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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100Mbps Fast Action Performance & Reliability for Class 10 SD cards
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  • Ok I worked out how to install the settings into i just click F again to load the settings of the hack? Sorry, I'm new to hacking.

  • Do I need to manually do anything when I apply the hack? Like this? -

    I would greatly appreciate some help with this, as I said I am new to applying hacks.

  • can you tell me the main differance between the Flow motion v2.0 hack and the Vluster v6 drewnet that I use at the moment.

    Thank you! (Getting crazy at the moment!)

    Kind regards,


  • @byron_jo After launching PTool and loading Panasonic's GH2 firmware v1.1, hover your mouse over the "F" button and you should see a pop-up confirming that it contains the Flow Motion v2.02 patch. There is no need to make any manual adjustments, simply click the "F" button and save the patched firmware to your hard disk with an incremented number in the filename. Then copy the patched firmware file to an SD card and use it to update your camera. The patched firmware only needs to be installed once, and the camera will continue to use it until you install a different patch or revert back to the unhacked firmware.

  • Oh great, thanks man! I thought that was how it worked. Just wanted to be sure. When you said save as an 'incremented number', you mean instead of it being saved as V1.1.bin I would save it as say V1.3.bin or something?



  • oh wait, do i type in 0x0111 to get the increment? Sorry for being incredibly stupid...haha!


  • @johnnygh2 I haven't tested Cluster v6 so I can't comment on its motion picture quality. On a technical level, it's a long-GOP patch that uses conservative peak bitrates and coarser quantization tables on its P and B-frames than on its I-frames. This should make it a good choice for users who want a patch that improves on the unhacked firmware without producing large video files.

    Flow Motion v2 is a short-GOP patch that uses moderately high bitrates to virtually eliminate macroblock artifacts in the most demanding fast-action shooting conditions. It uses custom quantization tables designed to produce B and P-frames of the same quality as its I-frames. This makes it a good choice for users who want a patch that delivers motion picture quality comparable to all-Intra 24p patches at about half the file size, and without compromising the quality of HBR modes.

    For more details on Flow Motion v2 features, see the first post in this thread.

  • @byron_jo Just increment the last digit in the filename so it's not the same name as the original "GH2__V11.bin" firmware.

  • @LPowell,

    I just got an 32gb 95mb/s Sandisk Extreme Pro card and I can record OK (fantastic IQ btw) in all modes, except 720 60P SH. I'm not using any of the modes you said that could freeze the camera in OP and the message I have is that I don't have speed to write at the card, it records 6 seconds and stop with the message. Is that normal? I thought the 95mb/s card was supposed to work with almost all hacks and modes (no file spanning)

    Here a stream parser picture:

    1200 x 625 - 234K
  • On PTool v3.66 there's a version increment setting (see pic below) that allows you to change it. Do i skip this and just change the file name when I save the new firmware?



    Screen Shot 2012-08-12 at 11.21.27 PM.png
    376 x 623 - 32K
  • @zcream Is there anything other than unreleased settings, using the new cbrandin martix ?

  • @byron_jo There's no need to manually alter anything in the main PTool window. Just click the "F" button, then click the "Save Firmware" button, and type in an incremented filename. The only reason to increment the filename is so you don't overwrite the original Panasonic firmware file on your hard disk.

  • @alkasber Reformat your SD card to make sure it isn't fragmented and see if recording still fails in "SH" mode. Then try shooting the scene that failed in 720p60 "H" mode. If that records without error, there may be an auto-exposure feature set in "SH" mode that is causing it to fail.

  • Awesome man! I really look forward to testing this hack out soon, from the reports it sounds amazing! Will let you know! :)

  • @peternap The Apocalypse settings use the cbrandin matrix

  • More Flow Motion footage. Decided to grab a few nature shots to see how they compared to my earlier stuff shot with Driftwood patches. Gotta say, this patch keeps on impressing.

  • @zcream I knew that but it's still in the experimental stage. Nothing that's been released yet.

  • Has anyone ever read this? It's an interesting read...this guy claims that the official firmware update is the best and also had good things to say about Flowmotion V.1. My question is also, how does this hold up after color grading and more compression?

  • shot by hand with the Nokton 25mm only f/0.95

  • @byron_jo The official firmware argument is old hat. Do a search for a good discussion.

    V1 was good but IMO, not as gradable as others out at the time....but very stable.

    Lee had his magic hat on when he developed V2.2 and again IMO he set the pace for a stable, gradable setting that preformed well in 720p.

  • @Lambo Nice close-up camera work at f0.95!

  • thanks ! @LPowell and Thank you for the wonderful patch, none is so stable at such high bitrates ! works great for me...

  • @byron_jo The external thread you linked to is several months old, enough time for Flow Motion v1.11 to be superseded by the current version 2.02 :-)

  • Used flow motion patch

  • @DeShonDixon

    Great music vid! It's got a real sense of rythm to it. Nice work!

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