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'Apocalypse Now' Experimental Series 1 Thread - BOOM, Intravenus - cbrandin/driftwood AN Soft/Cinema
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  • @driftwood is this intravenus cinema 444?? or just intravenus v1?? can i use it for all kind of shots wide mid and close??

  • Thanks cbrandin, driftwood & bkmcwd :) some frame grabs from my project.

    Apocalypse Now 444 SOFT

    Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 12.21.25 AM.png
    1280 x 714 - 1M
    Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 12.22.04 AM.png
    1281 x 715 - 1M
  • @driftwood - I'm usually shooting on the Red or the Alexa... I've been testing a lot of these hacked settings over the last couple of weeks, and I can now say with confidence it really looks incredible. Great job, it's a lot of fun testing these hacks! I made a little video for the film we are doing soon.

  • @rajamalik Ah, I wrote back to your message before I read your post here. This IV is still based on the 444 series - it explains that in the description. :)

    @monsterbox I liked the sub-titles and the editing and shots went well with the music.

    The GH2 is a great to work with. The portability, range of lenses and resolution is pretty amazing for the price. It loses out big time to the RED and Alexa options in terms of dynamic range, etc. (and to the RED if you need 4K), but it is also in an entirely different price bracket (and still supports a wider variety of lenses). And if you are outputing to 1080P or lower, the resolution really keeps up with what a lot of people need.

    It will be interesting to see how the market responds as a larger number of BMDCCs get into the wild but the GH2 retains the best video quality (in regards to resolution and on-board recording) of any hybrid (stills and video) option under $4,000 at this point.

  • @thepalalias @rajamalik: it seems its not for wider shots just like BOOM! Which would be too bad though...

  • @Mirrorkisser It worked for me in the few wider shots I tried. If you are shooting wide, just don't use a very high detail setting, especially with electronic M43 lenses - and if you are shooting wide open in the wide shot, you'll likely have an easier time.

    So feel free to test it with wide shots - just don't use it for any critical wide shots at this point. There are many more reliable options for that right now. :)

  • Here's another version of Boom - Version 2 candidate - open test for AN testers (which I have used out in Chile). Again another experimental setting. Here's the link:-

    Download Boom v2

    What's changed from Boom v1?

    • Ive been looking at ways of maintaining a high Frame limit whilst using GOP Related weighting to adjust the bandwidth strength of I frames in 24p All-Intra to achieve the same overall use of bitrate (147M max). Now its upto you to decide if its better or worse.

    • Adjusting GOP weighting for HBR/1080i and 720p modes together with maximising frame limits to achieve higher i frames in HBR and 720p modes under static conditions whilst newly including the 4444 flat matrix for these modes.

    Once again I suggest these work well on facial shots - skin tones, mid shots etc... Wide shots mean any shadow detail may we be addressed by considerably change in Q. Overall we're trying to achieve a similar look to the Boom version 1 24p mode whilst going about it in a slighty different way.

    Notably, HBR/1080i and 720p now consume around another 10mbps more datarate than version 1.

    Let me know what you think. If testers like it I'll stick it up on page one.

  • @driftwood, Boom V1 is pretty tough patch, meaning in U.S. english it is fuckin great. So...Boom v2 ummm, can it get much better, we shall see. I am assuming that one day soon all will meet a limit and the wizards will focus elsewhere... that must be coming. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Thanks

  • @driftwood. I tried Boom 2 quickly using Panny 14-140mm and Sandisk 64GB 95/mbs. 24P looks great as usual. The rest of the modes are failing with write errors after 4-5 seconds. Their quality and bitrates are high but unfortunately they fail.

  • @Zaven13 Both PAL and NTSC HBR/720p? Ill take a look at NTSC as it probaby did require a tad more adjustment even though it passed death charts at certain ISOs.

  • @driftwood. I only tested NTSC

  • @driftwood sir is it possible to release canis AM setting??? we had a disucussion about it's release long back. is it dropped if so how we can alternate Morning or mid sun time shooting?? We now have canis night and PM.

