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Panasonic GH6, final m43 camera, again with bad AF
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  • @EspenB I wouldn't rule that out. However Panasonic has a history of throwing plans out the window and going back to the drawing board. All camera companies do this, and it's part of the production process. But Panasonic seems a bit trigger happy with announcements. Though to be fair it probably has served them well, as many will hang on for a year or more for the camera they feel is best for them. I think if we envision Panasonic wanting to be sure when the GH6 is released that it is on par with and in many regards exceeding performance of releases like the Z9 it makes sense why it is less likely a parts shortage, and more likely like yous said firmware, or possibly some hardware revisions (faster processor, Innovative LCD, EVF.. Modular wonderment, etc..). The guts are undoubtedly there, and have been housed in several versions. I don't think I've seen one yet, but I have seen more blacked out (not taped) cameras than usual in Japan this year.

  • @mee

    Pansonic Lumix New Zealand had a recent update to their instagram account in regard to the updated availability:


    Still, "coming soon" and a reference to the updated official GH6 page at Panasonic.

    Release Date 2021/12/16 LUMIX GH6 Mirrorless Camera Updated Availability

    As an update to the initial May 2021 press release, Panasonic would like to share that the availability of the highly anticipated LUMIX GH6 will take place in early 2022. This revision is based on Panasonic’s commitment to empowering users with the highest achievable level of innovation with every release.

    Like you said the message seems to indicate that there is revisions going.

    Hopefully more like Q1,2022 than Q3,2022...

    CES in Vegas is less than two weeks away. The Panasonic press event is at january 4. We should get som GH6 update at that time if the "early 2022" release claim makes sense.

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  • Do you think there is a possibility for a GH6S down the line?

  • EspenB, sorry been a busy week. Completely going off intuition only, I could see Panasonic waiting for CP+ if it indeed happens for unveiling and a quick on the heels release date. CP+ has been basically cancelled 2 years running, and this is the biggest camera event in Japan, and if the timing works out, I could see it being a dual promotional thing. Panasonic camera's are widely used in television productions here too, so I could see a wide spread media thing to inform the public of CP+ and remind them that Panasonic makes high quality camera's maybe with a G8 (G85) successor released together for the wider market. Since covid there has been a substantial increase in families and couples carrying somewhat legit camera's around.. As for the GH6s. Honestly, I don't have a clue. I mean, it does seem they stretched three camera's out of one with the GH5, so they may do it again. VK has long since talked about the need for modular design with this kind of camera, and perhaps with the ties to Sigma, some of that thinking may be in this camera, which would potentially make a version S or II irrelevant as they simply offer modular upgrades instead for awhile.. well maybe eventually a Version S sensor if they go all out ala the replaceable sensor medium format cameras. Dreaming now..

  • The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 was announced at CES by Panasonic on 4 January 2017. Five years ago.

    So it's either tomorrow or the CP+ show in late february.

  • I find this asshole truly unbearable. He's playing sorry for Panasonic's small market share. In reality, he's got a bug up his ass because a camera is still good after 5 years because if all companies offered new models every 5 years they wouldn't know what shit to fill their stupid youtube channels with.

    Good morning

  • 16 minutes of nothing. I think most agree the the auto focus could be significantly improved, but then we knew that from before.

    Only 1 hrs to go for the Pana press event at CES. Then we will know if the GH6 is unveiled or we have to wait another 8 weeks for CP+.

    EDIT: I postet the wrong time. The press event is at 19:00 CET. It's been to long since my last CES (20 years!).

  • I was expecting a camera, but instead, I got a microwave oven.

  • It has become unbearable to watch these events as it's mostly CO2, green and brand ambassadors for the first 30 minutes.

    How much CO2 to make GH6 auto focus great?

  • GH6 will be built of bamboo and it will be completely mechanical.

  • GH6 small sensor = eco friendly video and photo.

  • JourneyToGH6 - The saga continues for another year

    ["camera that shall not be named"] - "We will release specs before the spring arrives".

    Yes. They said that. WTF.

  • One small step to a camera, one big step to vegan cupcake baking.

  • I guess it's CP+ show in Japan. Like previously speculated.

    Then again it seems like the GH6 did go back to the drawing board for a major revision before the final release.

  • There's no reason not to have true 6K not 5.7 BS in a 4/3 sensor and Sony or Fuji will eat Panasonic's lunch with a 6K APSC and probably an 8K APSC camera in the same size/price range.

  • @EspenB

    I guess it's CP+ show in Japan. Like previously speculated.

    Then again it seems like the GH6 did go back to the drawing board for a major revision before the final release.

    Looking back this thread was started back in spring 2018. There must have been countless GH6 "prototypes" over the years. Without a doubt the Panasonic strategy of going full force with Lumix S FF cameras and lenses put Lumix G "m43" on the back burner. Looking at the statistics the Lumix S route has not been a sales win either, hardly making a dent in the top 10. Could things have better if the developement focus was entirely Lumix G? Or is the market collapse to severe to survive for more than a few manufacturers of high end "Nikon G9" stuff. And the Lumix G sensor to small to be a serious player in the overall picture. Or was it just the DFD contrast detect auto focus which lost the battle to the superior offerings from Canon et all?

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev, you did have some informal leaks about the GH6 developments in the past, but seems to have been very quiet in the last 6 months?! No behind the scenes stuff from Osaka? ;-)

  • Lumix Cameras CES Special: "you will not have to wait that much longer".

  • 2 + 2 + 2 = 6


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  • Spotted by a good observer at 5 min mark just before the GH6 talk.