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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Mordor has pop of 144,000,000 no?

  • @zcream

    7 percent of employed citizens

    Not all and everyone.

  • Small business bloodbath


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  • After examining 2.2 thousand patients with COVID-19 from more than 200 UK intensive care units, scientists found the same modifications of the OAS1, OAS2, OAS3 genes, as well as TYK2, DPP9 and IFNAR2. According to the text of the publication, variations in five genes were associated with the development of a severe course of COVID-19 - according to the authors of the study, they can lead to a violation of the formation of immunity and the development of pneumonia.

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  • The German authorities are introducing strict quarantine in the country from December 16 to January 10 in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the tightening of existing measures during a press conference in Berlin.

    Merkel stressed that the number of infected continues to grow. According to her, the measures taken earlier are not enough. “We have to act and we are doing it now,” the chancellor said.

    Lot of small businesses won't make it.

  • It is just slaughter...

    Based on this week’s Alignable Q4 Revenue Poll of 9,201 small business owners, 48% could shut down permanently before year’s end.

    This number jumped from 42% just two months ago, demonstrating how several factors have converged to devastate small businesses: COVID resurgences, forced government reclosures, elevated customer fears, and a surge in online shopping at Amazon and other national ecommerce giants.

  • It is very interesting virus

    Researchers at Yale University found that "patients with COVID-19 had large amounts of antibodies in their blood that target organs, tissues and the immune system itself, rather than fighting an invading virus."

    They compared the immune responses in patients and uninfected people and “found in the former many abnormal antibodies that blocked antiviral defenses, destroyed beneficial immune cells, and attacked the body in several directions, from the brain, blood vessels and liver to connective tissue and gastrointestinal Intestinal tract ".

    Further tests showed that the more such antibodies were in the blood of patients, the more severe their disease was.

  • Google is again delaying its return to the office, although it’s now planning a change to the way people work when they get back. The New York Times has obtained company-wide email from Sundar Pichai indicating that the company will push back reopenings to September 2021.

    Google managers are very afraid of distant work (as big cuts can happen), so staff is expected to work in the office for at least three days of “collaboration,” but could spend any other days at home.

    It is very bad move by Google.

  • Crime getting bad here in California.. maybe in wrong topic ,feel free to move it,but need recommendations for pro security camera (commercial) and something for the car i drive (dash and back camera ) ,I already have been encountered with 2 different incidents last few weeks.

  • @sammy

    With dash camera it is simple - look at Amazon for dual dash camera (it is not much options), get most expensive you can get and read negative reviews on it :-) Will be simple to return if will be not good.

    For security camera - either aim for local firm offerings (who also provide monitoring) or some widely known cloud offerings like Ring, Nest, Xiaomi. It is pretty hard to understand that commercial means (as firm use same home camera for internal places and special cameras outside).

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  • 62% of small-business owners fear that the worst is still to come with COVID-19’s economic impact. Only 40% said they believe their small businesses can operate indefinitely during the current business environment.

  • The US job market continues to suffer, and Thursday brought more bad news. Another 885,000 people filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week — an increase from the week prior and higher than the 800,000 claims that economists were expecting.

    The latest figures, which are adjusted for seasonal factors and reported by the Labor Department, are particularly grim since last week’s numbers were revised up to 862,000. And even before the revision, that week had been the highest level since mid-September.

  • GDP losses


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  • At least something positive

    A staggering $4.1 billion worth of bikes (excluding e-bikes) were sold in the US between January and October 2020, a 62 percent increase over the same period in 2019, according to the NPD Group, which tracks retail trends. E-bikes showed even more momentum, with $490.8 million in US sales for a 144 percent increase year over year.

    It’s not just in the US, of course. Europeans are projected to buy an extra 10 million bikes per year by 2020, a whopping 47 percent more than the annual number in 2019. And China, where most of the world’s bikes are manufactured, exported over 40 million bikes in the first nine months of 2020, a number four times the EU’s annual bike production.

  • Not so good news

    Italy has declared itself a "red zone" due to the coronavirus epidemic. This was announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

    The country goes into nationwide quarantine from December 24 to January 6. According to Conte, citizens will be banned from leaving their homes unnecessarily. It is also prohibited to move from region to region. All shops except grocery stores will be closed. Hairdressers will remain open, and catering establishments will be able to operate in delivery or take-away mode.

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  • Masks will stay with us for long

    Zeng Yixin, deputy head of the China Health Committee, has said that it is necessary to wear masks and observe other personal protective measures even after vaccination, according to China Daily.

    He explained that not a single vaccine in the world can give one hundred percent guarantee. Therefore, until herd immunity is established, prophylaxis should be continued.

    And herd immunity usually never forms for such viruses.

  • The coronavirus was not synthesized, its origin was the result of "classical viral evolution in nature," said the head of the State Scientific Center for Virology and Biotechnology "Vector" Rinat Maksyutov, noting that this is indicated by the analysis of all its genomes.

    Problem is that "Vector" is developer of weaponized artificial viruses, so any version besides natural can be total death penalty for them.

    "Vector" also controls all final PCR tests to make statistics look much nicer.

    Maksyutov also added that the recently detected coronaviruses, which are found in nature, but do not pose a danger to humans, differ from SARS-CoV-2 by no more than one percent.

    And this is just 100% lies.

  • In December, UK Health Minister Matthew Hancock announced that a new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus had been discovered in the country, spreading faster than the original form. The virus spreads more easily from person to person and is therefore more contagious, he said. Later, the chief physician of Great Britain, Chris

    Whitty, confirmed that the new type of coronavirus has a high spread.

    It is never ending story.

  • It’s a big lie, tinted with shit everywhere. Now for sure will see more death on main stream media and new ways of creating tension and stress. Lol

    Haven’t they realized that people are beginning to understand this “new ways” of communication. More than they thought. Even my dad with 80 years old is beginning to catch up by it self. He got me last weekend with some mayor answers and questions related to this new corona reality. The internet is wise for those who seek.

    More new “Normal” then.

  • US want vaccines only for themselves

    US President Donald Trump has signed a decree banning the export of vaccines. Prior to that, various countries were in talks with Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, which develop vaccines, about an accelerated delivery schedule. However, now the first commercial batches of COVID-19 vaccine, if they come, will be from several months to a year later than expected.

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