    With boom and intra Venus 1 is it possible to shoot wide open?? Any all rounder gop1 yet to be released??

  • @rajamalik All of them support shooting wide open, the question is how they handle high detail "wide angle/wide framing" shots. :)

  • @driftwood

    I just installed Boom2 and did two shots (high detail, camera moving all over the place, properly exposed everything) at 24H -- and although the remaining time indicator in the camera is exactly what it should be for something in the 140 Mbps range -- both the video files came in around 50 Mbps. One was 49 Mbps, the other 51 Mbps.

  • @onionbrain @thepalalias Thats because theres a much higher Encoder frame limit for 1080p24 which is now at 9470000 (6080808 v1) - Ive messed with GOP weighting instead - 147M is max for detailed subjects - check what happens when it goes static. Its an experiment to see how it fairs against v1 - it shoud be more effecient. Closest anology is Encoder Frame limit works like a music plugin Max limiter when used to power the GOP in conjunction with other ptools patches (as seen in 1080p24 v1).

    For example, if I push down the limit for rate control conformance for some experiments, Ive seen a natural rise throughout the GOP (tested also on p and B frames on HBR and 720 modes which go up as more power is available when trying to measure the amount i frames require) - Like in the past when Ive had to bring Frame Limit for 720p Intra down in size to work at 50p a the i frames then just about max out to the limit.

    I just want to see if peope see much difference or if it is producing similar looking footage/quality more effeciently. Some of my own tests show similar quality at a more effecient datarate/filesize. And also to demonstrate how settings change when unusual GOP Related weighting is applied.

    @rajamalik I'll bring up CM AM after I finsh this series.

  • @onbrain What f-stop, ISO, material, etc? I guess I should fast-track doing some tests today to see if the behavior is unusual.

    @driftwood Just looked through the PTool values and did not understand your frame limit comments. Did you mean..

    • 1080p24 Frame Limit
    • 1080p24 High Top Setting -1080p24 High Bottom Setting
    • 1080p24 Low Top Setting
    • 1080p24 Low Bottom Setting (default 10912)

    Because they all had defined values, so I am not sure I understand the comment. Though of course with a GOP1 setting high detail static shots would be more demanding.

  • @thepalalias no yar i mean for the wide angle shots... @driftwood thank u so much and advance wishes for CM AM . sir , what about lighting based shots?? do we have any intavenus night intavenus day and intravenus pm in this???

  • @rajamalik While @driftwood may choose to do additional settings, IntraVenus is balanced and has not been optimized for a particular lighting temperature in the way that CM Day PM and CM Night were. It handles the full color spectrum well and does not suffer from the blue issues that CM Night did (because it does not try to match CM Night's lowlight performance in the same way).

  • @thepalalias intravenus v1, is it an all rounder for wide mid and close up shots with all lenses like the nokton and the panny???

  • @rajamalik If you have time to try it for that, I would suggest doing so. It has not been certified for all uses yet and may run into issues if detail gets excessive. However, much like Mysteron was billed as an "experimental" setting but ended up working well, this one may as well.

    The image quality is high, the light handling is balanced and 24P performance has been good in the testing so far. I suggest shooting some of your own tests as soon as you can - it should work well with both the Nokton and Panasonic.

  • @thepalalias: i am also very curious about IntraVenus. An intra setting with the 444matrix that is stable, for all purposes and not too experimental would be my castle in the sky.

  • @cbrandin Hi. You published a post in this thread with a image. Message:

    The image shows a very high resolution video. This is a fake or a real frame of the original file GH2? If this is a real file, you can give a look at this example of the original file is ~ 5 seconds?

    960 x 364 - 67K
  • patch: Intravenus password: lambo

  • patch: Intravenus password: lambo

  • @lambo: looks nice! I dont drink soft drinks, but that almost makes me want to grab a coke!

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