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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • New idea to repetitive yearly vaccine required to run what? New firmware update for RNA sequence changes.

    As simple as clock reset. To make dna work properly. During next year.


  • I was reading about this CRISPR thing

    CRISPER was a bacteria way for defending it self against viruses and when it won, it kept part the virus RNA cut it and paste it in an old separate Longer sequence, with other virus sequences won in the past, all this inside bacteria. This was found in a yogurt factory trying to develop stronger bacteria a gains viruses so they could not lost milk!

    As always the discovery was an accident, but for biology was magic.

    A complete inmuno - set of RNA sequence functioning fine ands simple. And a way to modifícate Cut and paste and make work RNA sequences. For us the humans, The tool that was needed.

    Fucking yogurt!

    So, we stole the sequences and the way this bacteria made his defense and of course we improve it.

    All the this 2011. They way to change RNA

    Hello coronavirus baby developing in 2014, you’ll be grate when you a fully developed, you’ll be important, rest baby you need to be stronger.

    You tell Me They don’t already have RNA sequences for humans, key activation and desactivación vaccines the have a lot of “apps” for us in ways of vaccine modified RNA tools

    Come on, don’t be naive

    Big profit for improved sequencing if you pay good better cardio vision etc, but Those “Free app” Vaccines, they work yea work but you’ll need to buy later or it will expire, and no one wants it DNA to Be corrupted no?

    I feel bad thinking in 20 years how all will be.

    All this trans humanism, needed this to be develop For better interconectes “infinity fabfrics “ and responces between machine and biological part. It’s funny how in 2 years apart this would sound Crazy crazy, now it’s a reality.

    Higher speed spinal cord and nerves good shit

  • After coronavirus infection up to 30% of males can have issues with fertility. As COVID can return in full force after immunity almost fully subside after 5 months within 2-3 years humanity can see biggest issues with male population fertility that can drop as much as 60-70%.

  • Columbia University researchers have developed a nasal spray that has successfully prevented COVID-19 infections in tests with ferrets as well as a 3D model of human lungs.

    The lipopeptide (that is, a lipid and peptide combination) prevents the coronavirus from fusing with a target cell’s membrane by blocking a key protein from adopting a necessary shape. It should work immediately and last for at least 24 hours. It’s also affordable, lasts a long time, and doesn’t need refrigeration.

    Sounds a little dangerous, as covering each cell in lungs can have severe consequences.

  • Taiwan as good example



    It is interesting to note that none of Asian countries have anything in common with that we see in Western World, if we exclude very strange Wuhan outbreak it will be really calm thing, where each outbreak had been small and simply contained with low amount of people with bad lung damage.

    Taiwan as has exactly matched genotypes as developers of the virus and this can be one of the real proofs on the virus origins.

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  • Is taiwan simply not testing anyone? Thats the reason it shows good numbers. Is that what you are saying?

  • @zcream

    One of strange theories is that we have virus that have limited (by RNA design) replication count, it just starts to produce defective viruses after some replications amount. This is the way to control it (and this is how original COVID and second one died out suddenly).

    Same time certain percentage of swabs used to collect virus samples are infected with new fresh lab made virus, so you infect already infected person, but make sure to turn him into new fresh strain spreader. And this is why you can produce exponential curve using PCR, and on other side if you do like Sweden - you have old strain naturally die and it is no new wave, as you don't induce it via PCR.

    Btw proving this can be nearly impossible as if you infect swabs in the same rate that your PCR false positives rate - it becomes literally impossible to prove that you did this :-) Almost like magic.

  • Idea of dirty money worked quite nice, imbeciles galore

    In the first half of the year, about half (48 percent) of Mordor citizens who had previously paid in cash switched to non-cash payments. In terms of dynamics, only Great Britain (62 percent), Canada (59 percent) and Australia (53 percent) are ahead of Mordor.

    It is all sad to see and hear. Btw it is exactly same people who started to use cards exclusively who also rejected masks use up until recently. Logic never visited their heads.

  • That hypothesis leads to conclusions that China or taiwan developed virus. Have you stopped blaming the USA/west for the virus?

  • @zcream

    That hypothesis leads to conclusions that China or taiwan developed virus. Have you stopped blaming the USA/west for the virus?

    It is most probably that China at least made all final steps in making virus. But it can be not China who selected time and place to release the thingy (even if person who did it had been Chinese). But can be some group in China.

    Pro pure economical POV, US had much more to gain from COVID. As they started to had instability from October 2019 and this is the time COVID went into open space. Plus they needed reason for huge stimulus money to try to solve huge debt related issues, and they also used COVID fully with all this mail in ballot scams.

  • Tell you before, covid is a concept not a virus solely.

  • Mordor


    In reality it is total collapse of medicine, as 98% of it now serving people with >50% lungs damage.

    All else try to survive by themselfs.

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  • Almost 500 medics and academics have penned a letter to U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson - just hours after the U.S. election has been "decided" - informing him that official Covid data is being "exaggerated" and that talk of a second wave of Covid is "misleading".

    The letter was critical of the government's handling of the virus and said that the response to the pandemic has been "disproportionate" relative to the risk, according to the Daily Mail.


