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Panasonic GH6, final m43 camera, again with bad AF
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  • “At Panasonic, we’re working harder than ever to help creators, pioneering this new world, to bring imagination to life through their work” - Yosuke Yamane, Director of Panasonic’s Imaging Division.



    We are pleased to announce the new LUMIX GH6 at an online launch event. The event will be held at on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022, at 1:00 AM UTC.

    We are committed to addressing further to enhance the G Series lineup and performance of conventional Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras and lenses to meet the continuous demands of creators who value the strong advantage that only MFT can offer.

    More information will be updated in the future posts on the official Instagram account @lumix until Feb. 22, 2022.

  • Some suggest that the LUMIX Live stream about resolutions last week show cased a image size of 5776 x 4336 pixels, which might suggest that the GH6 have a 25 MPish sensor.

    Also suggesting that there will be a 100 MP pixel shift high res mode (11552×8672).

    This might also explain the 5.7K video recording mode leaked way back in may 2021 as the image width is the same as the suggested still image resolution.

    Mudo ado has been made on the OM camera using the same Sony sensor (IMX472) as found in the DJI Mavic3, this is a 20 MPish image device only suggesting that Panasonic have gone to a different sensor (assuming that the OM "WOW" camera sensor rumor is correct).

    "While I was watching the stream last week on resolutions I noticed that when they were talking about high res vs normal res stills, the lightroom window had image resolutions that don’t match any available resolutions on my G9 or S5: 5776×4336 and 11552×8672”


    Read more:

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  • Speaking about M43 being dead TTArtisan joining M43 Alliance is a good news...

  • @mee gives us some strange views again...

  • @LongJohnSilver The problem with m43 is not company support, but user support (aka sales). Ten years with m43 for Oly was basically 9 years with huge losses. Every time they sold a camera they was 100 USD in red. And I don't think Panasonics financials are better.


    849 x 392 - 43K
  • For 2499$, the GH6 needs to be a "UNICORN" with a near-perfect PDAF system, anything short of this will be DOA in 2022 IMO!

  • If they can put GH6 in the spot of the cheapest "complete" camera system in netflix approved camera list, it's already very OK.

    Netflix list makes no sense, but it's a very simple way of dont getting fucking bothered by gear choices.

    Ready to shoot, it will be half to a third the cost of the second in the list, S1H.

    The big problem panasonic will have to sell is what they always had. To buy it in markets where these features are a deal maker, it's just impossible and the process of importing it makes it more expensive than canon/sony, so its lost.

  • At this rate, the GH7 will come out before the GH6. Maybe I should make a GH7 imaginary specs vid. Also, where is the FF update? Weird.

  • The Lumix Live show on feb 10 had a new hidden message: "Slow and Steady!" with a link to the countdown URL. Can't see that was a very exciting easter egg.

  • Dunno why someone is putting the point on the sensor's size. For me, the only point is missed in the GHs cams is the latitude. Period. Give me sensibility, latitude and stabilization and I love it. I prefer to use a lightest zoom or tele more than a biggest sensor. Easy.

  • Our clickbaiter at 43rumors:

    A source told me this about the soon to be announced new GH6:

    • Rolling shutter is eliminated, not sure if they also eliminated mechanical shutter but there is a chance for it.
    • And last but not least a massive improvement in AF. It may called DFD AI. They claim that tracking is 5 times better than in GH5.
  • GH6 filmmaker Max Presky in GH6 PR piece on twitter.

    What does filmmaking mean to you?

    “Filmmaking to me, means telling a story. Because you’re the filmmaker you can tell it in your way, you can choose which bits you might want to say, might want to show. But it’s all about telling stories.” – Max Presky

    LUMIX GH6 22.02.22


    2560 x 1440 - 2M
  • @EspenB

    And what did we learn? GH6 is a black camera with a screen on the back ;-)


    The GH6 will be the next hybrid reference for professional video, for cinema rendering at your fingertips and a unique visual experience!
    See you on 22.02 2022 at 6:30 am to discover everything!

  • @eno

    For some reason all the PR pieces on the GH6 is presented in black and white.

    Colour is so 1965.

  • @EspenB

    They need to cover the "spectacular" DFD AI performance with something, don't they?

    I've started to see more and more "artistic" OOF images on Instagram and other dedicated photography groups, maybe Panasonic aims for a piece of the pie. ;-)

  • Film=story was a tired cliche in the 70s. It's true, but everyone knows it, everyone has heard it a zillion times. And stories aren't the only thing we need--we need the actual camera.

