 128GB card using any Driftwood patch, including AN DREWnet, Cluster X DREWnet Trial 8, Moon Trials 5, 6 and 7. They all work flawlessly, they all span just fine with this card.

  • @rlima The 32 GB card is known not to span with these high bitrate patches. It sounds like that's the problem you weer having. Stick to using the 64 GB or 128 GB cards instead. They both work just fine with these demanding patches.

  • moon t7 set e. thanks @driftwood. password: speedbooster

  • @thepalalias @Craig_R @Jim_Simon

    Thank you for providing feed back on the cards. I originally looked at the larger cards but thought that it would not work. Good to know that it works, bummer about the cards being super thin though. I guess if you use the usb port to transfer footage you wouldn't have to worry about wearing out the sd card. But that would take really long :( Tradeoffs = Cheaper larger cards with slower transfer rates, or faster smaller cards that are not only faster but probably more reliable with @driftwood/@bkmcwd higher end patches.

  • @maddog15 Today as a test I recorded in 720p in Moon T7 (set e) on a 32gb SD card at just 30mbps write speed (the slowest card I have right now) and it spanned without issue until I turned it off at 1 hour and 20 minutes. I had to power cycle to achieve in camera playback, but no problems other than that. Maybe you've got a bad card(s)?

  • Slightly off topic. But still I want to share it with you. I`ve been traveling for the last seven months. On board was a GH2 and a GoPro Hero 2. During the last seven months a lot of awesome fine tuning happened. I would have loved to use the new settings, but when you are traveling, your head is somewhere else and sometimes you even forget to turn on the GoPro. Well in this short I used driftwoods (old) "boom" setting (at least that's what I remember). For the next project I will try out Moon T7. Thx for all the effort!

  • @Jim_simon @jumo thanks for your effort. Have you also tested the HBR ,FSH , SH and İA modes as well with your cards?

  • Same in here, all the test with Moon T7 were rock solid with 64gb card. Just the issue in the 720p playback. No major problems.

    Probably very easy to fix by Driftwood.

  • Tried Drewnet T9 the whole day after a week with Moon T7. No any issues with Moon T7, but Drewnet T9 doesn't allow playback in camera. The only possible way is to switch off and then on, going directly to the playback. I don't think it's a card issue since no any with Moon T7.

  • MOON T7 Stills for upcoming short: THE SHED

    The Shed_1.9.1.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 900K
    The Shed_1.21.1.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 877K
    The Shed_1.27.1.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    The Shed_1.26.1.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    The Shed_1.36.1.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 740K
    The Shed_1.56.1.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1006K
  • @Driftwood Lastest attempt moon T7: with Toshiba 60W/90R card. This time I used ptool 3.65D just to see if it differs anything. So far 24H works like magic, HBR,FSH,SH modes work. When I dial IA FSH and SH stops after 20-30 secs it says the card speed is not enough ( I respect that). Again I have to thank you and bow to you sir amazing image quality. I plan to use the cam like this for couple days and try ptool 3.66d again.

  • Is anyone else having issues with highbitrate MTS files crashing Premiere CC. I'm currently editing T7 files with 4 merged audio tracks on mac osx on various machines and getting continuous crashes. I wonder if transcoding to prores is the solution. BTW T7 footage is looking great. We are 95% complete on shooting a feature length wilderness adventure film.

  • Same here. Crash Premiere CS6 on mac OS X 10.7.5 browsing media with clips made by T7 (24P)

  • @Imaginate @abolit Hmmm... I'm wondering if it's possibly a CS6 and CC issue, I'm running 5.5 right now, haven't experienced a single problem like you guys are having... and I've been working with a LOT of T7 footage the last couple of weeks (probably 25-30 hours of it, for varying projects in varying environments). Any luck transcoding to ProRes? MTS files memory leak on my Mac, which compounds the performance issue, and I've found that the Moon series is particularly hard on NLE's (compared to stock GH2 MTS files or Prores transcodes). I still edit native MTS once in a while (depending on the project budget), but in my opinion and for my system, it's ideal to transcode to ProRes. A slight workflow road bump... but I guess all that wonderful data crammed into an aging codec comes at a price!

  • @cjdincer

    I shoot everything at 24p only. This camera is just not well suited to sports, which to my mind is the only legitimate reason for NOT using 24p.

    However, I did test iA with Moon Trial 5 and had no issues.

  • @Imaginate

    I've not had any issues with bare Moon Trial 7 footage in Premiere Pro CC. However, there are currently some issues with Merged clips in CC7 (regardless of media type).

    Give your media a workout before merging, see what happens.

  • @Jumo I'm running 10.8.4 on both my 2.53 i5 macbook pro and 21.5" 2.7Ghz i5 imac. I was thinking it might be more related the combo of highbitrate merged clips, I'm syncing an extra 4 audio tracks with the clips... so that might be adding to the already high bitrate. I originally moved to premiere from final cut so I didn't have to transcode but it looks like we might be back to square one. I know I definately don't want to go back to 5.5 there was issues with merged files and the file management is way better with CC.

  • @Imaginate I also use Premiere Pro CS6. No problems for me at all with Moon T5 or T7. Even with a multi-cam edit of Moon footage. (Mac Pro, quad core, 3.2 GHz, 32GB of RAM)

    NOTE: The one thing I do that some do not is I drop the entire "private" file into PP's project bin. Imports fine after giving the quick error window about all the other files within the packages that PP can't read or doesn't need. (I know some folks on a Mac like to dig through the package contents of the private file to the source MTS files and then drag JUST those in PP. I'm not a gear head enough to know if this makes a difference and why. But as I said no problems aside from the "once in a blue moon" crash everyone seems to have to deal with. (Sorry if gone too far off from the original topic. Perhaps this would be a better covered in a new topic?)

  • did anyone tried to use avidemux and just copy the streams into another container file?

  • just tried to covert MTS to MOV with ClipWrap. No crashes CS6

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