    Dear Chancellor Dr. Merkel, We, the signatories, are doctors from all areas of healthcare, who have been serving people in practices and clinics for decades. During this time, we have witnessed more than one seasonal infection in Germany, most of them with far more severe conditions and significantly more deaths than since January 2020 from COVID infectious diseases. In the practices, hardly any infected patients were infected and if, then with normal, mostly mild progressions of virus flu. The hospitals have been more empty than ever before. There was no overload of ICU. Doctors, doctors and nurses were skillful in short-term work. Initially, we found the wave of the virus running towards us to be threatening and were able to understand the infection protection measures.

    Issue in capitalism is that you can always find some pricks who for little money will agree to sign anything that is useful for business, no matter how big lie it is. And this guys lie openly. All of this doctors must have their diploma and licenses retracted and sent to smallest hospitals to serve next 10 years as nurses. As nice lesson to learn to never lick ass for business, even if you need some money.

  • @endotoxic Tell you before, covid is a concept not a virus solely.

    I fully agree and I've seen that maybe indirectly you agree with the notion of trans human. Now this i see like an evolution slowly on the long term...

    We will hear about this concept s ...

  • jaja....the reason testing isn't available...test kits are being used up making movies....

  • Back to Zelenko

  • @garroulus

    Not only a concept a very fucntional design with several layers of effective ejecución units. Physiological psicológical economical religious uff you please begin to count how many changes have been already imposed by this 2% effective killing rate virus. I’m not saying it’s not real it’s real it’s lethal but also it’s been used for a multiple change Configurations.

    You see, it’s been good timing for take control of several countries, By using a virus, I see it as a very smart and economical way of imposing will globally with a lot of puppets playing the puppet master plan .

    And I see no will to hide it also.

    by buying the vaccine and permitting its global interconnection to admit citizens by passport and real tracking, its an already loss of the war. We construct together this maniacal machinery with several iterations and agreements upon our asses and with a solely smile knowingly that this moment will come together and fuck hard. No lube in the offer.

    Marx predicted all with Nietzsche all this enriched and delusional progressiv fuckery we call society And so hated capitalism all its faults and grimes , and god damm Fuck that alien C.G Jung give us dates and for this December 20 we will have shit thrown to the fan of al houses. (and that mad lad usually was right)

    I see this in a simple way. The faster and the more interconnects the less humans.

    some one will take our thoughts ( post Neura link) homo deus will be born, Thinking he thinks and controls but actually has created real matrix, the lost of the control of real thoughts. AI will thinks is god, anthicrist all over Homo deus, since spirituality is practically done, after that event.

    You needed crisper to modify interconnected body by using app vaccines.

    all seen AI will be new big brother (Like actually Parts of China) and will eventually be you dad voice telling you subconsciously what to do or not.

    All in less than 10 years.

    More interconnects faster, less humans. Right now seems to be the opposite, if we use chart with a line, wait for the brake through in post silicon era, and mix some quantum magic to that, wait for that shit in an oven and when it takes form of an all mighty Artificial intelligence with VR Inside head package as an update to you, you are done. Measure Chart Lines pumps over the Chart for Interconnects vs humans.

    Remember less than 10 years.

    Thanks corona, you shure are one “hell” of a dude, made us change and shit, damm you where so fast so smart, you told us all this new rules and reality, we now have to adapt more to the changes than to you!! Ohh you joker!! You!!!

    Of fuck what’s that in my ass , vaccine ? shit neura link you don’t..


    my president has been vacated We officially have no president In Peru with no plan in the middle of a pandemic, we are so smart, fuck it’s like so smart!!

  • Mordor, drugs sales dynamics


    First 3 lines are drugs that never showed any proven efficiency against COVID (or anything else!), but are prescribed as manufacturers are owned and related with big and powerful clerks.

    Next is Vitamin C, and two others are just usual antibiotics (they are fully absent in sales now, this is why numbers are not so high).

    Quite the reason to not like HCQ. Btw HCQ is prescribed in Mordor, but never at proper time, never with Zync and in totally wrong dosage.

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  • Imbecile clerks again

    The Catalonian government has taken a novel approach to curb rising coronavirus infections asking public transports users to remain silent.

    The regional government has asked all public transport users in the region to refrain from speaking, eating and drinking to prevent further Covid-19 infections.

    Why they did not ask everyone to stop breathing until they are in public transport?

    Seems like wise proposal to me.

  • image

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  • @endotoxic

    I see you mentioned a lot to tell but not wright topic...

    Take it slowly my friend ...i believe you that it's less then 10 yers...even a day might be an eternity...

    The world didn't begin or end with these times...

  • Small Tesla revelation


    Since previous year they and their partner actually can produce synthetic RNA viruses in mass. Without cutting and merging other RNAs.

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  • Small Tesla revelation only confirms my predictions Synthetic RNA A software problem!!



  • Sputnik V vaccine

    According to the first intermediate data of the third stage of studies, the effectiveness of the drug was 92%. The surveys involved more than 16 thousand volunteers who received both components of the vaccine