  • So according to latest rumors no PDAF but yet another DFD revision. Mala tempora currunt

  • @LongJohnSilver

    This was expected.

    m43 badly needs DP focusing but managers keep making errors.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I believe there are two orders of magnitude of reasons for introducing new features in a new product:

    • You absolutely need/need them.
    • You wouldn't need them but all your competitors have them and you don't want to look bad to your new girlfriend.

    PDAF has been for years the most talked about topic ever and used by all detractors as the main flaw of this camera series. So, yes, from a marketing point of view it was the one point they didn't have to give up. I only use these cameras underwater in extreme conditions so it would have been a winning point for me.

  • @LongJohnSilver

    For normal average user proper PDAF implementation and much improved auto modes mean 10x more compared to all rest bells and whistles.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    We have read this before I guess, but claim is that Sony Semiconductor refuses to sell/licence PDAF to Panansonic, but everyone else. Cliff Totten on 43rumors:

    I'm told that Sony licensees everything on their sensors.

    You want 4k 30p license? = $$
    You want 4k 60p license? = $$$
    You want 8bit license? = $
    You want 10bit license? = $$
    You want read mode 4 and 6 license? = $$
    You want read mode 7 and 9 with Clear Image Zoom license? = $$$
    You want PDAF license? = $$$$

    I was told by somebody that is an engineer and a customer of Sony and under Sony NDA that this is how Sony negotiates and licenses their contracts of sale. It's modular based on what "you" want from the chip and how much you are willing to pay to get it.

    Yes, CAN buy a Sony PDAF sensor and NOT buy the PDAF license if you want to. (I believe that DJI and others do this)

    Believe it or not,...either way is fine with me but this is what I'm told from a trusted source of mine. Yes, this info really seems to anger and "trigger" several people here every time I say it. So yes, I'm expecting to see some furious responses to this. They will say my source is lying to me and that it's one price for the sensor and you get everything for that one price.

    Yup!...but Sony hard limits what you are allowed to do with the sensor. This is way so many companies HATED buying from Sony. For a while, years ago, Sony wanted to know much more about what your camera was going to have "before" they even gave you a price! You had to reveal WAY too much about your product...just to get a price quote! (like does your camera have a headphone jack?...yeah,...THAT bad...etc)

    I'm told It "was" bad like that because it was my source's job to deal with that from Sony!

    Sony answered all the criticism, in part, by dividing Sony Semi out further away from Sony imaging. Today, it's not as bad as it was but I'm told that companies STILL need to reveal more then they want to about their product to negotiate a price.

    It's so hard to know for sure. There might only be 10 guys (or less) in Panasonic Japan that are involved with Sony sensor licensing negotiations. It's on a very high level NDA protected, "need to know" basis stuff.

    The head of Leica's optical design team was asked on a LIVE stream: "Why doesn't Leica use PDAF?"...his immediate reply was "Because PDAF sensors were not made available to us"

    This was a two part stream...part 1 was saved and the second half of the interview (where he blurted that fact out) was removed from YouTube.

    Sorry,..but the guy was stupid to say that out loud on a live stream and I'm sure he said to himself,.."Oh crap!...TMI"

    That's OK,...Leica pulled it.

    When I asked my source why Sony licenses PDAF sensors to Nikon, Olympus and Fuji but doesn't license to Panasonic?...all he did was laugh and say "The Sony/Panny relationship is very complicated" and they he had to go....

    I have no clue what he meant by "complicated" and why he thought is was so funny. I haven't talked to him in maybe 2 years now.

    I got the feeling it was a licensing "negotiation" failure. Who knows if this still exists today?

    Believe it or not,...doesn't matter to me either way. I'm just throwing it out there, that's all.

    I guess it's the same Cliff Totten which writes here:

    Sony does not sell sensors "blindly" to anybody....ever. If you are going to purchase a Sony sensor, they REQUIRE you to give ALL of your camera specs BEFORE the sensors are sold. "IF" Sony agrees to your specs, they place all of it into the contract of sale so you cannot add more to your camera via firmware update later down the road without Sony approval. Sony also uses this to adjust the sale price of their sensor. You want 4k? Price=$ want 60p?...Price=$$ want all of that in10bit?....Price = $$$$$$$!

    At EOSHD forum:

    Posted November 9, 2019

    Guys,..quit asking for Panasonic to buy phase detect AF sensors. They are tired of customers screaming at them for it. Let's face it...Sony liscenses PDAF sensors to Nikon, Olympus and Fuji....but they will probably NEVER liscence PDAF sensors to Panasonic.

    Believe me....Sony is VERY happy to see Panasonic customers scream at Panasonic for not having PDAF. Every time a Panny customer says on social media; "Panasonic AF sucks"..a Sony Alpha camera manager says "whew!!...thank you Sony SemiConductor!"