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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Fun part - liberal Singapore had been forced to use communists approach with direct targeted distribution of masks, method they claimed will never work before

  • well that was about as informative as one might expect from semi totalitarian state.

  • @kurth

    "Totalitarian " is just shit propaganda word. Singapore is just specific capitalist state, in many areas much more honest than "pillars of democracy", as they don't have curtains that hide copulation while calling it virgin birth.

    US media is much more controlled by ruling class, but are considered "free" :-)

  • N95 masks offer only limited protection, surgical and dust masks are even worse! especially if viruses can affect the eyes .

    The H5N1 Viral particle is spherical and from 50 to 180 nanometers in aerodynamic size. Millions are aerosolized in water droplets and deposited on surfaces or become airborne by coughing or sneezing, Evaporation in low humidity can reduce the active viral particle to below .5 microns in less than a fraction of a second which can easily get through leaky and ill fitted surgical and respiratory N95 masks

    NIOSH Rated Disposable Respiratory Protection Masks. The N R or P series masks are all excellent respiratory protection if fitted properly and IF they maintain that fit. Everyone has an individual facial structure, so universal fit is problematic and indeed NIOSH and the CDC is now developing standards to minimize TOTAL INWARD LEAKAGE AND TEST PERFORMANCE UPGRADES to address this ongoing problem.

    Fit factor testing presently only addresses the leakage for a particular style shape or grade of mask and DOES NOT TEST the working, donned mask for actual protection on the job! Some leakage testing even done by the CDC reports leakage factors greater than 12% using N95 under real world conditions.

    The N95 NIOSH tests actually GLUE the mask being tested to a test plate to prevent leakage during the test. In real world use only rubber bands are used to try to seal the mask to faces which are constantly breathing talking and using facial muscles that can dislodge any attempt at a viral seal.

    ID 50 for Influenza H5N1 if it is like ordinary type A is less than 1,000 particles. This is the number estimated by scientists in which 50% of those susceptible will come down with the disease . It can easily be seen that a 12% mask penetration would not stop the virus from being inhaled by the mask user.
  • @Vitaliy when any state gives people 30 years in prison for smoking a joint , it's a totalitarian state. They won't ever tell their citizens, much less anyone else the truth. I don't give a hoot if it's singapore or mississippi ! US media IS controlled...just like rt or der spiegel . What anyone who's reading past the propaganda knows about the corona virus is it's no coincidence it was released very near chinas only bsl-4 lab. Whether they released it by accident, by intention, by 12 monkey scenario, or whether it was released by another super power there in order to disguise it's release, in order to wreak havoc in china, is unknown at this point. Whether it had anything to do with the deported canadian/chinese bio researchers, or to the harvard prof arrested is also unknown, but both point to an intentional act. We also suspect china is hiding the truth about the number of cases. What we do know for certain is ALL the superpowers are doing research to create viral bioweapons. And the rna from this corona virus definitely shows signs of manipulation in one of their labs. It also appears to target asians as a racial group, and the statistics are bearing this out.

  • Some American conspiracy talk radio :) Jon Rappoport is a former investigative reporter LA Weekly, Stern ( Germany) .

  • In Oct 2019, a Global Coronavirus Pandemic exercise was conducted in New York.

    Selected moments from the Event 201 pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated the pandemic preparedness efforts needed to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic.

  • when any state gives people 30 years in prison for smoking a joint , it's a totalitarian state.

    New definition :-) So, in this case US and alike are quickly going from totalitarianism to total freedom. Just freedom will be with total video surveillance, total corporate censorship, 12 hour word day. But at least you could legally grow and smoke weed during free nights.

    What anyone who's reading past the propaganda knows about the corona virus is it's no coincidence it was released very near chinas only bsl-4 lab.

    Most probably yes. But one thing to note - it is not only superpowers who decide this, can be single upset guy or organized group.

    Or can be just usual people. Even if you look for mission crucial software with extreme development costs it frequently has horrible bugs. Usual important software (ala big routers OS) has tons of bugs. Why people expect from even best laboratory to not be able fuck up? Just little fuckup with 100-400 million dead bodies.

