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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100Mbps Fast Action Performance & Reliability for Class 10 SD cards
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  • @tinbeo As I could say is don't buy made in China if you expect it good and last forever :-)

    Actually, I'm losing that concept. I'm finding that well made in China is as good or better than well made anywhere else....and China made junk is just as bad as junk made anywhere else.

    A lot of members here aren't old enough to remember this but, after transistors were invented. Japan, which was looked at as a 3rd world country by us arrogant Americans, started making small, inexpensive radios.

    We called them cheap Japanese junk.

    Many of us turn our noses up at Russian made guns...which are as ugly as a fat lady in Spandex, but they're built like a tank.

  • Thanks guys for all the comments. I suspect a couple of things could have gone wrong with my cam: could be an accumulation of lead deposits, as @dailhard, suggested, but I suspect it's something more insidious. Think poorly designed batteries do screw up the internal circuitry and perhaps I am paying for it.

    @tinbeo, we are not condemning made in PRC goods here. As @peternap said, the well made ones are really good. But there are many of these ersatz, bad copies that are proliferating in the market, and unsuspecting users like me will get into trouble at some point.

    I tried to steer clear of third party bats, but the originals are really too expensive. Maybe now I know why there is a price difference between cheap and original bats.

  • @kazuo the original batteries are cheap but only in the us, a sad fact in the electronics (conspiracy)trade...europe is the most screwed in this regard. Even with the cheaper gas a few years back the prices have always been jacked up, due to stupid tax regulations, lack of competition and plain speculation. But there are (al)ways to get around the systems ; ) Back to the batteries , chinese substitutes are gambling with low risk but , crap can happen. And faulty cameras do exist. i got long time ago a konica minlota (made in japan) digital camera and made 5 pictures before it died on it fixed and still works with its mighty 3mpixels! again, hope you get your camera back soon.

  • I downloaded media inspector, files are only at 21mbps, dont think the hack is installed right. i fail at life! anyone got any pointers?

  • @robtilbury Put the camera in Creative Movie Mode and press the ISO button. If you are able to select ISO all the way up to 12800, the patched firmware has been installed correctly.

    The encoder will only use as much bitrate as the scene requires. Maximum bitrates will occur only with well-lit, highly-detailed, and sharply-focused subjects. What counts is motion picture quality, bitrate is only one means to that end.

  • I ran a test today with the FlowMotion patch. Some details in the shots exhibit quite a bit of noise at iso 640. I refer to the noise exhibited on the door in the background.

    Did anyone else experience something similar with the patch? Should there be such noise at this iso? I didn't think ISO 640 was too high.

    Noise is more apparent if I stop down the aperture.

    These were shot using NOSTALGIC film mode, All -2. I wanted the final output to be black and white and I did some grading in Premiere, some noise was gone, but some still remained. Is that normal?


    Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 8.58.01 PM.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 8.58.30 PM.png
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
    Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 8.58.57 PM.png
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
    Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 8.26.28 PM (2).png
    1680 x 1050 - 2M
  • @mastroiani Noise is generated by the image sensor and that is not affected by the hack. Nostalgic tends to show more noise than other film modes, you might find the following discussion of interest:

  • I finally went out and put some effort into a test shoot. I wanted to see what this camera could do with bad, street-lit urbanscape. I didn't shoot with high ISO; I never went past 2000. (Download original .mp4 file for best quality.)

    Password is: gh2

    • GH2 w/ Flow Motion v2.02
    • Canon EF Sigma 30mm f/1.4
    • Canon FD 50mm f/1.4
  • Sorted! working great. love it

  • @brettplank When I click the link to your video, Vimeo gives me a Permission Denied page with no way to enter a password?

  • @LPowell The privacy settings were changed. You should be able to watch it now.

    How do I properly embed Vimeo videos on this forum?

  • @brettplank just place the video url, thats all 48090047without the space

  • @mozes Thank you, sir.

  • My latest web based event video from San Francisco shot with GH2, 14-140 kit lens, Flowmotion v2, 1080i FH mode, 29.97fps ( I needed interlaced format for a separate Universal Sports TV project), ND4 on all exterior shots, smooth -2-2-2-2, Senny K6 direct to camera audio, no CC other than a substantial exposure lift in post due to GH2 under exposing ( read as camera operator not used to shooting in gloomy conditions and misinterpreting the GH2 histogram :-) )

    Vimeo upload file was only 5Mbps

    Grey, foggy day, quite challenging conditions, shot from rear of an open 27ft boat.

  • I finally did a film with my GH2 using LPowell Flow Motion v2.02 Patch. Thanks to Vitaliy Kiselev an LPowell! It is VERY stable. Even at 35 degree centigrade (95 degree Fahrenheit). ;-)

  • @Rambo I don't have the bandwidth to play your video right now, but I've been looking forward to it. Thanks for putting it up!

  • @brettplank very stable shots. What did you use?


  • Delete this

    Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 4.13.16 AM.png
    421 x 110 - 24K
    Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 4.14.18 AM.png
    454 x 198 - 29K
  • @SightfulProd

    You used the correct procedure but if after power cycling the camera you were able to record without formatting the card it means that you do not switched on PAL. NTSC/PAL have a different file system so you cannot record on a card formatted in a different mode. After recording did you check again the "wrench" menu?


  • a work for the 2011 training

  • @Rambo Well done. It must have been a bit intense as the Bay is always very windy through the gate and then add a bit of choppy water, and what do you get.......

  • @LongJohnSilver Only a tripod set up against my body. No steadicams or rigs.

  • @exilenorth, thanks, actually we were hoping for more wind as the racers are chasing wind waves to ride. The bigger the better for me, but the fog and mist in the air was causing me some issues with spots on the lens. Salt water spray coming upwards I'm used to handling, but fine mist airborne and coming down is harder to avoid.

    I've done this event for the last 3 years and yet to crack a sunny day yet, but that's Summer for you in San Fran.

  • Here's an unedited comparison between Flow Motion v2.02 and Apocalypse Now 6-GOP 444 Soft:

    Flow Motion v2.02 @ HBR 1080p30:

    Apocalypse Now 6-GOP 444 Soft @ HBR 1080p30:

    Both clips were shot hand-held with a Panasonic Lumix X 45-175mm f4-5.6 @ 45mm f8, ISO 200.

    See the post below for unedited 200% frame grabs.

  • Here is "Flowmotion v2.02" with my Lumix GF2 test, with and without Color Correction. As an experience editor and colorist, I beginning to like my camera and decided not to sell it off... (well, almost did!).

    This video comes with download links to all the MTS files used in the video in the decription area of the video, if anyone want to test it out. I'm not sure how long the link will last, but it's there.


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