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Panasonic GH6, final m43 camera, again with bad AF
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  • I wonder what could possibly make me pick a GH6 over something like Pocket 6K Pro... IBIS? I don't think so. Size? Definitely not. Battery life? Maybe... but, no.

  • @Dark_Blue I guess they will say it is a vlogging camera. The IS is good. But nothing for me, for my work.

  • The sensor, should be something special

  • @endotoxic

    You mean that they finally will use proper sensor with pink only filters?

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  • Some Yandex NN generated super condensed GH6 review

    Buy a new amazing Panasonic GH6 camera, it not only does not know how to shoot 8K video, but also writes so-so to the memory card! For normal fast recording, you will need to purchase another expensive SD card. Nobody knows, why the inability to shoot 8K does not allow you to write another video to SD cards very well. You end up with a great tool for taking photos, although what the GH6 is for is video shooting. Well, the camera is very good, it has really outstanding capabilities, but the price is also huge.

    Not bad.

  • @Vitaliy 8k? So the previous rumors that this camera will not record in 8k are not fulfilled ...

  • @paglez

    Carefully read the text, slowly :-)

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  • @LongJohnSilver Dual-Pixel? I think that is Canon only tech, and extension of PDAF. Certainly there won't be DPAF, but let's hope for PDAF, and maybe settle for improved CDAF lol. So many acronyms.

  • Hey all, I was not really trying to get my video noticed so far and wide, and yes I misspoke about the G9's dual pixel, or lack thereof AF, but to the PV community only, let me say regarding the 6, the Phase detect "rumor", unless someone from P misspoke several times during a very purposeful conversation, it is legit.

    • GH6 will be released Q1 2022
    • AND will include some sort of hybrid AF

    For now all things match with @mee

  • So this is a camera for spring 2022 and not my christmas wishlist. Bummer.

  • @VK yep. @EspenB, the same source said likely before the end of the year.. but in Japan that can mean March/April as that is the fiscal year end. I had asked if it would be released by fall before receiving the "before the end of the year" answer, so it does stand to reason we were talking about before the end of 2021 for what it's worth, but even then it wouldn't be the first time Panasonic has pushed back a release date. They've also abandoned sensor plans before.. but I highly doubt it this time.

  • Announcement tomorrow and not a single leak of images or specs?

  • @EspenB

    I think reviewers are very afraid and shops got ZERO information yet.

    Usually all leaks happen not from individual now, but from online shops and big dealers.