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18-35mm F1.8 Sigma DC zoom lens
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  • @matt_gh2 thanks for the tip but I'll hold out till they pop up here in NL. VAT, warranty benefits and all... Also the speedbooster is out of stock so the lens by itself would be useless to me. Don't have a regular nikon adapter.

  • I was going to post some samples of this lens, but Andrew's article should suffice for you guys

    As he says, this lens, combined with the speed booster, is a revelation.

  • Interestingly he's not using a lens support with the BMPCC.

  • I'd love to hear from someone how problematic (if at all) the lack of IS on the lens is (especially for use with the BMPCC).

    1. I don't use a lens support with it, either. You can, but most of the time it's just on the camera.

    2. IS isn't a problem really. The lens adds weight to the otherwise feather-light body, and actually helps to stabilize it. From 18-24 it's easy to hold without a cage, at 35 it gets shaky.

    With the Viewfactor cage and just the lens I can hold it fine, with my camera built out I've gotten accustomed to holding it very very steady at all ranges.

    On the topic of Speedbooster footage, if you have some @SeekingHeartwood I would love to see it. That video is over sharpened and punched in because of all the stabilization going on, thus I can't tell anything about Bokeh, sharpness wide open, etc.

    Please, if anyone else has simple footage of the SB + Sigma combo on the Pocket or 2.5K camera, I would like to see it.

  • @kholi I live in Santa Monica and have the nikon to mft speedbooster. I don't have the sigma 18-35 (yet). If you know someone local with the nikon mount I'm more than happy to do a meetup and test out the combo.

  • @vapourtrail

    =T Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a Nikon version in sight around here. If it works out, I'll probably have my canon mount converted to Nikon to keep the barrel rotation.

    I'll see if there's one at Samy's or somewhere similar to rent out.

  • I live in Long Beach, not that far from you kholi, i already have both the nikon sigma and speed booster though. was able to pick up one last week on amazon. just haven't had a chance to really go out and put the combo through it's paces.

  • @SeekingHeartwood

    Personal Messages are weird for me on the forum, sometimes they don't go through, but I sent you one with an offer to test.

  • About 50% of the video is stabilised with a small 10% crop, the rest was shot on a tripod and so on those shots the only alterations in post are the grade. Film Convert is very good, I highly recommend it.

    Bokeh is very clean on the lens. Much cleaner than the Voigtlander 25mm F0.95 and less coma.

  • Did you apply any sharpness to the video?

    Thanks for taking the time to shoot and share, as there isn't another video around with these three things together.

  • Does anyone know if the Nikon version have electronic aperture setting like the Canon or a manual setting on the lens? Thanks

  • Kholi - Some shots were sharpened a bit in post, I find the ProRes needs a bit sometimes, which is good - better than it being sharpened digitally in-camera!

    Apix - no manual aperture ring on the lens, but a mechanical lever on the back unlike Canon so you get the manual aperture ring on the Nikon G adapter.

  • Yep, thanks Andrew. Many of us have been searching for this.

  • Thanks Andrew for the info on the Nikon version

  • First time poster here! Nice to meet you all! This is my take on the Sigma 18-35 with Speed Booster on my BMCC MFT.

  • Haven't been able to find out anywhere yet. Any word on how bad this lens with speedbooster vignettes on the gh2's multi-aspect sensor?

  • @puichingho

    Thank you so much for posting this. It's a pretty informative video, and definitely answers my questions. Even after trying to test on my own (We didn't have much to test with, but very glad Adam could come out!) I couldn't decide if the booster was for me or not.

    REALLY grateful!

  • @kholi So have you made up your mind now? Lol. What do you think about the SB? Btw the Nikon version of the Sigma turns the normal way.

  • Haven't been following the conversation here but would like to know if somebody has used this lens with high end follow focus. How did it work? Asking this as the focus ring is in the end of the lens. I'm used to the Voigtländer Nokton MFT butter smooth focus ring. How does it compare?

  • @puichingho thanks for you video! when you say it turns the normal way you mean Nikon or Canon direction?

  • The Canon way.

  • @puichingho thanks! That makes me happy as a canon glass user :-)

  • I'm a bit bummed to hear the Nikon versions focus does not turn the same way as other Nikon lenses.

  • That's interesting... I guess we all assumed it was going to be the Nikon turn. But, that makes it easier for me if I do go to SB, will likely pay less and get one sooner versus a mount change.

    Thanks for the info!