    What we do know for certain is ALL the superpowers are doing research to create viral bioweapons. And the rna from this corona virus definitely shows signs of manipulation in one of their labs. It also appears to target asians as a racial group, and the statistics are bearing this out.

    Statistics do not tell anything like "it also appears to target asians as a racial group" if you know statistics a little.

  • ...then what's this say ? ""We also noticed that the only Asian donor (male) has a much higher ACE2-expressing cell ratio than white and African American donors (2.50% vs. 0.47% of all cells). This might explain the observation that the new Coronavirus pandemic and previous SARS-Cov pandemic are concentrated in the Asian area.""

  • Moderate videos by this guy

  • In accordance with government guidelines and to protect the health and safety of exhibitors and guests, we regret to inform you of the postponement of SEMICON/FPD China 2020 and related events originally scheduled for March 18-20, 2020.

    March will be hot.

  • To dear clients and friends, We back to work on today (Feb.3rd,2020) and start to do business normally, if you want to make orders and discuss business, just contact me freely at any time. Thank you all friends care for the Coronavirus in China, now it has been controled strictly by government and we believe that we could overcome it soon. Most Chinese people are healthy and ready to work recent. Many thanks for your understanding and support.

    Boya representatives. Looks strange as by the law holidays are extended. Seems like they can work from home for a while.

  • Note ...most sites reporting number of cases also have some type of disclaimer saying number is unreliable. As well, I read somewhere that most cases outside of china are asians who have brought back the virus, or as in chicago I believe an (asian) spouse who contracted it from his wife who just returned. And as for my disclaimer about has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of racism but with the conspiracy that the virus is more contagious to asians, by either coincidence or design....per my above link. And cases yet in latin america. Odd since latin america is full of chinese immigrants. Maybe latin american chinese immigrants are too poor to be shuttling back and forth to the homeland?

  • @kurth

    And cases yet in latin america. Odd since latin america is full of chinese immigrants. Maybe latin american chinese immigrants are too poor to be shuttling back and forth to the homeland?

    I think no one can determinate if they have actual cases. Also in many other countries 99% of places can't make any test on it, despite politicians claims.

    As for idea to shut up anti vaccine publications - they will try it, but it'll end up bad. Such measures work nice if you have 70-80% of peasants who are just happy with single fact of vaccine existence. With modern society you need scientific proofs and extremely hard repression for big pharma fuckups and coverups.

  • Sony view

    Sony told investors on Tuesday that the coronavirus outbreak in China could disrupt its operations, despite raising its operating profit and revenue forecasts for the current fiscal year, mainly due to strong sales for its image sensor business.

    The epidemic in China has cast a pall over the otherwise bright picture, with Sony’s Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki warning: “It may negate our revised earnings outlook,” at a news conference in Tokyo the same day. “Depending on the future progress of the virus, we cannot deny that our production and sales supply chain for the image sensor and electronics business could be affected enormously.”

    At present, Sony assumes the virus may have the biggest effect on its smartphone image sensor and module parts production, as well as production of its PlayStation 4 gaming hardware, depending on when its plants are back in operation.

  • Whatever China does is never good enough for Western media or politicians. If they quarantine, it's against human rights and authoritarian repression, if they don't they are irresponsible, uncivilized etc. The US did not quarantine during H1N1 outbreak. 284,000 died worldwide.


    According to Western media only "Chinese viruses" are deadly, not "American viruses"! If the "coronavirus" is so deadly, why are other countries breaking the quarantine by organizing rescue flights? Doctors have already stated that it can spread from people showing no symptoms.

    Reports in China indicate no one under age 55 has died. Most deaths occurred around age 75 and all had previous health conditions specifically lung disease. Wuhan had heavy air pollution for the past 30-40 years. So what killed them? A virus or combination of respiratory illness, compromised immune system, old age, coronavirus or all of the above. Medical statistics can be skewed to blame a virus alone. As Dr Allison McGeer stated last week, in a country of 1.4 billion people the chances of getting the coronavirus is very rare. Even before this crisis, sick people in China wore face masks.

    The media is still reporting that coronavirus came from bat soup, which does not exist in Wuhan.

