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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Who on here have had Covid already ?

  • Tested positive yesterday. Till now very mild symptoms.

  • Zoom is doing pretty well. The company reported $777.2 million in revenue during its third quarter, well over 4x its revenue from the same quarter last year. That’s now two quarters in a row that Zoom’s revenue has quadrupled.

    This guys are selling you something that must be free, actually specially inserting themselfs to be intermediary and storing meetings that they are interested in (and transcripts from 100% of others) and selling data from it.

  • Prices of drugs and total sold volume change in Mordor region



    640 x 842 - 88K
    645 x 917 - 94K
  • On Mordor statistics and reports

    The regions seem to provide underestimated data on deaths from coronavirus to both databases - both the CIC and the Federal Register. In these regions, the excess mortality rate, according to Rosstat from April to September, is 20-120 times higher than the mortality rate from coronavirus according to the Stopcoronavirus.rf website and the ICC database. Such a difference can only mean deliberate distortion of information at the level of data collection in hospitals or during their processing in regional governments.

    Only 20-120 times difference :-)

  • Only 20-120 times difference

    those mother fuckers. Only between 20 and 120

  • @endotoxic

    It is only in some regions and if you calc it to all excessive deaths. Problem is that many of them are also from having all hospitals focused on one thing only and others comes from stress and people sitting inside.

  • You know...what doesn’t kill you makes you strong.

  • @stonebat

    No, it doesn't, at least it is not true for any virus or bacteria, as it is scientifically proven that they can only make you sicker and weaker, including internal organs damage.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned that the development of a vaccine has led people around the world to believe in a quick end to the coronavirus pandemic. The organization has dispelled illusions on this score. The head of the organization, Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus, admitted that progress in vaccines is undoubtedly encouraging, but it is still not worth relaxing.

    “WHO is concerned about the growing feeling that the COVID-19 pandemic is over,” he said and pointed out that now in many regions of the world there are foci of a very high spread of the virus, and this puts enormous pressure on doctors and structures of the health system in general.

    It is time to do some investigation on WHO and hang few of them so they just start to feel some responsibility.

  • It is just the beginning

    Scientists have identified a mutation in SARS-CoV-2 that allows it to elude detection by antibodies developed to fight infection, Nature reports, citing research preprint.

    Scientists note that some of these changes are widespread in those infected with COVID-19, and a mutation that resists the entire set of antibodies has been found in the Netherlands and Denmark.

    A number of mutations have affected a protein segment called the receptor binding domain (RBD), which the virus uses to enter cells. One of these mutations masked the virus from the entire cocktail of antibodies, and some others eluded selectively from one of three antibodies.

  • More HIV like.

    This is proper bad news

  • Hospital beds in Mordor, capitalism efficiency is easy to see


    If you look for exSocialist countries they have similar charts and they also almost match with falling births charts.

    Remember - capitalism is not made for you and me, it is made for greedy bastards who do not care about everyone else.

    800 x 464 - 51K
  • US system is also "efficient"



    Note that turning point is exactly same :-) As parasites flow into system become staggering instantly as elites started to think that they won't need more or less efficient system due to exUSSR fall.

    545 x 358 - 26K
    505 x 424 - 35K
  • image

    And suddenly ruling class forgot about smoothing the curve and similar things.

    Now it is "fuck the people need to save the rotten system".

    707 x 952 - 69K
  • The possibility of limiting the movement of Mordor slaves between regions and within them must be considered as a measure to combat the pandemic, Mordor Preparation for Death (aka Health) Minister Mikhail Murashko said on Monday.

    "The second wave shows us that the emerging foci within the country probably require consideration of a certain restriction on the movement of slaves, including between the subjects, and sometimes also within the subjects in order to limit the spread of infection," Murashko said at the 12th All-Mordor Anti-Scientific practical conference with international participation "Quick Death and quality - 2020".

    I think the measure is little late, like 8 months late. May be he just woke up?

  • Germany have big plans

    The German government, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, plans to introduce a strict quarantine after Christmas, significantly strengthening existing measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. This was reported on Monday by the newspaper Bild, citing its own sources.

