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'Apocalypse Now' Experimental Series 1 Thread - BOOM, Intravenus - cbrandin/driftwood AN Soft/Cinema
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  • @Greek_m43 Voldermort you say? Maybe he should send his stuff to CBS lol Wow, beautiful looking images man, you brought the magic out of the slr, hope they keep bring out lenses like the 12mm...

  • @Diffusion33 I forgot that's his nickname! lol These actually start airing on CBS Sacramento tonight. I updated my post to say that.

  • Hey guys, I Just got my GH2 the other day and have been testing it out and feeling like my results aren't as clean as others are getting. I Installed the AN v7 DREWnet patch and I believe that I shot this test today at the higher bitrate setting. I used a 160 iso and I am pretty sure that i switched to 320 first to fix the iso bug. I took this blurry screenshot of the .mts file so you can focus on the noise. especially in the hair. Is it just me, or should this patch look better noise wise? sorry if I sound like an idiot who has no idea what he is talking about. I am just trying to learn.

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • Just a while a ago i deside to give Boom a try. I was shooting some lowlight scenes. I have panny 14-140 and oly 45mm lenses with me. Also i had old hp laptop to test if footages would be ok (but that was my really messy net pc not any terms ment for video). Ok i teake shoots and check footages with laptop. And arghh there was some nasty noise in clouds (i mostly use HBR in shoots). So i was ready to judge Boom to not so well patch for low light, but still i keep those footages. Back at home i still wnted to test shoots with my good monitor, and Boom noise was gone and footages where exellent. I was amazed what a hell was going on. Just yesterday i do not know why but anyway chek display settings of my old laptops display settings, and i found that display was set to 125%. So i change it back to 100%. And after that all footages work without noise. So this was only a story how things can go wrong if you do not check your gear.

  • @Jesh it's kinda hard to tell from a snapshot. Why don't you upload it to Youtube/Vimeo and let us see the whole thing? I've been getting fantastic results from the patch. Bill @

  • @Jesh

    I used 160 iso and I am pretty sure that i switched to 320 first to fix the iso bug

    Unless that's a typo, then you are victim of the ISO bug, you need to select something from the centre row: 200 400 800 1600 .. before selecting anything in the upper row

  • @Jesh

    Snapshot usually is best way to show small details. Vimeo and youtube compression will ruin most of clips.

  • Yep its out! Hope we get some infos on its soon :)

  • Hopefully Nick is being reticent because it's so bloody good! I'm stuck at work without my GH2, ho hum.

    Cheers Nick.

  • @driftwood Intravenus v1 - all-I except 720p - 1080i does not work well, the frame doubles the frame rate for some reason 30 frames per second, and should be 29.970. Even sandisk extreme 95MB / s 64 gb does not work, the video recording is terminated at the fourth second.

  • PAL / NTSC ? Can you try and reinstall and ensure youre using latest ptools. Can you check HBR mode.

  • @driftwood: please excuse my slow brain, but what is the main goal of IV? Is it based on the 444 matrix? For which situations is it intended? Thank you very much!! Trying it out right away

  • @driftwood

    Intra Patched Status Update Request

    Hey, I'm a bit unclear on where the intra/boom stuff is headed. Do you still have plans to work up a general use intra patch with cbrandin-based matrices? Both AN settings (BOOM and IV) are listed as experimental and for mid-closeup shots only.

  • Mirrorkisser Still writing it up...

  • @driftwood Certainly NTSC, pal does not happen in the frame 29.970. ntsc-1080i, to be 29.970, and the result is exactly 30, so there should be.

  • I'll take a look later.

  • @driftwood Are there any plans to release a sharp version of Intravenus ? As it goes I've been shooting with the AN Nebula sharp2 a lot recently with old and soft lenses and I'm in love with it.

  • @driftwood So IV is not for wide shots just like BOOM!? Thx

  • @B3Guy Intravenus v1 is just the Intra version of what was released in Cluster v7 versions before. All are based on the extreme matrices of Chris's. The Smooth Cinema setting is another of his matrices which will also be offered soon. If you want one single setting there's a few settings out there who concentrate on one look.

    Boom is wildly experimental - no apologies for it. The learning curve has been beneficial and in the future who knows could provide the basis of future GH3 stuff.

  • @Stray Yes for sure mate. Cluster v8 will explore sharper more powerful settings in Long GOP structures. Each will be tested on your excellent colour chart of death - used by all my tests - which has seen other popular settings fail or produce very poor dpb (decoded picture buffer) problems. ;-).

  • Great stuff I look forward to trying them out. I'm glad to know that the deathchart is still getting use. The thing that gets me about the look of sharp2 is that yes its softer, but not that much softer. The resulting look seems to make the detail in a shot pop more than it does with other settings (this is also true in AN soft, but its not as dramatic). I particulary notice this when shooting people, close ups against neutral but not blank backgrounds. It looks amazing, the first setting in a long while that makes it feel like I'm using a different camera.

  • @kavadni oops, I think I went from 200 to 160, but the fact that i even wrote that makes me question myself. I figured that you guys look at a lot of hacked footage and would be able to tell the difference between noise with and without the bug. I am just wondering if the snapshot looks like it has the amount of noise that the drewnet patch would give a daylight shot at 160 iso? to me it looks a lot worse than what I have seen some of you guys getting with the patch. or any gh2 patch to be honest.

  • @Jesh I loked at it and there is noise. I expect it's BUG noise and I stick to the second ISO row to avoid it. My experience with AN Drewnet soft is that it's extremely low noise and works well with sharp lenses as well as soft.

  • @peternap Thank you. I guess ill try using other ISO options. It is such a shame since the native ones are the ones with the bug.

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