    Maybe from another bat soup :)

  • I'm leaning towards that scenario. Trump and cabinet members made suspicious commentaries that the US would benefit economically. If the virus was made in a lab, and that appears to be the case, it's a 50/50 whether it was released by accident or it was made in a US lab and released on purpose. If that's the case, will china respond by doing the same ? @Jleo...don't know where you're getting your info but your wrong about no one in china dying under 55, and that they all have previous health issues. The guy who just died in hong kong was 39 and the guy in the philippines was 44, and I've read numerous cases of young healthy adults dying. In paris a young couple about 30 years old are ill with corona. Here's chinas own stats , which I think are under reported, which shows you're not correct. And although data is still insufficient, the infectious rate of this virus is high. And most researchers i've come across think it's ridiculous to compare this to the flu.

  • Statistics change every second, so arguing over numbers is almost pointless. Flu kills around 89,000 a year in China. Tens of thousands die every day worldwide from starvation but it's never discussed in the media. We don't for sure if people die from "coronavirus" or a combination of diseases whether young or old. Oddly enough, you're more likely to catch something by going to the hospital to get checked than if you stay at home!

    Although it doesn't mention in this article, when China retaliated on US tariffs by not buying pork, swine flu was spread throughout China by drones, decimating the pork industry.

    The ( Corona) virus outbreak coincides with the trade war on China.

    The virus outbreak coincides with the HK “pro democracy” riots fully funded and instigated by the NED / CIA.

    The virus outbreak occurred just after Swine Flu decimated the Chinese pork industry.

    The virus outbreak occurred just after Bird Flu decimated the Chinese chicken industry.

    What is the more likely headline?

    Man takes a Sh*t in Wuhan. World Ends! ( fecal oral transmission )

    Wuhan Biolab Guy takes home wrong lunch Flask! World Ends!

    China retaliates against three US Bioattacks. World Ends!

  • LG and ZTE are not going to MWC due to virus issues

  • Quarantine may wipe out small factories but not state run operations.

    US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stated that the Coronavirus may be good for US as far as bringing jobs back to the US made his fortune buying distressed companies.

    But skeptics doubt that many U.S. companies with deep roots in China might abandon the country over the virus. For one thing, no one knows how long the viral outbreak will last or how much damage it may inflict. And it takes significant time for companies to choose suppliers or locations for their factories.

    Rosemary Coates, whose Blue Silk Consulting firm helps companies make such decisions, said it was “ridiculous” to think the viral outbreak would result in a significant return of business to the United States. “You can’t snap your fingers,” she said. “It can take 18 months or two years to find another supplier. It isn’t easy. It’s complicated.”

  • Actually I heard quite early on that a young healthy chinese man had died. That's why I knew your sources were bogus. I think, like astronomers discover planets , not by actually seeing them but by perturbations in their suns orbit, we can detect the seriousness of this virus by chinas own actions, which appear to be extreme for good cause. And we do know what caused these people's deaths. That's why, not only citizens of these quarantined cities are not allowed to leave, but also, no one is allowed to enter. I usually like unz articles but this one borders on absurd, comparing a highly infectious virus to improper drug use...the author appears to be biased....maybe even a china apologist. The hk hypothesis is absurd simply because the virus didn't start there. Yes , I'm aware cia was involved. And I'd love to know how the US spread swine flu by drones ? Did they use chinas own dji's ? Maybe they shot some 4k ! I'm not denying that possibility the empire was behind the swine flu outbreak, only that I highly doubt US drones were allowed to spray the virus over mainland china. And as a friend of mine who's a doctor once said...pneumonia is the old man's best friend.

  • @Vitaliy...I read trumpster made some suspicious comment before the virus even hit. I'll see if I can find it .

  • When media and healthcare professionals are still claiming the epidemic started from bat soup or wetmarket, who knows what is bogus or not? It could have even come from a tourist from India or Saudi Arabia visiting Wuhan!

    Trump: Coronavirus will have ‘a very good ending for us’

    A Site Tied To Steve Bannon Is Writing Fake News About The Coronavirus Founded by an exiled billionaire and critic of the Chinese government, G News claimed without proof that China was prepared to admit the disease originated in its labs.