    According to her, the authorities are discussing an option in which from December 27 to January 3 or 10 "everything will be closed, except for supermarkets." There are also plans to start school holidays a week earlier and extend them by one week.

  • Mordor news

    Biggest hit will be since 31 December to 14 January here. As some authorities want to close all bars, food places and so on. And it is huge part of their income and most profitable time. Most of them are long time not profitable. So, up to 40% can go down and close in late January.

  • Some good news

    The WHO’s special envoy for the global COVID-19 response Dr David Nabarro suggested that social distancing and masks were something that would have to continue as a way of “treating this virus with respect.”

    “This will mean face masks and physical distancing otherwise the virus does keep on surging. The reality is it will be some months before we can dispense with these precautions,” he said.

    Dr David Nabarro tells there will be 'patches of normality' in the short term thanks to the COVID19 vaccines, but a return to normal is still a couple of years away for the world.

  • Collapse in US

    The National Restaurant Association (NRA) sent a damning letter to Congress addressing the collapse of more than one hundred thousand restaurants across the country this year because of the virus pandemic. In just the last three months, the letter said more than 10,000 eateries have closed, and thousands of others are in "economic freefall."

    "What these findings make clear is that more than 500,000 restaurants of every business type— franchise, chain, and independent—are in an unprecedented economic decline. And for every month that passes without a solution from Congress, thousands of more restaurants across the country will close their doors for good," Sean Kennedy, executive vice president of public affairs at the association, said in a letter to Congress.

  • And this is why minks and artificial COVID can be related

    Curiously, studies examining SARS‐CoV‐2's infectivity in ferrets found that it spreads readily among them, and also appears airborne in that animal model.[38] This lends support to the idea that ferrets may have been used for serial passage since viruses typically take a significant many months if not years to acclimate enough to spread at all among any new species, nonetheless become airborne, which requires further mutations.

    This relationship was further supported by reports out of the Netherlands that the novel coronavirus had spread among thirteen different mink farms there, and also to at least one farm in Denmark[39] and to another in Spain where 87% of the mink were infected.[40] Minks are a closely related subspecies of ferret that can produce fertile offspring together, and so the fact that not only did the virus spread to fifteen different farms in three countries, but also appears to have spread from minks into farm workers[41] indicates that accidental commercial serial passage through minks could have played a role in its creation, as an alternative to laboratory ferrets. Nevertheless, regardless of where any possible serial passage occurred, the fact that SARS‐CoV‐2 spreads from humans to minks and then back to humans demonstrates a high affinity for both species, despite neither nominally being a natural reservoir. Further support for the possibility that serial passage through lab ferrets or throughout mink farms played a role in the genesis of this novel coronavirus is provided by a preprint that notes the obvious ease with which it passes through the air between ferrets, since SARS‐CoV‐2 was transmitted through the air to three out of four indirect recipient ferrets monitored for airborne passage of the novel coronavirus.[42] It seems reasonable to think that SARS‐Cov‐2's apparent affinity for ferrets and minks should lead to an investigation of mink farms in the Hubei province were the novel coronavirus was discovered, since a viable pathway for its emergence could be infected bats defecating on commercial mink farms, which would loosely parallel the emergence of MERS‐CoV from herds of camels following putative fecal contamination by local bats.[43]

  • "The tourism sector employs one in ten people on earth and provides livelihoods for hundreds of millions more," said Guterres (UN Secretary General).

    Add to this even more people who work in small food business that is literally being teared apart now.

  • MAGA news

    On December 9, 3,011 Americans died as a result of the infection. The previous anti-record was set last week, when 2760 deaths were recorded. It must be noted that such high numbers of deaths in the country were last seen back in April.

  • In EU virus also already had been circulating in November

    Italian scientists said they found SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus RNA in samples from a child with suspected measles taken back in November 2019. The discovery refutes the official version about the spread of COVID-19 in Europe, according to which the virus appeared in Italy after about three months.

  • Remote work in Mordor

    Today, about 7 percent of employed citizens work remotely. Within our country, there are about 3,700,000 citizens. And the number of these citizens, even after the lifting of all restrictive measures, in our understanding, will be significant.