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18-35mm F1.8 Sigma DC zoom lens
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  • just picked up this lens with the nikon speed booster for my gh3 and wow! stunning results, sharp as a tack with smooth bokeh. unbelievable to have what is essentially a 12-25 at 1.2, wasn't sure how much better it was going to be than my lumix 12-35 2.8 but it completely worth it. couple minor issues, i get a very slight vignette at the widest focal length, but fortunately only in stills mode, no vignette in video. also fortunate, i'm not getting any chromatic aberrations in high contrast areas and i was a little worried about that. highly recommend this combo.

  • @SeekingHeartwood

    You seems to be missing proper topic :-)

  • we're talking about the 18-35 sigma 1.8 right? thats the lens i'm using. should i have talked about this in the speed booster thread instead?

  • @SeekingHeartwood

    OK. I thought that you are talking about SB alone with different lenses. As it looks, at least :-)

  • got the SB just for this lens, expensive combination, but cheaper than several separate primes

  • @SeekingHeartwood

    My bad. Can you post few samples?

  • Very much looking forward to those samples :) especially high contrast ones like lights at night
    Are you using a lens support?

  • Same here.. been eagerly awaiting some tests for that combo. The look of the 18-35 seems relatively close to c/y zeiss glass. Might get rid of the 12-35 just to accomodate it.

  • I use the sigma on my FS700 all the time. Just be careful that you will get a black corner once you go all the way to 18mm-20mm. I also use the metabone speedbooster which I can go all the way down to 1.3f. So it low light it look amazing.

    But overall this is a great lens. You see some sample here. With this footage I didn't grade it it cause I wanted people to see quality straight out of this camera. Just add a bit of denoise software on the footage that is all. On a side note I wish this lens was a bit lighter and I think for it price point it is a steal.

    With this video I darken the footage just a bit. There is a bit of noise there but I was going for that grainy looks.

  • @SeekingHeartwood That's the combo I'm going for! Where did you get the Sigma Nikon mount? Really looking forward to some footage :)

  • I want to see the 18-35 Nikon and Speedbooster on the Pocket Camera and 2.5K camera.

    If it's sharp wide open and no weird double line bokeh stuff, it will sell me on the Speedbooster.

    The SIgma is definitely a winner wide open, so this will tell the tale.

  • I thought I read somewhere that there's barrel and pincushion distortion between 1-1.9% depending on where you are in the zoom range. I'm not too familiar, but does this mean the image is warped, or are those numbers so low that the distortion is basically imperceptible to most viewers?

    +1 re sigma+spedbooster+pocket cam. Very curious what type of images could be produced from that combo.

  • @Daomay Gorgeous shots! Those super slo mo shots are envious. The day I can afford a FS700...

    So the Sigma almost covers full frame then? Speed boosted on your S35 sensor it seems pretty darn good. I suppose you're getting corner vignetting and have to crop?

  • @VK Some nice shots there - thanks for posting. I'm dedinitely trying out this Sigma 18-35 for next poject.

  • So if I want to use it for camera like GH2, I should get a GH2 with a Nikon Speed Booster? Can't I just use canon adapter with aperture nor a simple Nikon adapter with aperture?

  • @punghyang

    Nikon version must be available soon. Hence it is best idea to use Nikon adapters (including SB).

  • I'm just curious... What is exactly a speed booster? Is it all about just getting a wider angle of shot? I was planning to you it as standard zoom so loosing some angle doesn't matter. The thing is that I don't have much of Nikon Lenses around me nor my friend and school so it is quite a burden to spend $500 just for one lens. I'm sorry for keep asking questions I'm a newbie in this field and need lots of study.

  • Lens support issue solved! The speed booster has an integrated mount... Now if both the nikon lens and the mft-nikon SB would come in stock...

  • @dtr Looks like a seller on Amazon has Nikon mount Sigma 18-35, but is trying to get $899 for it, when it should be $799. Maybe contact them and ask if they'll sell for $799. Here's link - good luck.

  • I was going to trade out for the Nikon version, but remembered that I prefer the barrel rotation on the Canon (same way as cinema glass).

    So, I'll likely shell out the money to get it mount converted if the Speedbooster combo actually looks good. Wish I could just test it myself, but the conversion is supposed to take a few weeks and do not own an SB.

  • Do the Nikon mount sigmas rotate in Nikon direction?

    I should be getting my Switchable PL / EF mounted 300' rotation sigma 18-35 likely next month.